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  1. If it is only cd there is plenty of cd-ripping software to have the mp3s.
  2. I've done many of these things...some of them deliberately. ...you don't accidentally say things like "sleep well and wake" or "Blood and bloody ashes", but actually went out of your way to ingrain them into your vocabulary. (it took me a while, but I now use "sleep well and wake" and "Phaw!" quite commonly. Gotta love Cadsuane.) ...have spent hours pouring over d&d source material trying to figure out how best to recreate WoT characters in the game. ...when you continue to assert that AMoL will be released on 12/21/12 b/c it would be the end of (the wheel of) time as we know
  3. @ lmerickson: I've thought the same thing for quite some time. Logain steps over Rand and takes the throne, laughing maniacally, Rands face shattering. Rands face shatters b/c his name is lost to time, where Logain, who ends up leading the Asha'man, is remembered as The Dragon Reborn. He's laughing maniacally b/c of the sheer irony of the whole situation. I'd find that to be oddly appropriate. I also like the idea of the Asha'man seating themselves in Elidas palace. Nothing introduced in this series is unimportant. Since that tower exists, at least in part, it must be there to serve
  4. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. 12/21/12 - The end of (The Wheel of) Time as we know it. O.o
  5. I have always assumed that 'to live you must die' referred to "The Dragon" being bound to the wheel, and that Rand will have to sacrifice himself to win the last battle, but in doing so he gets to live on in T'A'R and be spun out again when needed. If the DO wins the wheel is broken and the pattern is unmade. No more dragon, no more heroes of the horn, no more world. Rand has been set up as not only an Arthurian character, but as a christlike character. Christ sacrificed himself for the rest of the world. So must Rand, but in doing so he allows the wheel to continue turning. Some hav
  6. ive been listening to the audio book of TDR recently and was just at the point when Egwene went through the third arch in her accepted test. she is amyrlin and her keeper is completely unknown. So i ask, when she is officially raised amyrlin in the tower itself who will be her keeper? At this point Sheriam is her keeper, but she has had a few breakdowns under the pressure of the times and events. i hope that she returns to her post as mistress of novices...she'd probably take to the new novices better than whomever it is at the tower. Egwene obviously wouldnt take elayne or nyne
  7. The following is dimensional analysis 101 (7000 words) (5 words) 60 sec = 23.33^ minutes. 1 sec min Thats about 1 chapter.
  8. I'd have to say a stasis box is much like the box Urza put his assistant Tawnos in at the end of 'The Brothers War'...what were those called? oh right, stasis boxes. Tawnos stayed in the box for 3 years or so, and didnt age, or die or grow a huge beard. its a piece of artifice that stops time when all the pieces are connected together...the door is shut. requirements TM: Stop ; craft wonderous item ; CL 15ish. Duneflayer, within a bag of holding is a non-dimensional space where the inside dimensions > outside. living things can be put into a bag of holding but can survive for
  9. Pure power would probably be a conglomeration of all the 5 powers, like how pure light is a conglomerate of all the colors in the visual spectrum. RJ did have a degree in physics after all.
  10. maybe if you sing to it the appropriate song it turns into a +3 Heartstone Harp of shadow slaying...seriously, what about it?
  11. i hope they sing the song in the blight and the inadvertently raise someshta from the dead. That would be super pleasing. And Andrea, I like that idea of them singing the bore shut. That would be an awesome scene.
  12. Luckers seems to be hitting the nail on the head. aside from traveling, and the deathgates...sort of i guess...all the other weaves mentioned in the books that include spirit that you listed above are done w/ respect to another individual. healing or hurting, warding...they have this common thread to living things. it could be fixing a broken leg or stopping the transmission of their sounds. even traveling is intended to move an individual or a group from point A to point B. all of these weaves seem to have a 'living thing' commonality.
  13. personally I think its Rand/LTT who teaches the Tinkers the song. They are an offshoot of the people of the dragon...I wonder if that melody he hums when pulling his earlobe while looking at a pretty girl is related to it at all? probably not, but it would be somewhat amusing. Are there any other candidates or other opinions on the matter?
  14. Who's going to lead Andor? Elayne. Duh! All the queens have led the armies why wouldnt she. she continuously asks herself if shes strong enough for that task. Elayne getting stabbed by the deathwatch guard would be hilarious. Also, Moridin telling the rest of the FS that Cyndane is Lanfear would be worth multiple good laughs.
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