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  1. If it is only cd there is plenty of cd-ripping software to have the mp3s.
  2. I've done many of these things...some of them deliberately. ...you don't accidentally say things like "sleep well and wake" or "Blood and bloody ashes", but actually went out of your way to ingrain them into your vocabulary. (it took me a while, but I now use "sleep well and wake" and "Phaw!" quite commonly. Gotta love Cadsuane.) ...have spent hours pouring over d&d source material trying to figure out how best to recreate WoT characters in the game. ...when you continue to assert that AMoL will be released on 12/21/12 b/c it would be the end of (the wheel of) time as we know it. ...every time you are invited to play the 'white s'redit' christmas game you grab a copy of EotW. @ Drekka Mort: Kudos @ Mr Ares: I do say goram a lot =] Honestly, who doesnt want their girlfriend to dance the sa'sara or ta'ganza?
  3. @ lmerickson: I've thought the same thing for quite some time. Logain steps over Rand and takes the throne, laughing maniacally, Rands face shattering. Rands face shatters b/c his name is lost to time, where Logain, who ends up leading the Asha'man, is remembered as The Dragon Reborn. He's laughing maniacally b/c of the sheer irony of the whole situation. I'd find that to be oddly appropriate. I also like the idea of the Asha'man seating themselves in Elidas palace. Nothing introduced in this series is unimportant. Since that tower exists, at least in part, it must be there to serve a purpose. and one of the primary themes of the series is gender co-operation, so it makes some sense. The idea of them staying in Andor seems absurd. Tar Valon is the seat of channeling in the world, so it would make sense that, now that saidin is clean, the men would seat themselves there as well. I can see Egwene offering the option to the Asha'man herself...at least after getting to know some of them, particularly Flynn (sp?). He seems so reasonable.
  4. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. 12/21/12 - The end of (The Wheel of) Time as we know it. O.o
  5. I have always assumed that 'to live you must die' referred to "The Dragon" being bound to the wheel, and that Rand will have to sacrifice himself to win the last battle, but in doing so he gets to live on in T'A'R and be spun out again when needed. If the DO wins the wheel is broken and the pattern is unmade. No more dragon, no more heroes of the horn, no more world. Rand has been set up as not only an Arthurian character, but as a christlike character. Christ sacrificed himself for the rest of the world. So must Rand, but in doing so he allows the wheel to continue turning. Some have questioned how and/or why Rand became so dark in TGS. The answer seems pretty plain to me. He touched the true power! It was after that that he became that dark. I dont think it has anything to do with all that has happened to him, or even Semi forcing him to choke Min. Its the fact that he touched the DO. This is an angle that I've not seen anyone else pose, but it seems the simplest and most blatantly obvious conclusion. Rand and Moraines reunion is going to be amazing, but I dont think he'll think her a forsaken in disguise, or think she anyone other than who she appears to be. The end of TGS depicts Rand laughing and crying genuinely which is the result of Cadsuanes plans. That is all accomplished. I would agree that a huge weight will be lifted off of Rands shoulders seeing her return since she is the first name on his list of dead women. Her "catchphrase" is 'the wheel weaves as the wheel wills', and perhaps seeing her again will remind Rand of that statement, and he will recognize that it was not him that killed all of those women, it was the wheel. The wheel willed it so it is...was...whatever. I expect this to be an incredibly powerful seen, but I dont have the fears that some of the other posters seem to have. He's not going to balefire her. I just dont see that at all. I'm also not buying the whole body swap idea, or the merging having anything to do with Moridin. Rand and LTT were two people in one, and as Rand notes at the end of TGS he doesnt think he'll hear from LTT again. He seemed to have the Zen moment that I expected. Rand and LTT merged together to become one. LTT is dead. I will consider this 100% confirmed if Rand starts referring to himself as 'The Dragon', not 'The Dragon Reborn'. I really hope this happens b/c it'll validate a 'crazy theory' I've had for years. My thought was that "The Dragon" is spun out the fight the DO. LTT was "The Dragon" so the rebirth of LTT would be "The Dragon Reborn"...but, in essence, they're just "The Dragon". LTT would've been the rebirth of a previous Dragon who was the rebirth of an even more previous Dragon...etc. We'll see. If it doesnt happen in ToM then I'm probably wrong. *shrug* I've got my fingers crossed.
  6. She hasnt asked for anything yet...I figure if she was going to she wouldve already...instead of submitting to him like she did in book 5. I do hope she'll show up in the next book so we can have "3" more w/ her. But, I doubt she'll ask for anything.
  7. I heard about Historian a while back, but never got around to reading it. its good then, eh?
  8. SqueeEGA

