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  1. I think that the white cloaks are based on the Catholic church. They were VERY corrupt at one point.
  2. I'm not sure if you heard but Red Eagle games is make a MMO based of the wheel of time, they are also making a stand alone game for consoles, pc, etc. Here is the artical: http://pc.ign.com/articles/929/929464p1.html
  3. Moiraine obviously doesn't want to be... she was never in the tower anyway. If I had to choose I would choose Siuan Sanche.
  4. Umm... his name was Jaichim Carridin, he was also called Bors, he was the guy from the prologue of TGH. When the Black ajah came to Tanchico, he became involved with them. He later started working for Sammael, he was sent to Ebou Dar to find that a cache of angreal and ter'angreal/ th bowl of the winds. He ran out of family members and he was killed.
  5. the gholam came out of one...
  6. Dark friends are punished all the time, like that guy from the Children of the Light (i can't remember his name). His whole family was killed because he couldn't kill Rand.
  7. Has anyone ever read these books? From The Two Rivers, To the Blight, The Hunt Begins, etc.? Are they any different from the real books?
  8. at the end of the audio versions of the first book (CD version by Audio Renaissance) there is an interview with RJ he says: the word in ** ** i couldn't figure out how to spell EDIT: yeah, that recording
  9. Plus what if Semirhage the only person who could heal hm of all the stuff that's wrong with him (hand, old wound, problem channel, ect) if he balefired her everything she did would go undone. so i guess that won't happen
  10. I thought that Perrin always said he people thought he was slow witted and clumsy. He said that he just liked to think things out. He said the people thought he was clumsy because he moved slowly because he didn't want to hurt anyone or break anything. I also didn't like how RJ started talking about clothes a lot in the late books like 6-9 or 10 but thankfully he kind of stopped in the last few. He barely ever spoe about clothes in the beginning so i thought it was weird, then it got annoying.
  11. Rand lost his hand (that rhymes). After he uses all the advantages he has with Semirhage he could use balefire to get his hand back.
  12. Perrin was my favorite character until he decided to marry Faile. Then he got really annoying "Faile this, Faile wants this..." God i hope she dies or gets more interesting in AMOL.
  13. Tam's sword was destroyed b4 LTT was even in rands head... so there is no way of noing Duh, why else could only the dragon reborn take it? He's probably the one who put it there (with some help of a female)
  14. In book 3 (TDR) perrin has a dream where hes in an inn and who he see's as the dark one (ishy). during this dream he says that his axe is the only real thing there. and when he touches it he remembers using it before. hears the quote:
  15. there's already a thread about this but the red ajah is already bonding asha'men. They don't have to be the only ones, like the greens are the most common ajah to get married but that doesn't me other Aes Sedai cant get married. Also that wont be their only purpose, they will also help bring the black and white towers together and also conduct relations between the like diplomats...
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