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  1. So getting covered in rum doesnt count as drinking... Right? *shifty eyes* and jameson is yummy too Hi torrie:)
  2. *watches all the yummy rum flying around and pouts*
  3. I guess because i can be needy and clingy, so i enjoy seeing how she uses her intelligence and strength to overcome that. And favorite scenes would be aviendha's vision, and i liked nyneave's swim :)
  4. I can see how that would be an advantage the moat scares me, but I will check it out- I do have a love of sharp pointies (I have a few myself, and may have purchased an ex THE heron marked sword Lol, lets see if I can answer all of these :) reading is actually my biggest hobby, so there are a few ridiculously long fantasy series (david eddings is awesome too, as is george rr martin) I have yet to read the companion that just came out- but I have read everything else. umm... um... Min in my favorite character, but I love the chemistry between nynaeve and Lan :D my favorite scene is... um... actually you'll have to send a pm for my favorite scenes, I have two and they are both major spoilers. I work at a desk all day long, typing and typing.. lol. sweet or salty? depends on my mood, most of the time I prefer salty, unless it's chocolate, and then chocolate wins. Paper great for coloring on.
  5. Normal is boring... No worries, i would not insult any of you by calling you normal. Hmm.. I cant think of anything.. But if theres anything you feel i should know, that would be cool also, i am horrid at talking about myself, but any questions for me?
  6. Lol, a milkshakes a milkshake. Although i jave a weakness for chocolate. Im doing pretty good, in the middle of a daredevil marathon to follow my jessica jones marathon :D matharons are good right? They test stamina. Lol
  7. Oh that's such an important job too! Now we just needs to figure out how to do it
  8. Well i DO have a weakness for milkshakes. LOL
  9. Heck yes, getting each other in lots of trouble. *laughs* yes, we are going to get along just fine. Either working towards getting food ready to be able to feed the masses or helping to heal the injured. Two major aspects of life on a new planet that are needed. (and both would be a lot of fun)
  10. Kasia

    November Sign In

    stews are best, and if in the crock pot- it gets to torture you all day long with the wonderful smell.
  11. Assuming it was actually safe (I know they are soclose to being there) I would absolutely go! To be someplace completely new, doing something no one else has done before? oh yes! This is all assuming I could bring my son, of course :D
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