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  1. Elayne is the main reason I asked this question. I think that we will get a different impression of her character if at first we think of her as a regal prissy princess and then the moment she's away from authoritative eyes she's an expert at "Sailor talk," and I think that will only come across if they are using real word curse words.
  2. Or she could try over using them in the wrong place, like kids do when they first learn them. But is was also her mom that said she had a saucy tongue.
  3. Is she inept at swearing? I thought she had a "Saucy tongue."
  4. Related to this, what do you think they are going to do about the swearing. If they are going to have nudity and violence, there's no reason to hold back on the explicit language other than the fact that the books have their own version of swear words, which are going to sound really cheesy if they put those in the show. If you had a choice, would you rather they put book swears or modern swears in the show?
  5. I felt guilty about trying to look up her age, and worse when I got to a page that had her relationship status and list of Ex's. Still feel dirty about that. I did find a video of her doing stand up for five minutes, so that was fun and I retract saying she looks too serious. I was watching the Patrick Stewart version of Macbeth, and lady Macbeth is so hauntingly creepy in it that I couldn't help but think she would make the perfect Lanfear. She's so hauntingly terrifying in the role, and still darkly beautiful. Anyways, I looked up the actress, and it's Kate Fleetwood who's been c
  6. I probably shouldn't have assumed I knew her age. I thought the lady playing Siuan was in her late 20's/early 30's and not 52.
  7. With Kae Alexander as Min, I like that they got someone who's proven themselves as a stage actress, and didn't go for any model type. I do have some concerns, that could be proven null and void by the time the show actually comes out. One, she looks very serious, which makes me worried that she won't be the snarky lovable regular gal of the series and more of a slow talking oracle type. And the only concern I have with her looking significantly older is that it might hint that they are going to kill her romantic storyline. If they keep it, awesome, good for the show featuring an older woman an
  8. This is more of a theoretical question than a practical one, since it revolves around the events of the later books, but I want to get your guy's opinion on this. Obvious, it will be extremely heartbreaking when we see Madeleine Madden as Egwene collared as Damane, and triumphant when she's freed. It's a horrifying concept. However, in the books, if feels like when the main characters make uneasy alliances with the Seanchan, the Damane get used a lot for the cause of our heroes. Tylee uses them to help free Faile in Malden, and they are all over the last battle, Mat even using one
  9. Agreed, though there's no evidence that any of the good guys have tried learning it, and is one of the forsaken likely to want to rescue Semirhage and heal her? And agree on good guys. It's excusable that Nyneave let's Moghedien escape the first time, but Elayne knocks out the black sister who was tormenting Amethera and then just leaving her was stupid. Does it sound disturbing that I wish she would have taken her belt knife to stab the woman?
  10. Leads to the heartbreaking line "He's already moved passed it." In his mind, hand's gone, move on. Honestly, they should have balefire'd her in anyways. Or stilled her on the spot, so they could keep her alive and mostly harmless. Heroes in the series tend to do a lot of leaving the villains alive and hoping that other villains kill or enslave them for failing.
  11. Honestly, I can't see this face and not think Elaida. How we feel about Tilda Swinton as Cadsuane?
  12. This would be perfect if Verin looked her age. Maybe some deaging effect that doesn't look creepy will be in order.
  13. Are they going all Harry Potter with the casting and not bringing in any American actors? I decided I really want to see Zooey Deschanel as Lanfear. It would be someone who is beautiful, but doesn't scream evil with her presence so that makes the character that much more fascinating.
  14. I'm sure they were friends, just like I'm sure Martin would have loved to know Tolkien. But I think that the main Characters don't take the political theater in WoT as seriously as they should, and Martin would have wanted to show the consequences of that.
  15. This is not fan casting, which is why I wanted to put this thread in the book section. I can't get into why Min is my favorite character right now but she is, even though a lot of what I love about her might be fan fiction I've written in my head. And I wanted to talk to everyone, especially the ladies on here, and get their thoughts on a possible body image crisis Min Farshaw might have had that kind of got ignored. Book 6 & 7 is when Min finally get's to be with Rand, and even though she's still wearing coats and britches instead of dresses she makes an effort to make her att
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