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  1. Greetings everyone of the Red Ajah. :3 Dropping by to say hello during my field trip rounds. Hope everyone is fairing well.
  2. Hey there Blank! and Mrs Cindy Gill Oh yes! I am actually making my rounds as I visit the Ajahs during my class. :) Getting a little deeper look at what exactly each Ajah has to offer. :P *Graciously accepts the yummy coco* Well. A bit about me. I am a single gal, nurse, avid pet owner of two wonderful (but very peepy) cockatiels and two snakes. I enjoy reading, writing, art, mythology, playing mafia, picking around and collecting on pet sites, gaming (both console and PC) and socializing. I spend a good chunk of my free time when not out with friends or my gaming group, hanging out with friends online and watching anime. Right now I am just trying to enjoy life the best I can despite it can be difficult. ^^
  3. Greetings everyone! Dropping by to pay my respects to the grand Brown Ajah and say hello to everyone. :3
  4. Oh hey Daruya! I am from mid west Florida. West coast to be precise. It's amazing how many people I meet online from this state. xD
  5. Hey there Blizz! Glad to see you were able to make it! This community is very welcoming and friendly, so you should find the atmosphere here at least very well accommodating. ^^
  6. Oh thanks Cairos! I am definitely enjoying peeking around and look forward to taking my path and choices inside the WT. :> I am currently in two mafia games on my home site, but will eventually be joining some here.
  7. Hiya all! Personally for me I'd have to say that in contrast of annoying and nerve grating characters for me come in equally between Gawyn and Elaida.m Both of them were beyond stubborn and arrogant which at times I wanted to choke both of them. lol Another character I found incessant - though I know the circumstances kind of warranted it but was Padan Fain. Dragging around that dagger from Shadar Logoth I know made him insane despite being a Darkfriend, but just the way he spoke was just ehhh, and by the time time he appeared in Fal Dara I just wanted to hang the sucker myself. But what really killed it for me was when he became Ordeith and convinced Pedron Naill (I already hated the Whitecloaks) just drive the nail in further for me. Though when he started the rebellion in Cairhienin and he managed to wound Rand, I was like "Oh c'mon die already!" Because he was just /that/ annoying. I would have to say Aviendha was my favorite Aiel character and Moiraine being my favorite Aes Sedai. I also really took a shining to Perrin and his wolfkin side, especially when he would jolt around the wolf dream with his wolf brothers. Also despite popular consensus, I did like Egwene despite she wasn't favored as much. Though the main core characters never seemed to grate my nerves as more of the supporting characters did. Lanfear was my favorite Forsaken as well. I just loved her character and how she perused Rand overall.
  8. Thank you thehumantrashcan ! I actually may join up in some RP's later on down the line since I will be hung up in a few mafia's coming up over the next week - but I am definitely interested to day the least. ^.^ Love the UN btw. XD
  9. *Snickers* Well Sooh, if it wasn't for someone else posting that they liked WoT on MU, I may not have actually mentioned it. XD I was ecstatic to learn that as I just never came across many people over the course of time since reading the books to fan over and talk about. I did have a friend on Furcadia once that was also a reader of the series, but he disappeared a while back and no one I live with or talk to IRL read WoT. It is so much better when you got people you can talk to about things you like. I am glad I met you and joined here. :D Daruya, Oh yis! I most certainly did. ^.^;; Been talking to Ithillian about it. Which I am happy to have been invited in sharing ideas. :O Which is another thing that has me smiling. I can't wait to take my test and all and progress through in my path within the WT. So far it's been warm and cozy here. You guys are awesome! And like I said, so warm and welcoming. I already feel like I belong. :)
  10. Why thank you Songstress! Good thing I ran into Sooh. :D She was the first person to welcome me on MU. Though I am glad I did.
  11. Oh hi der Sooh! Yep I actually took your advice and joined. :P Actually glad I did since this community has come off as so welcoming and friendly right out the gate. Which is a good thing as this isn't always the case with every place you go. But thank you again. ^^ I will most definitely hit you up if I need anything. JamesBrown Thank you as well. :D Sorry for the belated response: was busy the last two days. Work drains you out. But oh yis. I can drink to that lol. Been reading since I was in middle school and an avid one at that. But that is awesome you've started reading the series back upon it's creation. I didn't grasp it until five years later because I am oblivious to good things sometimes. :P
  12. Chaelca Oh it is feasible to join more then one Social? That is actually nice to know. ^^ But for now, I'll stick to one at the moment. I am trying to juggle three sites (well four and half as I have been kinda neglecting Chickensmoothie), manage my Discord server, maintain keeping pace with the anime and shows I watch as well as work and keep house lol. Not to mention, I am a gamer and tend to cram time in to play Zelda and MH. XD Once I get more balanced and settled in here I will most definitely consider it. :) Thanks again guys! blank & Ryrin Thank you for the warm welcome! I am really beginning to see this is a nice, warm, and welcoming community thus far! About as warm and welcoming as Flight Rising is. Though not too often you run into these kinds of communities. :P Oh thank you for the heads up, bank. :O I didn't know that it was prudent to post in the forums for the SG's you signed up in - I will have to do that. Just waiting on that email so I can begin the process as an Initiate. But so far I am liking the atmosphere very much and may have found another little niche for me to settle into and feel at home. I most definitely look forward to seeing you guys around The White Tower. :3 blank
  13. Hello Chaelca and Shad_! I actually joined MU recently as one of our champs - I actually hail from Flight Rising, is participating in the games and I've been spectating. Happened across MU one day while digging up mafia roles and finally decided to signup the other day. Though I haven't actually played any games, yet. All my mafia experience stems from what games I have actually participated in on FR. Which is a decent amount. So far I have peeked around and went instantly to the social groups. Since my affinity has and always will be for the Aes Sedai and my character is actually apart of the Ajah, I have applied for the White Tower. See how it goes since I am eager to take part in the joining process. ^.^ But I do appreciate the warm welcome. :3 Thanks guys!
  14. Greetings everyone! I was directed here by Sooh on Mafia Universe and I must say I am completely astonished. Two of my favorite things - WoT and Mafia combined into one site. Pretty awesome. I began reading the WoT series back in 1997 (yeah, gives a glimmer into my actual age lol) at the recommendation of an old co-worker and finished reading in 2013 when AmoL was finally released. I have since over the course of the years adapted many aspects (considering WoT has superseded as my favorite novel series by far) of the fiction into role plays, characters and art. My icon is one of those characters of which has been adapted into a mix of my own world and WoT. It is actually nice to find a place like this as I haven't been so fortunate to come across many people who are fans since I began reading the books. All considering, I think I may find it enjoyable here. :D
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