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  1. 1) Gawyn - He was just so annoying and needy. He always wanted attention and always thought he was right. Even after he finally realized that he can't always be in the spotlight, he decided to be stupid and do just that. 2)Egwene - She was one of my favorites in the beginning, but she got annoying as the books continued. She just never seemed to change. She was always an arrogant brat who thought she knew best. 3)Rolan - Bro...she has a husband. Get over it.
  2. Welcome! I am in the middle of the last book myself and it definitely gets rough at some points. Excited to finish though. Do you have a favorite book or character?
  3. Semirhage was spanked by Cadsuane.
  4. Definitely not suprised...I would have said Green as my highest and Red as my second. The Green Ajah is often called the "Battle Ajah"; they await Tarmon Gai'don, where they will fight the Shadow. Until The Last Battle arrives, Greens seek to dispense justice, often with force rather than words. Members of this Ajah are allowed to bond more than one Warder, something that is very useful during battles, and many choose to have two, three or even more than that. . Greens are often seen as emotional rather than rational, and tend to prefer action to deliberation, often taking charg
  5. My favorite inconsistency will always be in the first book, when they are traveling through the ways and Robert Jordan makes a comparison to a treadmill, which as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) was definitely not a thing since there is no electricity.
  6. If you want to to do some Seanchan stuff, I wouldn't mind making a player or two to use. Sounds like it could be fun...
  7. Thank you for the welcome, I am super excited to be here! Definitely planning on making my cousins check this out. I know they enjoyed RPing before and most of them have read the books (kind of a family tradition that we have going on 🙂).
  8. Yeah, they get better about it, but I did always think that they needed to get over themselves a little bit and stop thinking that every guy ever is an absolute idiot.
  9. Hi guys! I just joined Dragonmount and have been looking around a little. I would definitely love to RP with you guys! I haven't done a ton of RPing, mostly just some random stuff for fun with my cousins. Unfortunately we haven't been doing very much since we all live in different states. Hoping to get back into it and do some here! I am working on my first bio and should be sending that in for approval soon...thinking a Kandori teen who has decided to become Aes Sedai.
  10. Hi! I am absolutely obsessed with the Wheel of Time series and was ecstatic to find this community. I am currently halfway through book 13 and at the ridiculous rate I have been reading during quarantine, I am expecting to finish the series early next week. Thinking I might start a reread as soon as I finish hehe. Hope y'all are staying healthy!
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