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  1. Photoshop always works. :P I got the PS portable myself. I will get around to creating one of these tomorrow since I am off work. :D
  2. Oh I love this one, it seems you would have fit very well into the Brown Ajah in your previous incarnation Aldus Pius Manutius also known as Aldo Manuzio (ca. 1452 – February 6, 1515) was a Venetian humanist, scholar, educator, who became a printer and publisher when he helped found the Aldine Press in Venice, 1495. Manutius "attempted to make classical Greek works accessible which before him had never been published in their original language". His publishing legacy includes the distinctions of inventing the first italic type, establishing the modern use of the semicolon, developing the modern appearance of the comma, and popularizing the libelli portatiles, or portable little (specifically) classic books: small-format volumes that could be easily carried and read anywhere. Manutius died in 1515, "with his death the importance of Italy as a seminal and dynamic force in printing came to an end" Manutius dreamed of a trilingual Bible but never saw if come to fruition. Man. Honestly, I am astonished. I never figured Manutius was practically the inventor of the italicized font type, and gave way to what we know now as the comma and semicolon. Very interesting to say the least. :D
  3. Holy cow Chae! I really like your crest. :D Honestly, it looks a bit Celtic to a point, which I believe for that time frame was prominent for Scottish people. So designs that looked a tad more tribal were seen more then something not. :> I agree though. Was a tad disappointed that the weapon and armor generators lacked the ability to color as so much could be done when it would come to adding some vibrant color or depth, but with how busy I was, I just lacked the time to find something more substantial, unfortunately. D:
  4. Oooo those look neat. I actually like the crest and the armor. Though honestly, I agree, the armor looks efficient. Gotta be careful with chest plating so it doesn't actually crush your ribcage like a lot of fantasy armors like to portray.
  5. Gotta do this! Wanna see what you come up with. :D Seven for me.
  6. Also of note: Sorry this was a day late in showing up! I was so busy all weekend that I lacked the time to get this started when it was supposed to! Forgive me there. D:
  7. Brown History Week: Create Your Own Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to have your own name beneath an intricate Coat of Arms designated to your family house? Or wield a sword crafted of your own design? Or don the gleaming armor of something you could wear proudly to the battle field? Well look no further. During the middle ages, family crests were used to symbolize houses and forms of power. Weapons would be forged and proffered by solders who would unsheathe them proudly as an extension of their own being. Armors created with such artisan care that knights would ride to war with pride and faith. These were symbols of strength, unity and resolve. Through time, weapons, armors and crests from this period have intrigued and inspired, conjuring countless ideas, variations and replicas of these most awe inspiring aspects in this pinnacle of history. Now you can too, craft something of this liken to symbolize the very knight within you. How about creating your very own coat of arms? Or... How about creating your very own sword? Or... How about creating your very own armor? Go crazy! Have fun! See what you come up with! And feel free to share with the rest of us! We'd love to see and hear on the hows, whys and ideas that on how you came up with your creations.
  8. Ohhh! Happy Birthday, Mother! Hope you have a blessed and joyous day! :3
  9. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this sad news, Elgee. Please try and be strong in such a dark and emotional time such as this. It's never easy and I know all too well how difficult and distressing dealing with sick loved ones can be. I wish you all the best and my heart and prayers go out to you and your entire family. *hugs tight*
  10. Oh hey Daruya! I am from mid west Florida. West coast to be precise. It's amazing how many people I meet online from this state. xD
  11. Hey there Blizz! Glad to see you were able to make it! This community is very welcoming and friendly, so you should find the atmosphere here at least very well accommodating. ^^
  12. Oh thanks Cairos! I am definitely enjoying peeking around and look forward to taking my path and choices inside the WT. :> I am currently in two mafia games on my home site, but will eventually be joining some here.
  13. Hiya all! Personally for me I'd have to say that in contrast of annoying and nerve grating characters for me come in equally between Gawyn and Elaida.m Both of them were beyond stubborn and arrogant which at times I wanted to choke both of them. lol Another character I found incessant - though I know the circumstances kind of warranted it but was Padan Fain. Dragging around that dagger from Shadar Logoth I know made him insane despite being a Darkfriend, but just the way he spoke was just ehhh, and by the time time he appeared in Fal Dara I just wanted to hang the sucker myself. But what really killed it for me was when he became Ordeith and convinced Pedron Naill (I already hated the Whitecloaks) just drive the nail in further for me. Though when he started the rebellion in Cairhienin and he managed to wound Rand, I was like "Oh c'mon die already!" Because he was just /that/ annoying. I would have to say Aviendha was my favorite Aiel character and Moiraine being my favorite Aes Sedai. I also really took a shining to Perrin and his wolfkin side, especially when he would jolt around the wolf dream with his wolf brothers. Also despite popular consensus, I did like Egwene despite she wasn't favored as much. Though the main core characters never seemed to grate my nerves as more of the supporting characters did. Lanfear was my favorite Forsaken as well. I just loved her character and how she perused Rand overall.
  14. Thank you thehumantrashcan ! I actually may join up in some RP's later on down the line since I will be hung up in a few mafia's coming up over the next week - but I am definitely interested to day the least. ^.^ Love the UN btw. XD
  15. *Snickers* Well Sooh, if it wasn't for someone else posting that they liked WoT on MU, I may not have actually mentioned it. XD I was ecstatic to learn that as I just never came across many people over the course of time since reading the books to fan over and talk about. I did have a friend on Furcadia once that was also a reader of the series, but he disappeared a while back and no one I live with or talk to IRL read WoT. It is so much better when you got people you can talk to about things you like. I am glad I met you and joined here. :D Daruya, Oh yis! I most certainly did. ^.^;; Been talking to Ithillian about it. Which I am happy to have been invited in sharing ideas. :O Which is another thing that has me smiling. I can't wait to take my test and all and progress through in my path within the WT. So far it's been warm and cozy here. You guys are awesome! And like I said, so warm and welcoming. I already feel like I belong. :)
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