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  1. Agreed. Shannara was a MAJOR disappointment and it had such potential. However, it was MTV and Fantasy is really not their wheelhouse. I really think Amazon will pony up and invest a lot in the series because they seem to want to be the "go to" for high fantasy. I think the hardest challenge for the casting department will be the WoT fans. These are characters we have loved and known in our hearts (so to speak) for years and everyone has their own visualization. Fans might initially reject an actor/actress due to them not "measuring up" to their ideal. Hopefully, the fandom will try to keep an open mind and not immediately bash the show on social media after the pilot airs. Unless it ends up being "Winter Dragon Part II" if so, we all need to jump in and dance the spears! : )
  2. Hi Dragonmount! I'm Rachel and after a couple years of "braid-tugging", I created an account today. I was introduced to the series three years ago and I fell in love right away. Zipped right through the books. I'm on my second rereading (this time via Audible) and nearly finished. I am thrilled to connect with other people that are passionate about the story and characters. I am tempted to list a favorite character but, it's really hard to say when I think about it. I'll get back to that some other time. Water and Shade!
  3. I feel really optimistic in regards to Judkins writing, he seems to be very passionate about the story and characters. Amazon has the means financially to execute the series on a high-quality level and that also gives me hope. I think what will make or break the series will be casting.
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