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  1. Hi there I must say I did kind of agree with you when I first read the books but I never let it get to me too much. There's still a long way for you to go and so much awesome twists and turns to come. One thing I want to stress to you more than anything else though is that you should read/listen to the books before coming on here because if anyone does spoil anything for you I think you will regret it, I know I would've. Ultimately the choice is yours but hearing about massive events to come through somebody else will never EVER be the same as reading them as RJ intended them. I hope you are enjoying The Shadow Rising as I think it is the best book in the series :)
  2. Just wanted to comment on this to get it noticed by people who may not have seen it to get their opinion??
  3. First off I'd like to say a big congrats and thank you to BS for finally finishing this masterpiece in RJ's name and hopefully doing it justice, I really can't wait to read AMoL and as people said it will be really bittersweet. I'm going to want to rush through it and savour it at the same time. On a side note the choice of "To Zanarkand" as the song to listen to whilst finishing the book is inspired. As a massive fan of the Final Fantasy games and of all of Nobuo Uematsu's (The composer of all the final fantasy music up to XI I think) work I was so happy to see that. If any of you guys out there haven't heard of his work before but loved that song then look up The Black Mages and also Nobuo's "Distant World's" albums, they are performed with a full orchestra and truly epic, you won't be disappointed.
  4. Sorry the pics came out so big, it was the best I could do.
  5. What's the best way to upload your pics onto here? Got a couple of WOT tatts i'd like to show.
  6. Yeah that makes sense aswell, could be taken either way really. Wonder which way Jordan intended it??
  7. One thing I missed until the 5th or 6th re-read that wasn't massive but still cool was Paitr (sp?) showing up in LoC I think. Hes the young guy who tries to bust Morgase and co out of The Fortress of the Light. He was also the same young DF who confronts Rand and Mat in one of the towns on their way to Caemlyn in tEotW, Rand punches him in the nose lol. I only figured it out when Morgase commented that he was an Andoran who wanted to help them to make up for a mistake back home. It all suddenly clicked into place then as the mistake was letting Rand and Mat escape and he was planning on making up for it my handing Morgase over to a higher ranked Darkfriend or even Forsaken. What is really awesome though is that when Paitr and his uncle get hanged for being Darkfriends I believed what Morgase did. Now she believed that when Asuwana came to escort her to see Niall and he took her the 'short way' it was for her to see Paitr being hanged to prove they knew of her escape plan without accusing her of anything thus munipulating her into signing the treaty allowing The Children of the Light into Andor, which she did thinking Niall was VERY clever. I totally bought it that was the game Niall was playing but when I realised Paitr actually WAS a DF I realised the Whitecloaks were just hanging him for being a DF and it was a coincidence that Morgase saw the hanging that subsequently lead her to sign the treaty. Hope that all makes sense just thought that that was sooooo awesome when I worked it out lol. Thoughts?
  8. has anyone got Lost series 4 they can lend me, me and Jess have nearly finished series 3 and are gonna need another fix soon

  9. whos got fake blood then?

  10. Oi Swaler ( Johnny Bagpuss Swale) congrats on your 1:51 half marathon run, you done yourself proud, and then you did yourself more proud by drinkin' lots in the Clothiers after, you think you're likely to be out for more drinks later?? Also I heard you played for the county??

  11. I really love the time Rand spends in Cairhien in tGH, when hes meets up with Thom again, is rejecting all the letters from nobles and then accidently blows up the Illuminators chapter house, lol. For me it's one of the great joys of rereading this series and a testament to the immense writing of Jordan as things that happen just because Rand is in Cairhien (and Ta'veren). Because Rand meets up with Thom and various other things that happen, like going to Barthanes Manor and such Thom ends up assassinating King Galldrian and starting the civil war. Also when Rand visits the Illuminators chapter house and ends up blowing it up this ends up sending Aludra down a path which now has her with Mat's Band and she has invented her Dragons which will be a BIG BIG help in the Last Battle. Like I said it amazes me still when I notice these little gems. Jordan is unbeatable when it comes to things like that!!
