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  1. My take on it is that RJ was a history buff. The Children of the Light are a loose mix of the Crusader knights and the Inquisition. This is easily seen with the Questioners and and the shock troops in white. For the crusades, a knight had to swear an oath of fealty to uphold the righteous, etc... And centuries later, the Inquisition just killed everyone who didnt agree. Just a good poke a Catholicism. As for the incorporation in the books, he had it as a fallback for another source of evil. The immorality of moral supremecy.
  2. Darth Andrea made me remember one of my favorite (and one of the original) WOT artists. Her art is still awesome 7 years later. http://www.angelfire.com/art/frenchkiss/index.html Check it out.
  3. The whole point of Elaidas palace is just to make us hater her more. That is it.
  4. Oops, lost sight of the category. I still think Elayne and Faile suck.
  5. Sorry to quote you again, but you make very valid points (you really do put some time into your posts). You seem into it, so I will give you a solid response. It is my belief that when he first wrote "Eye of the World", it was a first novel to test the market and see what works. Remember, book 1 could technically be wrapped up by its final chapter. Anyway, that left all the characters wide open after it became a bestseller. Who buys SF and Fantasy books? Especially in the late 80s and early 90s? 90% men. Remember, up to that date, the "Dragonriders of Pern" had been the only success among female readers (excluding Tolkien and tha also came later). Thus the strength of the male characters. By book 3, I dont think RJ could look back. I will retract though. Over the course of 10+ books, he could have improved on certain characters forward progression, but he chose not to. As mentioned in an earlier post, I had hoped that Egwene would be a Ta'veren also. If you really want to see the method in the madness, there are really only 2 main characters. Rand and Egwene. Rand: Mat to make him more outgoing and spontaneous, and Perrin to add temporance and thought. Elayne to add indecision, Nynaeve to add structure, and Egwene to provide feelings. The rest are all extemporaneous. Egwene: Nynaeve to provide guidance, and Elayne to teach authority and attitude. Rand to provide feelings, Mat to provide a negative to her positive, and Perrin to provide a foundation. Easy.
  6. Trankand01, I will give you credit for rebutting every snipe I made against each character. I was just being cavalier about each character since they are almost like family members having been re-reading the books since the first hardcover of book 1 came out. You made valid points on all from a female point of view, so I say thanks. I especially loved the quote above. He lost his family, country, Aes Sedai, and now has to hang out with Nyenaeve in the off season. Jeeze, what a knob. Snap out of it. LOL. I too think he and Logain will really shine in the last book. They better!!!!
  7. Blood or no blood, it doesnt matter. After reading 10,000+ pages for the third time without a notepad, I still dont know who is related to who. I do know that Moiraine, Elayne, and Rand are related somehow, but who cares. Rand has the aiel, control of 5 armies, Penn and Tellers magic men outside of Caemlyn. He has every force known to man at his fingertips, yet it slips away. How could this happen? I have realized now that his name is Rand Al'Bush.
  8. In addition to my last reply where I spelled throne as thrown, House Trakand is unimportant as per the reasons given in the beginning of the post. They got that correct. By blood, it is Rand. Can we kill off Elayne now!!!!!
  9. Even if in her stupid, pretty, and arrogant head Elayne believed she united the countries behing her, it was only because of the fear of Rand. The lesser of two evils. Rand held the grip so Elayne could return. No matter what, that thrown was held for her. The nobles were cowed, plotting, and whatever under Rand, but he took care of 90% of the problem. Remember, Morgaise was a runner up queen (due to missing heirs) and an agreement on succession. Dont make me look back in the books, but I think she was only a cousin or something. Elayne's claim was actually no better than others. Sans Rand, she would have never have grabbed the thrown.
