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  1. Lust be respectful and don't share your own work without asking.
  2. I have not tried anything like that in long time. School starts up next week so I will see what I can do.
  3. What kind of meditations do you do? And what would be some good beginner exercises?
  4. I would love some advice about diet for light, regular exercise. And does anyone have experience with meditation?
  5. I managed 36 this morning. Finally improvement.
  6. How many weeks does it take for pain to leave the body?
  7. I am still at 30 and my arms seem to perpetually hurt.
  8. A ferret cannot beat a giant war tiger. He can only run away. Hedwig would easily fly away from the panther, but actually fighting Guenhwyear would totally win.
  9. Smaller works for different times in your life. As an architecture student two trends coming out are environmentally friendly/energy efficient and modular. I mean modular as in the building can be repurposed to serve many different needs.
  10. Me and @Liitha knew nothing about each other before this so getting almost half right by accident is pretty great.
  11. Lets Go! At least we will have the best sound track of anyone. 😆
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