  12. Rob Zombie is touring in Feb next year, who's up for it?? He last toured here 12 years ago apparently

  13. Most of the big scenes that happen in tSR are awesome, my faves being Rand going through the glass coloums, Mat going through both doorways and Perrin and the battle of Emonds Field. Also I absolutely love the scenes at the end of tDR when everones in Tear and they keep catching glimpses of Rand and thinking "I must be going mad, Rand is miles away." Then when Mat is on the rooftops trying to find a way into the Stone, he thinks about scaling the Stone "A hundred bloody paces. Maybe a hundred and twenty. Burn me, even Rand would not try to climb that." And as he's staring up, "Suddenly he blinked, and squinted at the side of the Stone. There was some fool climbing it, just visible as a moving shadow in the moonlight, and over halfway up already, with a drop of seventy paces to the pavement under his feet. Fool, is he? Well I'm as big a one, because I am going up too. Burn me, he'll probably raise an alarm in there and get me caught. He could not see the climber anymore. Who in the Light is he? What does it matter who he is? Burn me, but this is a bloodyway to win a wager. I'm going to want a kiss from all of them, even Nynaeve! I love that scene because we don't get a POV from Rand and we've hardly had a POV from Rand in this book. It's just awesome writing and I can't express how much I love the little things like that in the series.
  14. I've just struck on an idea which I haven't seen discussed yet (I've read most of the posts on here but not all of them). Could the BUT be something to do with Gaidal Cain's fate? I was just reading tSR and during the chapter "Need" Nyneave bumps into Gaidal and Birgitte. It's when Nyn uses need to find the thing that is a danger to Rand and she ends up in the Panarchs Palace. Here she sees Moggy, remembers how Moggy used compulsion on her and then Birgitte shows up and signals Nyn to leave, they leave and then Birgitte continues to warn Nyn how dangerous Tel'aran'rhoid and Moggy are. She then goes onto say that she shouldn't even be talking to her as it goes against the "Precepts" as she calls them. Shortly after this Gaidal shows up and tells Birgitte she shouldn't be talking to Nyn (who he completely ignores) and how it's too dangerous to mess with Moggy. Gaidal says: "When the Horn calls us, we will fight. When the Wheel weaves us, we will fight. Not until then!" He glowered at her. "Have you forgotten what Moghedien promised you when we followed Lews Therin? I saw her, Birgitte. She will know you here." Birgitte and Nyn then have a brief chat and Birgitte tells Nyn what Moggy's promise was: "She knew what i was, even though I did not. How, I do not know." Birgitte glanced at Cain; he appeared absorbed in his sword, but she lowered her voice anyway. "She promised to make me weep alone for as long as the Wheel turns. She said it as a fact that simply had not happened yet." That's the part that got me thinking because we know sometime after this Cain disappears from Tel'aran'rhoid, sometime during book 5 I think. All discussions i've seen up till this point on the forums are discussing who Cain has been reborn as (Olver, etc) but never discussing if Moggy kept her promise and (as she seemed to be implying in her promise) killed Cain in the World of Dreams. We know that if Moggy had killed him in the World of Dreams he would never be spun out by the Wheel again so Moggy's promise to Birgitte would have been completed. So Gaidal could be dead, but that seems a bit pointless to introduce a character, he gets killed off and we never hear from him again. What if Moggy actually ripped him out of T'A'R much the same as what happened to Birgitte and then put some form of compulsion on him? We may be seeing him in the next book as a baddie (though not through his own choice). I think it all seems to fit the BUT quite well but i'm sure lots of you will disagree lol. One other thing that I found strange is the way that Birgitte says Moggy says her promise as if it were fact, like she knew 100% it would happen. Almost as if she had been through one of the Ter'angreals that show all possible outcomes of your life and the promise was always a constant. Or the Finn's had answered a question with an answer that she knows means her promise WILL happen. Not saying any of that happened but just seems strange she said it as fact, and that it was written in the book to let you know Moggy knew it for fact. Too much reading RJ and these forums makes me question EVERYTHING though lol Thoughts???
