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  1. Thread-Hijacking is when two or three people monopolize a thread by ignoring other posts. Any more thn a page and you are definitely hijacking. Spam is posting a ridiculous amount of unwanted/off-topic content on a particular thread. Both of these things are very rude and should never be done in the first place. Exactly what hijacking and spaming look like depends on what group you are talking with. You can determine what is acceptable by looking at other threads to see how conversations flow in a certain group. When it comes to correction, listen to members of a higher rank and/or those whose home you are in.
  2. 3) What is PG13 anyway? Answer) PG13 is based on the rating for movies. Here on the White Tower/Warders it means no directly sexual flirtations, one slip up of swearing will be tolerated, but nothing else, and no sexualised pictures. Members of the White Tower/Warders have families and sometimes check forums at work. The PG13 standard is meant to keep the forums same for all users. I am extremely religious myself and will personally will be holding what would be considered a PG rating.
  3. All the classes moved online. But I still have the same amount of work to do. I am in the architecture program at the University of Maine at Augusta and just finished one final project today.
  4. Hello @Arie. I just wanted To let you know that I am in a crunch time for school and will not be able to reply to anything for a few day. I am not ghosting anyone I am just busy.
  5. Oh my! I am so embarrassed!! A thousand apologies! I think I was more scared than the teacher Anyway, right away, thank you... I don't even know what title to address you as. So yes thank you!
  6. 2) What is the code of conduct and how does it apply to you? Answer) The code of conduct has several aspects: Hate speech is not tolerated period! Other inappropriate language such as words that are angry, crude, or curse words are also not allowed. If it is not said in the books, don't say it. No one should specifically target another member of DM in a negative way. Anyone can "bump" an old discussion, just be very careful and don't do it very often. If someone wishes to post about something outside of DM there is a specific off topic forum. Only post once in this forum. A signature violation is not a big deal, but you will be expected to change the mistake. (I personally don't really know what these signatures are.) Any vagueness in the CoC will be resolved by the administrators. The CoC is enforced using a three point system. Once three points are received a member will be permanently banned from DM and have their account deleted. What it means to me is that DM is a safe and fun place to enjoy the WoT. In a nutshell, don't be a jerk. I have a responsibility to not ruin anybody else's experience and I can count on the other people on DM to not ruin mine.
  7. Do I have to ask anyone to change my profile picture on DM?
  8. Indubitably Arie Sedi. One of the things that drew me to the WT/Warders is that there are formal aspects.
  9. 1) What are the members of the WT/Warders expected to do? Answer) In one word serve. Aie Sedi means "servant of all" and warders serve the Aei Sedi. The WT/Warders first serve each other in the tower. We are a social group and hould treat each other like family. Having such an organized and service centered group can also be a great asset to Dragonmount as a whole. And in order to really serve all we need to reach outside of the WT. But not so manipulative as in the books.
  10. I know there is a proper response to the call to attend, but I have totally forgotten. Good to met you Arie, thanks for being my mentor.
  11. No problem. I signed up anyway and have been a signed a mentor. See you around. Call me Tucker by the way.
  12. And nice to meet you Cal, call me Tucker. I am intrigued to see what mis... eh... behaving looks like.
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