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  1. Oh, by the way, I haven't forgotten you or WOT. I've just had a lot of work and combined with me trying to write my bachelor's thesis I had very little time for "fun" reading, however I've finished TEOTW and am now reading The Great Hunt. Just so you know.
  2. Oh, I didn't get scared at all 😀 Like I said, I don't suppose I'm going to be very active before I'm going to get really deep in the series. These past few days have been very hectic and I had no proper time for reading, so I'm only about 77 % through TEOTW (currently meeting Elayne), so I don't feel like it's really proper to roam the forums (fora? heh...). But thankfully I would say I'm a rather fast reader in general, so I think I'll catch up. I don't mind getting into discussions and arguments (I'm an apologist by nature and St. Dominic and G. K. Chesterton are on my proverbial
  3. Hi, I come from Czechia and am currently on my first read - shout out to Daniel Greene who convinced me via his YT videos (along with Merphy Napier + the fact I respect and love Brandon Sanderson from afar though I've never yet read anything by him and obviously the series was really important to him). I'm about 3/4 in The Eye of the World and I'm currently trying to collect the mass market paperbacks with Sweet's covers (so far I've been successful getting 0-3, 6, 7 and 8 either brand new or in near-pristine condition). Also, I came to the series because I wanted an a
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