  15. Is Rina the AS who was made Damane in TGH?or was that Rita I can't quite remember?She became known as Pura right?
  16. One thing I never understood about the whole Rhuidean scene and Mat's hanging is that Rand and Mat were in Rhuidean for 7 days!? So I can kinda understand Rand goin into the glass colums and seeing the history of the aiel and time flowing at a different rate so he thought he was there for a few hours but on leaving realises it was 7 days. But it doesn't make sense with Mat? Either Mat and Rand were only in Rhuidean for a few hours but once you enter Rhuidean time flows differently, so when Rand leaves the glass colums its just luck that he comes out just in time to save Mat. Or the alternative is they were actually in Rhuidean for 7 days but Mat couldn't have been hanging from the tree for 7 days waiting for Rand to save him. I suppose there could be the possibility that they were both in Rhuidean for 7 days and when Mat entered the Doorway luck or Ta'verenism meant he was in there for the same amont of time that Rand was in the colums so Rand came out just in time to save him?? The other possibility makes no sense, that maybe Rand was in the colums for 7 days but Mat was only in the land of the Aelfinn for a few hours but then they held him there for 7 days only to hang him from the tree just in time for Rand to save him?? One more possibility thinking about it (and this is a crazy theory) is that Mat was only through the Doorway for a few hours and then got chucked back through the Doorway by the Finns, then SOMEBODY ELSE hung him from the tree? And who do we know was in Rhuidean at the time?? That's right moiraine!! now bear with me but what if one of her answers from going through the doorway in Tear was that she had to come to Rhuidean and hang Mat from the tree by the spear, maybe for no other reason than he needed the spear as it is going to be very important to him in the future and this way he thinks its a gift from the Finns but it was Moiraine all along!! Whatever the reason it's a bit strange? What do people think????
  17. Ok just been doing another re-read of the series and have just finished tDR, sorry if this has been disscussed anywhere else, couldn't find anything. Now in tDR we see something wierd happen with Mat's luck that I don't think we've seen the like of with his luck before or after. It's during the scene in Tear where Mat's just rocked up and is looking for the girlies, he finds Comar (the guy sent by Rahvin to hunt the girls) in some tavern and decides to dice with him, Comar is using weighted dice to cheat and i'm not sure if this is why the description we get is very odd but anyway as Mat picks up Comar's dice this is the quote: "He spilled the dice onto the tabletop. They bounced oddly. He felt-something-shifting. It was as if his luck had gone wild. The room seemed to be writhing around him, tugging at the dice with threads. For some reason he wanted to look at the door, but he kept his eyes on the dice. They camt rest. Five crowns. Comar's eyes looked ready to pop out of his head." I'm not sure but this is the only time I can remember Mat's luck being described as a physical force almost, it's as if he can almost see and physically feel his luck working. I accept that this could be because his luck with dice is going up against weighted dice so his luck (with which he wins every toss) is against weighted dice (with which it should be impossible for him to win) but either way the description is very strange. If anyone has another quote where Mat's luck is described in the same way it would be much apprieciated. But the other thing I find very strange is the line For some reason he wanted to look at the door. This is very strange it makes me think that someone was Channeling at Mat and his dice and was stood at the door or just outside the door? Maybe that is what caused the wierd description of the room writhing round him, tugging at the dice with threads? Whatever is going on it's a very strange that made me wonder alot and peoples views would be welcomed. And someone must be with me about the wanting to look at the door line, why put that in there if theres no significance??
