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  1. If they are truly going to learn from GoT, they will know that strong female characters alone are not the answer. Strong male and female leads together are what makes GoT work... plus all the nudity and blood of course (to be honest, I think it would be just as good with a little less of both). Those latter features are not really part of the Jordan style - so hopefully they do not betray him in that. I am hopeful... with a sprinkling of caution. I can see this being relatively easy to produce... not a lot of special effects needed - just at certain scenes, similar to GoT. To catch public interest it has to have a hook, of course... maybe the strong females is the one they are hoping to play up. I would rather they played up the richness of the world Jordan created. It truly is epic.
  2. Why so few comments... this sounds awesome. Have people been burned too many times on this? No need to trash GoT... without that success this would be a MUCH larger long shot.
  3. Shrike

    Wheel of Time TV show pilot?

    Hi all... long time lurker, but since I am reading the series again I thought I would finally register :) Hope I do not make any faux pas! My hope is that REE spent their money on this throw away pilot so that they could get something for their asset instead of nothing... that is, they want to sell their rights, but needed the renewal for it to be worth anything. This could be good news in a round about way - if they sell to someone with brains and means. WIth GOT such a success, there must be someone out there who sees the huge potential of TWOT.