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  1. That was very interesting...blather on. I have always wondered about not only names, but words in general. Such as, work. Who came up with that? Languages, and how they came about is fascinating to me, but then a lot of commonplace things fascinate me.
  2. I don't have one either, my mother said that my first name was long enough all by itself. As for using middle names, moms use them when their kids are in trouble and the press uses them when talking about adults who are in trouble....makes me kind of glad I don't have one.
  3. I do believe that in several of the series it is explained that the act in itself is not bad, but the intent. I do agree Basel, that it would be awful if channeling or even the Will and the Word were to be used in RL.
  4. Here's another thought to ponder on... We talked about the abilities we'd like to have, but what if some of these abilities were wielded by those who did not have mankind's best interests at heart. Imagine the devastation they could enact. So far I've only seen the Will and the Word used for good, but what if...
  5. I was thinking yesterday about other things we could discuss on this topic. I wonder how the abilities we've discussed so far would work in relation to each other. For example, a metallurgist who could channel? What do you all think? Would this or any other combinations you could think of be feasable?
  6. I know what you mean about light reading...it's pretty small compared to the complexity of TWoT.
  7. I agree with that Heart, flying would be my next one, although the gateways would be good for travel. It would be so nice to be somewhere instantly, although I think it could cause a lot of problems if everyone could do it. I just finished the first book of the Belgariad, now I know what the Will and the Word is, although I haven't seen it used much. I'm waiting to see what kind of restrictions or consequences it might have. Seems to me you could do just about anything with it, good or bad.
  8. I like the distinction they show between sci-fi and fantasy...I've been looking for something like that in order to shelve my collections, and I have used something similar only the way I see it, if there's spaceships involved it's sci-fi. Or if there's mention of other planets. Some of them can be categorized in either way so I tend to lean towards which is predominate. Iron Man is probably more sci-fi than fantasy, but sometimes I think that having some of that tech stuff would be almost like having magic of a sort.
  9. I suppose this might be considered part of the topic. I went to the new Iron Man 3 last night and it made me think of how cool it would be to have some of the gadgets and awesome tech stuff Tony Stark has. Are there books out there in the Fantasy Genre that have such things, or would that be considered science fiction??
  10. Isaboe - Novice A. What the wheel wills....If I'm going to go mad, I'm going to do it in style!
  11. Harry Potter most definitely counts!! I especially like Hermoine's talent for being in two places at once! Ah, the things I could do with that!
  12. I agree with you Basel, they left the ending wide open for another movie. Wonder if they decided not to after the way the first one did at the box office. It could have been a great movie...but it just wasn't.
  13. That would be awesome Misheru Sedai! My boys had most of the Animorph books, but I never read any of them. As far as bad abilities, I was actually going to go into that a bit later in the discussion, got to leave you all a few surprises to keep you going. That being said, I always thought the silver surfer was a bit....messy. All that ice left behind that melts could be very inconvenient.
  14. That reminds me Cindy, of the mindlinks with Ghatti's, who are catlike beings who can speak telepathically to each other and to one human who they are linked with. The ghatti are able to tell whether humans are telling the truth or not and are used as such. The series is the Ghatti Tales by Gayle Greeno. I think of those ghatti every time there's a cat staring at me...
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