  18. That always really bugged me, the random merchant woman is never on his list of women he's killed anywhere. It is as if he has forgotten it coz he really was quite mad in those parts of the book? The only other thing I could think of is is that somehow that was all actually in a dream and not real so Rand doesn't consider it as him killing a woman?? Or it was real but Rand was having so many haunting dreams and killing people that he can't tell the difference between reality and dreams at this time so the women isn't included in his list?? Either way it's all quite strange
  19. yea you're right it's not that he is growing stronger it's that the seals are weakening and he can touch the world more. That is the point I was trying to make though, it's more about as he is touching the world more strange things are happening. I just wanna know what peoples thoughts are on much bigger areas moving or changing places, like what we've seen in Caemlyn and Tar Valon but on a much larger scale? Could Shayol Ghul itself move before the Last Battle??
  20. Not sure if this has been discussed, sorry if it has. Been thinking about that the fact that as the DO's power has been increasing the pattern has started to kinda fall apart, you know with all rooms and hallways getting shuffled around in the White Tower etc. Well not sure if we've seen it mentioned but this must be happening all over Randland and not just in buildings, that wouldn't make much sense. So say trees may have moved or a stream changing its course for instance. Now as the DO's strength is growing we've seen parts of the White Tower actually switch places completely. My theory is that over the course of the next two books we might see bigger places changing places, just imagine Caemlyn and Tar Valon switching places or even bigger than that imagine Shayol Ghul moving before the Last Battle. Just think all the armies of the world amassed along the blight then they realise Shayol Ghul isn't there lol. Do you think it's realistic that something like this could happen?? gimme your thoughts people.
  21. Ok not sure if this has been discussed (I couldn't find anything) but is it possible to have Darkfriend Wolfbrothers? Now in TEoTW Eylas tells Perrin that he believes it is the wolves who choose a Wolfbrother, that is the reason I assume that at the start of the book all the Emonds Fielders are commenting on how many wolves there have been around that winter. And the same when the gang hear wolves howling outside Baerlon, they are keeping an eye on Perrin, is that how it works do we think? So if that is how it works then the wolves pick out Wolfbrothers, so that kinda makes me think it wouldn't be possible to have a Darkfriend Wolfbrother as the wolves wouldn't pick a shady character to be a Wolfbrother, unless they didn't know. We know of the hatred wolves have for Trollocs and Fades but they see all humans as indistinguishable so not sure how it works? On the other hand what if a person is picked to be a Wolfbrother and then at a later date turns to the shadow would we then have a Darkfriend Wolfbrother? Or would the wolves somehow be able to sever the link? Now this is all assuming that Eylas is correct about wolves choosing Wolfbrothers, i've been thinking about how else Wolfbrothers could be chosen and it would be interesting to hear what you think. Is it possible that Wolfbrothers are chosen in much the same way that T'averen are? The patteren just pulls them out whenever it needs one? Or is it that a Wolfbrother is born with the ability in them, like a channeler and they just need the wolves to bring out the ability in them? Was Perrin always destined to be a Wolfbrother? If the ability is always there then anyone could be born with the ability in them but if the wolves never choose them they will never know? Or they could be born with the ability but never come into contact with wolves, for instance an Aiel or one of the Sea Folk? So given all this do you guys think it is possible to have Darkfriend Wolfbrothers, and are we likely to ever see any? Or on a last note would a Darkfriend Wolfbrother be able to communicate with Darkhounds???
  22. The problem I have is if they make a movie they will have to leave things that aren't important to moving the plot of that first book along. Which is all well and good and the first film might work but if they continue through the series leaving little scenes and minor characters out then later on the films won't make sense if you haven't read the books and only have the knowledge of things that were shown in the films, do you see what I mean?
  23. Ever heard "Seven seals" by Primal Fear? Think you can guess what it brings to mind, it would be an awesome soundtrack for when the final seal breaks and all hell breaks loose!! I'm well glad to see lots of Metallica songs getting suggested, sounds like a lot of metal fans read WOT ;D also someone was name checking Dream Theater and "Images and Words", absolutely fantastic album and just like to say i'm in the 1% of non musicians who love them lol!!
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