    FF XII

    Square is a noted fan of star wars having a biggs and wedge in almost every game. and with 12, balthier is a skye pirate w/ a furry co-pilot. But i didnt say it was star wars, just that han solo and chewbaca are in it...sort of.
  9. There is also the Vampire Hunter D series. The first book is essentially an extended version of the original anime, and the 3rd is Bloodlust. Book 2 is also pretty good b/c it goes into D's past a bit more. There are like 8 or 10 of them now and the rest i havent read, but, especially w/ the first one, these books are sweet. Also, is the Hellsing Ultimate series much different from the original TV series? i believe that I have part 1 of it, but havent kept up, and it, if I remember correctly, was very similar to the TV series. you could also look for Caramilla. (i think thats how its spelled.) its not as famous as Dracula, but it gets great reviews. its on my list of stuff to read.
  10. SqueeEGA

    FF XII

    XII is really easy, but its amazingly fun. its such a divergence from the rest of the series, and as long as you can ignore Vaan and penelo then the story is star wars. Hooray for Han and Chewy *cough* i mean Balthier and Fran. FF VI > FF VII Sepheroth may be super badass, but hes nowhere near as evil as kefka.
  11. ive been listening to the audio book of TDR recently and was just at the point when Egwene went through the third arch in her accepted test. she is amyrlin and her keeper is completely unknown. So i ask, when she is officially raised amyrlin in the tower itself who will be her keeper? At this point Sheriam is her keeper, but she has had a few breakdowns under the pressure of the times and events. i hope that she returns to her post as mistress of novices...she'd probably take to the new novices better than whomever it is at the tower. Egwene obviously wouldnt take elayne or nyneave, and i think she might want suian but assume that most of the tower would balk at that. or maybe a pick out of left field, Beldine? whoever that is. maybe Cadsuene and Alivia are successful with Rand and she can acquire Cadsuene. It really seems that most of the prominent aes sedai are better suited somewhere else. part of me wants her to have a small council including an aes sedai, a wise one, a seafolk, and a kin, but she remains amyrlin with the final say in things...unless the hall throws a fit or whatever. I think with Egwene as amyrlin the aes sedai will recognize the other groups of channellers as independent groups that are separate from the WT yet connected not only to it but to all the other groups as well. There will be some intermingling btwn the groups for individuals who want to train in specific areas, like studying w/ the windfinders to learn to work the weather more effectively. Even though each group has a different set of rules that govern how they go about achieving their primary objective, the objective is the same for all of them; light opposes darkness, and peace and stability for mankind. Even the Seanchan have order and relative peace within their own society, and fight the shadow as well...or they will I expect. The will be connected by the ultimate ideal and not the dogma surrounding the achievement of that ideal.
  12. The following is dimensional analysis 101 (7000 words) (5 words) 60 sec = 23.33^ minutes. 1 sec min Thats about 1 chapter.
  13. I'd have to say a stasis box is much like the box Urza put his assistant Tawnos in at the end of 'The Brothers War'...what were those called? oh right, stasis boxes. Tawnos stayed in the box for 3 years or so, and didnt age, or die or grow a huge beard. its a piece of artifice that stops time when all the pieces are connected together...the door is shut. requirements TM: Stop ; craft wonderous item ; CL 15ish. Duneflayer, within a bag of holding is a non-dimensional space where the inside dimensions > outside. living things can be put into a bag of holding but can survive for little more than 10 minutes depending on the size of the individual and the size of the bag. at least according to the 3.5 DM's handbook.
  14. Pure power would probably be a conglomeration of all the 5 powers, like how pure light is a conglomerate of all the colors in the visual spectrum. RJ did have a degree in physics after all.
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