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  1. It's in the beginning of chapter 56 "Goldeneyes" in _The Shadow Rising_.
  2. If the rumors about Gitara wanting Luc to go north are true, I have always assumed it had something to do with killing Rand's father Janduin. Even though that happens after Rand has already been found by Tam, I still think it is crucial to have him out of the way. If Janduin had survived, he may have gone looking for Rand or still been around when Rand came to the waste. Either way could have caused problems for Rand to fulfill his destiny. That is the best I've come up with.
  3. I could be way off base here, but I always thought that Moiraine passed her bond off purposefully when she went through the doorway. She knew that she was going to be in a situation where Lan could not help her and she wanted Nynaeve to have him. Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that Accepted who were found to have bonded a warder were forced to pass them off to an Aes Sedai? That's what gave me the idea that Moiraine relinquished the bond in some way.
  4. I agree with your main point, reyler. My best guess is also that it was not a trap at all. Ishamael seems to want (need??) the Dragon around, so he is helping him to fulfill his destiny.
  5. I just decided to brave this forum, so I read three of the 129 pages (!!!) and then voted--Aviendha did it. :shock:
  6. I too like Seanchan the best and then the Aiel, but by the wording of the question I assumed that you were just asking about the Randland nations in the mainland. So I voted Shienar because they seem to have the most honor out of the choices available. For the most part, they live and die by their convictions, which I find refreshing and comforting.
  7. I've always thought that the Taim=bad and Logain=good situation is a little too...simplistic and straight forward for Jordan. I don't have any proof for it, but I'd at least like to see those expectations become more complicated. About a year ago, I suggested that Logain might turn out to be Demandred, but that idea got blasted out of the water. But I wouldn't mind seeing a twist like that.
  8. Luckers, you certainly have a well thought out plan that I admit could happen, but if I were calling the Seanchan shots, I wouldn't attack the tower at this juncture--for many reasons. Of course, I'm not calling the shots (or writing the books).
  9. As I've said in other threads discussing the same topic, I also think attacking the White Tower doesn't make good tactical sense for the Seanchan at this point. Instead of repeating my reasons, though, I'm just going to throw out two new comments. I don't think it will be as easy as some people think for the Seanchan to sneak in. Both the rebels and the tower Aes Sedai should be holding quite a vigilant guard. It seems to me that 1,000 to'raken would have a hard time sneaking past two armies that are expecting battle.
  10. Well Luckers, I certainly understand your arguments, but I just don't think that the Seanchan are going to attack the White Tower. They might, but I don't see it happening. I don't think you are understanding my point here. We seem to be confusing the terms. "Protagonist" does not equal "good," nor does "antagonist" equal "bad." When I say protagonist I mean a main character of the story. When I say antagonist, I mean a character that opposes or causes problems for a protagonist. My point is that the Seanchan have been evolving from antagonists into protagonists. As a
  11. **the formatting was a bit confusing on this, so I bolded my responses to your responses to my original post :? ** They have had a lot of time. Indications are that they have been planning this since shortly after taking Altara. By now they are likely just getting all the raken and to'raken together, and then they'll be off. I agree that they have been planning and preparing, but that got interrupted by Itulrade's rebellion and "that little mess in the north" (Mat's escape). The raken are all in transit back to Altara and Amadica as per Galgan's orders at the end of KOD.
  12. I think I am missing something here, or severly underestimating Seanchan forces. In the west (Tarabon, Almoth Plain, Arad Domon) they have a huge army trapped by Itulrade in Arad Domon, and their airsupport was just ordered to return to Amadica/Altara. I would presume Turan's force in Arad Domon would be the bulk of what they have in the west, and Itulrade raids should have caused a significant amount of damage/disruption. Maybe damane will save their hides, but it seems to me the west is in bad shape for the Seanchan. In the South, They have at least three armies (I'm guessing).
  13. That's fine that you want quotes, I would too. As I said though, my books are packed up for the next few days. SO LOOK FOR YOURSELF IN TDR CHAPTER 3 AND THE PROLOGUE OF COT! Let us know if those groups were called dragonsworn or not after you look it up. I agree that the particular term of "dragonsworn" seems to be reserved for the less organized, less law-abiding fanatics, but there are more of those groups than just Masema's. Even though that term seems to be a bit derogatory, I would argue that it could be applied to anyone who has sworn allegiance to Rand, for example The L
  14. I'm going with experience on this one, which narrowed it down to Lan or Rhuarc. I ended up voting for Rhuarc because I think he would be the best at putting emotion aside and getting down to the business at hand. Plus he has nothing to live for anyway--life is just a dream that everyone must wake from--whereas Lan as become enmeshed by love. Skill wise, Lan and Rhuarc are probably about equal, but I think Rhuarc has the mental/emotional advantage. Plus Rhuarc has probably done more fighting since Lan has spent so much of his life following Moirane around.
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