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  1. Thanks for the advice :) And even if he burnt himself, did he burn also his new body? I got a hint from that he combined all three forces including the dark power and they become a new one, maybe this new power does not require any channelling...
  2. :) it is her nature, she was way worse before meeting Rand. Expecting different something from her would be unnatural. She expresses her love that way...
  3. I almost believe the last chapters in the last book are written in hurry and skipped so many explanations or wait was it intentional?( dont think so). For example, can you 1.explain how in the light did Rand light his pipe? He tried to use saidin or saidar but did not work then he just wished and it happened. 2.Did he happened to be sth. Like DO or creator by mixing the 3 powers? 3.So is he almost immortal like ashamans and aes sedais? First I thought he changed hall nature of the powers so that aes sedais and ashamans would use the same way but it seems that nynaive and others which tried to heal him used their same old power in the same way.so he must have only changed his power.
  4. By the way, how did Alivia really help rand die? Come oon, it cant just mean replacing some clothes and putting some coin in a purse... one expects more complex way after all the complexity and details of the books.
  5. Yes I agree with you but if he had to choose one of them, I think, it would be min. Since only she has the mortal life like us. The other two will live hundreds of years with him anyway...
  6. Is there a topic about the last sentence of yours? How did he light his pipe???
  7. If i remember correctly, egwene dreamed about black tower demolished 3 or for times and then there was another one again (or at least it was sth. like that) 2days ago, I finished the last book and i have been thinking about this... Any idea?
  8. Thanks for the info. I am still amazed that many characters in many different envirenments and not even a litte bit inconsistentcy i could have seen in the books.
  9. Wow you have a good memory. So can you tell me what was the reason behind his murder?
  10. in which book i can`t recall (now i am reading 9th) there was a wise young man in the library spent all his time on searching over there (and Rand was expecting some important information from him, i can`t recall what that was either) and one day a forsaken brings an unearthly beast and kill him. do you know the reason? and in which book it wiil be explained?
  11. Hey all, have been reading the series for 5 month and finished the 6th book.i was wondering what the "jack o'the shadows" meaning.could anyone explain?
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