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  1. Hi there I must say I did kind of agree with you when I first read the books but I never let it get to me too much. There's still a long way for you to go and so much awesome twists and turns to come. One thing I want to stress to you more than anything else though is that you should read/listen to the books before coming on here because if anyone does spoil anything for you I think you will regret it, I know I would've. Ultimately the choice is yours but hearing about massive events to come through somebody else will never EVER be the same as reading them as RJ intended them. I hope you
  2. Just wanted to comment on this to get it noticed by people who may not have seen it to get their opinion??
  3. First off I'd like to say a big congrats and thank you to BS for finally finishing this masterpiece in RJ's name and hopefully doing it justice, I really can't wait to read AMoL and as people said it will be really bittersweet. I'm going to want to rush through it and savour it at the same time. On a side note the choice of "To Zanarkand" as the song to listen to whilst finishing the book is inspired. As a massive fan of the Final Fantasy games and of all of Nobuo Uematsu's (The composer of all the final fantasy music up to XI I think) work I was so happy to see that. If any of you guys ou
  4. Sorry the pics came out so big, it was the best I could do.
  5. What's the best way to upload your pics onto here? Got a couple of WOT tatts i'd like to show.
  6. Yeah that makes sense aswell, could be taken either way really. Wonder which way Jordan intended it??
  7. One thing I missed until the 5th or 6th re-read that wasn't massive but still cool was Paitr (sp?) showing up in LoC I think. Hes the young guy who tries to bust Morgase and co out of The Fortress of the Light. He was also the same young DF who confronts Rand and Mat in one of the towns on their way to Caemlyn in tEotW, Rand punches him in the nose lol. I only figured it out when Morgase commented that he was an Andoran who wanted to help them to make up for a mistake back home. It all suddenly clicked into place then as the mistake was letting Rand and Mat escape and he was planning on m
  8. has anyone got Lost series 4 they can lend me, me and Jess have nearly finished series 3 and are gonna need another fix soon

  9. whos got fake blood then?

  10. Oi Swaler ( Johnny Bagpuss Swale) congrats on your 1:51 half marathon run, you done yourself proud, and then you did yourself more proud by drinkin' lots in the Clothiers after, you think you're likely to be out for more drinks later?? Also I heard you played for the county??

  11. I really love the time Rand spends in Cairhien in tGH, when hes meets up with Thom again, is rejecting all the letters from nobles and then accidently blows up the Illuminators chapter house, lol. For me it's one of the great joys of rereading this series and a testament to the immense writing of Jordan as things that happen just because Rand is in Cairhien (and Ta'veren). Because Rand meets up with Thom and various other things that happen, like going to Barthanes Manor and such Thom ends up assassinating King Galldrian and starting the civil war. Also when Rand visits the Illuminato
  12. Rob Zombie is touring in Feb next year, who's up for it?? He last toured here 12 years ago apparently

  13. Most of the big scenes that happen in tSR are awesome, my faves being Rand going through the glass coloums, Mat going through both doorways and Perrin and the battle of Emonds Field. Also I absolutely love the scenes at the end of tDR when everones in Tear and they keep catching glimpses of Rand and thinking "I must be going mad, Rand is miles away." Then when Mat is on the rooftops trying to find a way into the Stone, he thinks about scaling the Stone "A hundred bloody paces. Maybe a hundred and twenty. Burn me, even Rand would not try to climb that." And as he's staring up, "Suddenly he
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