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  1. I said I will play sometime in the summer. So here is my /in.
  2. Do you really think I would play that card Shad? I have basically been missing pivotal points because i'm not around. I do better with real time interaction and my business outside of mafia is keeping me from being here. I'm kind of shocked you would think that.
  3. I really just don't have the time because life got more busy and I am town. I don't even get the votes on me.
  4. Alanna also is sanity in a mad world and mind melds with me.
  5. I think I said this a lot in the skype but Shad is my sanity in games.
  6. I really appreciate Hallia's calmness despite sometimes disagreeing with her in games.
  7. @Cass @Shad thoughts on Kat? I still think Sili is town and I really didn't see Dice as mafia. Sili still hasn't been out of his town range imo and does not seem to be struggling.
  8. I'm sticking around for a brief time until the replacement can sub in. I am not lying when I say that I don't know who the SK is. Also I'm not processing the thread enough with the little time I have. I think Kat has been kind of edging around though. Not much from her.
  9. I'm sorry guys but I don't have as much time as I thought I did and asked for a replacement.
  10. I'm not sure who the SK is and the second question is stupid because you been on me for silly bs reasons.
  11. is this math based on you hosltering? I find it a bit weird to end up in lylo tomorrow
  12. Start of a rough week. Going to re read my catch up because I don't think I processed it well.
  13. as much as i enjoy tinfoil i don't like giving self-confessed third parties a possible out. so i'll be voting him no matter what. It was just one thought I had earlier today, and I have been trying to think about his claim. It seems uncharacteristic for his play too. [v]Andrej[/v]
  14. I have a pretty bizarre theory atm, what if Andrej is trying to bait out the SK? It's weird that he claimed it and I agree that an outed SK should not stay alive. #shiverstoPerCHouseMemorywithoutedSK
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