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  1. Ohhh! Happy Birthday, Mother! Hope you have a blessed and joyous day! :3
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this sad news, Elgee. Please try and be strong in such a dark and emotional time such as this. It's never easy and I know all too well how difficult and distressing dealing with sick loved ones can be. I wish you all the best and my heart and prayers go out to you and your entire family. *hugs tight*
  3. Oh also looking forward to the dress! Its super pretty omg. :D
  4. That's not as issue lady. There are both male and female AS and Warders. But congrats on your decision all the same. lol Oh no it wasn't in reference to that. lol Chae had posted (no congrats posts until his choice has been made) that is what I was referring to. :P I noticed she mistyped the wrong gender there and thought it was funny. But thank you though!
  5. Thank you everyone! I have thought about it despite it was more predetermined then anything, but I am choosing the path of the Aes Sedai. :>
  6. Greetings everyone of the Red Ajah. :3 Dropping by to say hello during my field trip rounds. Hope everyone is fairing well.
  7. Hey there Blank! and Mrs Cindy Gill Oh yes! I am actually making my rounds as I visit the Ajahs during my class. :) Getting a little deeper look at what exactly each Ajah has to offer. :P *Graciously accepts the yummy coco* Well. A bit about me. I am a single gal, nurse, avid pet owner of two wonderful (but very peepy) cockatiels and two snakes. I enjoy reading, writing, art, mythology, playing mafia, picking around and collecting on pet sites, gaming (both console and PC) and socializing. I spend a good chunk of my free time when not out with friends or my gaming group, hanging out with friends online and watching anime. Right now I am just trying to enjoy life the best I can despite it can be difficult. ^^
  8. Greetings everyone! Dropping by to pay my respects to the grand Brown Ajah and say hello to everyone. :3
  9. Oh hey Daruya! I am from mid west Florida. West coast to be precise. It's amazing how many people I meet online from this state. xD
  10. Hey there Blizz! Glad to see you were able to make it! This community is very welcoming and friendly, so you should find the atmosphere here at least very well accommodating. ^^
  11. Oh thanks Cairos! I am definitely enjoying peeking around and look forward to taking my path and choices inside the WT. :> I am currently in two mafia games on my home site, but will eventually be joining some here.
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