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  1. On 8/21/2019 at 2:44 PM, Arath Faringal said:

    And that would be fine if this series was set in the time of the ten nations.  It's not.  2000 years has passed since that era and the Two Rivers area is repeatedly described as one of the most backwater areas in world.  So isolated that they don't even know that they're technically Andoran.  Isolation, and a small population, is going to make for a VERY homogeneous population in just a few generations. 


    Racial diversity most certainly will have a place in this show.  MUST have a place in this show.  The Two Rivers is the absolute wrong place for it.  Caemlyn, yes.  Tar Valon, absolutely.  Emond's Field, not a chance. 


    All they'd need to do to fix it is recast Mat as someone with darker eyes and complexion, and done.  Homogeneous Two Rivers folk.


    I agree with this, but man, when I look at who they cast for Mat, there's no way they could have picked better. Maybe the actor should get a good tan (er, a fake spray tan so he doesn't get cancer). I don't know. I guess it's not a big deal. I'm just happy that Rand is a redhead with blue eyes as he should be. I also can't picture anyone else for Egwene; she definitely looks like she has Egwene's personality.


    I only disagree with Sanderson on the Harry Potter thing--the movies should NOT have put any wizards in Muggle clothing. The wizarding world is supposed to look just like that, so different from the Muggle world. More than once Rowling made examples of wizards not knowing even how to wear/match muggle clothing together. It's my #1 gripe about the films. I'm a huge HP nerd >_>

  2. Wow casting already?! ?
    The choice for Rand, Mat and Perrin seem top notch. Nynaeve, too... Egwene? Eh, I guess why not. She looks like she could pull it off. I just hope these people can ACT. That's the main thing. Extra charisma = extra fans!

    I admit I always pictured some Tairens and Altarans as dark as the actresses do, with Sea Folk and other Tairens being the darkest people in WoT. Mat's casting looks amazing, but he seems out of place among the others; Rand is supposed to be the only oddball out.

  3. My favorite is when Lan kneels and swears to be Moiraine's Warder, and she bonds him. He seemed so torn, but how sad it would have been if the two hadn't teamed up. He cares for Moiraine so much, and she's very fair to him. They may not show it often, but since they bonded, I think their mutual respect and friendship has grown so much.

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