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  1. I am still at 30 and my arms seem to perpetually hurt.
  2. A ferret cannot beat a giant war tiger. He can only run away. Hedwig would easily fly away from the panther, but actually fighting Guenhwyear would totally win.
  3. Smaller works for different times in your life. As an architecture student two trends coming out are environmentally friendly/energy efficient and modular. I mean modular as in the building can be repurposed to serve many different needs.
  4. Me and @Liitha knew nothing about each other before this so getting almost half right by accident is pretty great.
  5. Lets Go! At least we will have the best sound track of anyone. 😆
  6. Especially when those women beat them in battle. Here is an example of a woman in medieval times who was not burned at the stake. Nichola de la Haie She: 1) Became castellan of Licolin castle 2) Held of a siege of French troops for a month before William Longshanks brought reinforcements 3) Defeated French troops and saved England for King John 4) Longshanks took Lincoln castle from her. So she petitioned King James and got it back. 5) Was mage Sheriff of Lincoln A pretty cool woman.
  7. I love me some 80's rock. I honestly listen to a lot of music and have no idea what time period it is from. I also didn't notice any political incorrectness because I don't care about political correctness. I believe it is just a way to convince people to give away their freedom of speech. But being disrespectful is never okay. Lets not worry about that though. You always have to be careful with lyrics but the music is still good. I am not a soldier either, but I don't see how The Look fits into a graceful lioness going to battle. I also feel like anything that applies to the last battle would work in a smaller fight. But in a smaller fight there are songs that would not work for a large battle. For instance, I watched a smaller fight to the song I was Made for Loving you By Kiss and it was awesome. So I partially agree with you. And again I am not saying that anything posted are bad songs. Just not battle songs.
  8. I don't listen to metal at all. Though that is better. I could give you more two steps from hell. And you had better hide! Some nerve hitting me. I was not trying to say that any of the music was bad. Except that unicorns and ice cream. I just didn't think it was battle music. But if the interpretation is metaphorical battles than anything goes. I shall desist from now on. My apologies.
  9. *Covers eyes and points* numbers 1 and 14! Those grasshoppers actually look pretty good.
  10. @Hayl3y you are the only one so far with any tast in Battle Music. Most of what has been shared would be great to dance to, or clean my house, or make a 14 year old girl feel better about herself, but not to fight to. Picture this, you are a soldier of Gondor at the siege of Minas tirith and a Nazgul starts flying towards your position. You pray to the Valar for strength and suddenly Shes got the Look sounds on the wind. Personally I would not be inpired to stand and fight. I would become an atheist then find the DJ and feed him to the Nazgul. Or imagine you are a Shienarian heavy Calvary at Tarwin's Gap facing a monstrous trollic horde and suddenly Fight Song comes on. I would personally be very confused, not feeling ready to fight every shadow spawn by myself. Perhaps I would be like the lego Batman and say "This music is filling me with rage! Lets use it." But I would probably just be confused. I am just saying, if I ever have to go into battle with any of you I am picking to music.
  11. Guinevere is pretty close. Especially when it comes to her sexuality. Did you know that the story of Guinevere and Lancelot was written by a woman, but compiled by a man. And since stories are great tools for understanding a culture Guinevere shows the kind of woman that many women wanted to be like. And we get an example of the perfect man in the late medieval period. I am sure that happened. Especially among lower classes of women and in cultures that put a high emphasis on nature. Women in every age have had a secret communication that men don't understand. So until I can summon the soul of a medieval woman I cannot comment further.
  12. The red is for sacrifice and the blue is for strength. The cross symbolizes Christianity because my religion is important to me. The horse means readiness for duty.
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