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  1. I have not tried anything like that in long time. School starts up next week so I will see what I can do.
  2. What kind of meditations do you do? And what would be some good beginner exercises?
  3. I would love some advice about diet for light, regular exercise. And does anyone have experience with meditation?
  4. Well, the month is over and school has started for me, so here are the results. @JamesBrown won in both the correct quote and the correct movie. @Elaevia was a close second in both categories as well. But everybody did a great job ad I hope you all had a good time. I noticed that a lot of people put the Dirty Dancing quote as "No one puts Baby in the corner", when the quote is "No one puts Baby in a corner." So close. This may be the last time I post for the remainder of the fall semester too. So just in case, See you all later.
  5. I have received no messages and college starts on the 31st.
  6. This month is the warder visit to the White ajah. We thought a finish the movie quote game would be a good choice. There are a few movie quotes bellow. The game has two parts, finishing the quote and knowing the movie. The first person to get the most correct wins. Have fun! 1) "I'm going to make him an offer _______." 2) "Here's looking _______" 3) "May the _______" 4) "E.T. _______" 5) "You can't handle _______" 6) "I'm walking here! _______" 7) "I see _______" 8 "Houston, _______" 9) "Mama always said life was like a box _______"
  7. I managed 36 this morning. Finally improvement.
  8. I would bring some survival expert. The only one who's name I know is Bear Grills, so yea that one. I would also bring Mat Couthalon. I feel like he would be resourceful and still able to have a lighthearted conversation to lighten the mood.
  9. Hello from the warders. The purpose of these visits is just for everyone to get to know each other. So here is a simple question. If you were trapped on a deserted island what three people would you bring and why? Can't wait to hear everyone's answers!
  10. How many weeks does it take for pain to leave the body?
  11. I am still at 30 and my arms seem to perpetually hurt.
  12. A ferret cannot beat a giant war tiger. He can only run away. Hedwig would easily fly away from the panther, but actually fighting Guenhwyear would totally win.
  13. Smaller works for different times in your life. As an architecture student two trends coming out are environmentally friendly/energy efficient and modular. I mean modular as in the building can be repurposed to serve many different needs.
  14. Me and @Liitha knew nothing about each other before this so getting almost half right by accident is pretty great.
  15. Lets Go! At least we will have the best sound track of anyone. 😆
  16. Especially when those women beat them in battle. Here is an example of a woman in medieval times who was not burned at the stake. Nichola de la Haie She: 1) Became castellan of Licolin castle 2) Held of a siege of French troops for a month before William Longshanks brought reinforcements 3) Defeated French troops and saved England for King John 4) Longshanks took Lincoln castle from her. So she petitioned King James and got it back. 5) Was mage Sheriff of Lincoln A pretty cool woman.
  17. I love me some 80's rock. I honestly listen to a lot of music and have no idea what time period it is from. I also didn't notice any political incorrectness because I don't care about political correctness. I believe it is just a way to convince people to give away their freedom of speech. But being disrespectful is never okay. Lets not worry about that though. You always have to be careful with lyrics but the music is still good. I am not a soldier either, but I don't see how The Look fits into a graceful lioness going to battle. I also feel like anything that applies to the last batt
  18. I don't listen to metal at all. Though that is better. I could give you more two steps from hell. And you had better hide! Some nerve hitting me. I was not trying to say that any of the music was bad. Except that unicorns and ice cream. I just didn't think it was battle music. But if the interpretation is metaphorical battles than anything goes. I shall desist from now on. My apologies.
  19. *Covers eyes and points* numbers 1 and 14! Those grasshoppers actually look pretty good.
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