  10. Every women character kind of sucks in the books. In some weird way, RJ never could bring himself to create a female character that was loveable. Every woman character was a plotter, self interested, social/power climber, and a bitch. On the other hand, every male character is kind of stupid and has no ambition. For females, look at: Egwene: first real female character introduction. Starts off ignorant as hell, ends up head of the Tower and finishing her education on how to manipulate people. Super Power Freak! Nynaeve: I, like some other folks, hated! hated! her at first. After realizing she is my older sister in print, I came to except her. Still, if I were Rand or Egwene, I would have burned her to a crisp by book 2. Super Control Freak!!! Elayne: Born into to it, and it never goes away. She never, ever, ever treats anyone outside of the circle of protaginists without disdain. Oh yeah, unless she has something to gain. Super Entitled Freak! Min: Useless character with no point whatsoever. Still dont get why RJ put her in or didnt develop her. She could have been ok. Aviendha: The worst of all worlds. Angry, spiteful, proud, egotistical, self righteous, power hungry, and my worst nightmare. Wow. Moiraine: Steady and dependable. The best woman protagonist in the books. Faile: Stalker, control freak, back stabber. She screws her husband over 3 times in the books and gets away with tears and sorry. I dated her. Another wow. Rand: He runs the gammut from Mr. Vulnerable to Mr. Invincible. With all his power, he is still a puss. If Mat or Perrin were the Dragon Reborn, the series would have been over by book 5. Therefore, I am putting him under the female category. So those are our main women. The guys: Mat: Called an asshole in every chapter he is in. Not dependable. Ungrateful. Saves other main characters every 300 pages or so. Still called a little boy by the women (and Rand). If only his spear had 2 points he could do a double..... Perrin: Mr. Everyman. Dependable, loyal, hard working, persistant. That makes him a cow and is treated as such. Lan: Oh how I hate how he turned out. Book 1 - NINJA kick ass super character. Loads of potential. By book 8 he is a sniveling shell of a man. Logain: Not a real leading character, but should have been. The only guy who is true to himself throughout, and a second fiddle. Oh well.
  11. Oh yes, the sci fi movie they will make fun of in 30 years if anyone remembers it. The launcher of Denise Richards career. After that she became the worst James Bond woman ever. She should thank her lucky stars every day that Charlie Sheen took a liking to her and reproduced. Once a Sheen, always a paying for the babies. She is the kiss of death in every movie she has been in, and thats not to many. Did I mention that she sucks? I dont know bout you guys, but in NY in the upper HD universe is a channel called MonstersHD. It is B movies commercial free and all the time. You get 3 or so movies from the 50s or 60s followed by 2 or so zombie movies followed by something around 1980. Best channel when nothing is on.
  12. Ok, mystery solved! Now I can leave this one alone.
  13. Let's bring this topic back!!!! We all know Bela is the hero. We all know Rand is a twig. No discussion!!! Bela will kick Rand, Mat, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene and company into the fiery pits of hell to make a nice stew. If she only had hands, she would stir vigorously because Elayne keeps popping up. If horses could talk they would be asses; and thats why they dont talk.
  14. I started to read them again and just quit. I know his writing is novel, but a four fingered rapist is a drag. I loved them at the time, but there is so much better now. Just read Hillary Clintons memoir: Who is Calling at 3:00 AM - Is it my drunk brother or Bill with no pants.
  15. A B movie means lesser budget. Not bad. Although I would like to take every Wil Farrell movie since Anchorman and call it a B movie, I cant. Dont get too pissed at my spelling. Taladega Nights, Dodgeball (not him but same thing), Blades of Glory, etc. are all produced with a formidable budget. The problem is the writing. Dont worry, the way Wil is accepting roles, he will soon be the king of the Bees. Bruce Campbell starred and directed Evil Dead with almost no budget. When they did Army of Darkness, there was actually a studio behind it. Still a huge B movie series. He did make a comeback in my book as the voice of Jake Logan in Tachyon, The Fringe computer game. If you havent played it, it was the game of the year a while ago. Remember, some of the biggest actors started in b-movies or lower: Mel Gibson: Mad Max and Road Warrior George Clooney: The Facts of Life with really big hair Sly Stallone: pornos Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hercules in New York
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