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  1. Yay! I hope so too 🙂 1) WT/Warders, to me, seems like a community for WoT readers to engage in various discussions and activities. I also read somewhere that although everyone is assigned roles, role playing is just a small part of the club. 2) CoC are rules of conducting oneself in posts, discussions, activities, etc on DM so that it is a hospitable environment for everyone. All the rules apply to me since I am now a DM member and intend to engage in the community. 3) PG13 is the guidelines for content for children under 13 years of age. Since it is a bit v
  2. Nice! I will definitely try it; Maybe the winter break Nah, I just enjoy biking. I live near some mountains so scenery is perfect to bike around. Health is just the icing on the cake haha My favorite food to cook would be lemon cakes; I try to not make too much since they're quite unhealthy. Fried rice is pretty fun and easy to make too. How about you? What do you enjoying cooking?
  3. Hello! Thank you so much for helping me out thru this process Horse riding sounds really cool! I've always wanted to try it xd My interests are biking, reading, badminton, and cooking; I am new to the last one though. Pandemic did give me a bunch of time to learn new things
  4. Haha yes, Robert Jordan does that a lot. I mean, you had the Dragon Reborn missing for most of "The Dragon Reborn" book xd I like Shadow Rising cause it has great arcs for few of the characters. It seems that you're not that big of a fan of romance in high fantasy (like me) but some of the relationships in WoT give great insight into the foreign cultures. So, I guess you can look forward to that positive point about them. Apart from a couple of parings, start of romances in WoT is quite bad. The relationships however range from great to bad. So, you don't have to worry about everyt
  5. Awesome Thanks! I've only looked at few of the posts but seems like a lot of fun. Looking forward to interacting with everyone
  6. Hello, I have read and understood and agree to abide by all the rules. I have also completed the new member form
  7. I am trying to join the "White Tower & Warders" club; Still going through the procedure. Think Shadow Rising is one of the favorites for a lot of people. What do you think about it so far?
  8. Hello everyone! I finished my first read of WOT couple of days ago and found this website. Very excited to participate on r/WoT and DM as I had been avoiding everything due to spoilers. I've checked a couple of forum posts and even joined a club here. What else do you guys recommend I do? I am kind of feeling this void (even a bit lost) having completed the series haha Looking forward to getting to know you guys 🙂
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