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  1. LOL dflinn, your post made me smile. And I co-sign everything you said. My books always fell open to Mat's chapters. He is (was?) easily my favorite ta'veren. jemron, although I hear what you're saying, I think in this topic it's just as valid to discuss how Mat was written as what he actually did in this book. I definitely don't want to get in some heated argument. But the fact is, a lot of people noticed the way Mat was written as being really different. And Mat didn't really do much worth discussing. Or at least anything that really prompts a lot of speculation about where he's he
  2. If you think the character of Mat can be summed up as "immature dumbass" before BS took over the story telling... I question how closely you've read his sequences in previous books. In any case, I kind of disagree that Mat has matured at all, or at least that that's what the difference can be chalked up to.. That's what those who argue that Mat was written the same as in previous books make. They say "It isn't a difference in writing styles, it's just that Mat has matured into a fully grown married man." I don't think he's matured at all. He's just been written differently by a different
  3. How has Mat suddenly matured into a completely new person in the space of a few days or weeks since the end of KoD? What life-altering event has occurred to spark such a drastic and sudden change? Tuon finished the marriage ceremony? He knew that was inevitable. So aside from that... what has happened that has him suddenly matured into a completely new person, so abruptly? Must have been a doozy. What BS wrote was amusing, in a different setting. It was too contemporary though. And it's really not in character with Mat at all. Writing pages and pages of intricate aliases? Huh? It was funn
  4. Isn't that pretty much a given fact by now? I mean... it's been foreshadowed to death. That's a pretty arbitrary statistic, and kind of ludicrous really. 99% of the readers of ANY book are never going to share the same opinion, even if it is yours. ;) I do agree with Jonn, as I've told him personally. The change in Mat is in the way he's WRITTEN, not in some change that is perceived to have happened to his personality. What is the big chatechism between the end of KoD and the beginning of TGS? He married Tuon and sent her away, but he was basically resigned to that fact
  5. I think from the beginning they will be cheating. The 'Finns prohibit certain items that the trio are certain to bring/use (a.k.a. fire, music, iron) See: "Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to dazzle, iron to bind." Birgitte also acknowledged to Perrin that you have to break the rules to beat them. So I think it's pretty obvious they will be breaking the rules any way they can. I don't have a problem with that, morally. ;-) The question is how exactly will they smuggle those things in, or what will they be--a device for making light, musical instrument, and iron. Aludra's m
  6. I don't want to see the whole POV of Avi going through the columns, but I do want to know what she sees there for sure. Probably won't be too much to reveal, though, inasmuch as Rand pretty much Spoiler-ed that for the rest of the Aiel. Some people had mentioned her possibly finding "The Song" that the Tinkers search for, except... The Song isn't really lost. It's just that Tinkers don't know what it is. WE know what it is. Will they bother to "fix" the earth before TG, when it probably will get jacked again? You have to go through Rand, Avi, Loial, the Ogiers to get to that point. I'd rather
  7. There was some plot movement, mostly concerning the White Tower. We resolved the plot line of the division, had the fulfillment of Egwene's Dream, and as a bonus got to see it purged of the Black Ajah, which was cool. Beyond that, two Forsaken were dispatched. The Prophet was finally killed (which was more of a relief than a huge plot development, as we all knew it would happen sooner or later--Faile's killing him actually seemed more of an expedient for the author than for the character, lol). The Seanchan raid of the Tower was exciting, but other than that I don't recall any "climactic
  8. Just finished a few minutes ago, and it's 1:00 am here. I'll be back on tomorrow to really read through what others have said/are saying, but I have a few thoughts to put down before I pass out on my keyboard here. Keeping in mind that due to a major personality I flaw I basically spoiled all the major revelations and plot points before I was halfway through the book, so nothing came as a "big shock" to me and I don't have that "OMG what just happened?!" reaction as I finally set the book down. I'm more thoughtful than stunned I guess. 1. NEEDS MOAR LOGAIN. 2. I think it was a major
  9. Probably just as well she didn't, because then Setalle wouldn't have been restored to her full strength. OOT: I wonder if Siuan or Leane would like to be Stilled again and then Healed again by a man, to regain full strength. I dont think that that particular discrepency will come to the attentions of the characters. Not until after TG at least. Anyone else suspect that women can heal men better, and men can heal women better? Logain seems to have retained his strength after healing.... Maybe if a man were to heal a woman, she would retain hers... I'm pretty
  10. Probably just as well she didn't, because then Setalle wouldn't have been restored to her full strength. OOT: I wonder if Siuan or Leane would like to be Stilled again and then Healed again by a man, to regain full strength.
  11. Um' date=' Dr. Evil... Sir, strictly speaking, a million dollars will not go very far these days. Virtucon alone makes over 9 billion dollars a year. [/color']
  12. That's a good point Razor. Rush hour would be renamed "Death Hour of Unravelling Threads with teh Balefire WTF." I would probably have to Travel to work. I'd use a skimming platform though, because I wouldn't want to get there too abruptly. My chosen platform would be... my bed I think. I'll just roll out of bed onto my desk. Literally.
  13. Well, the idea originally was more "what would you have done TODAY with the OP" (i.e., slashed the tires of the asshat next to me at the red light for cutting me off) but everyone got so darned excited about taking over the world and evilling their way to fame and fortune, I didn't have the heart to correct them! :lol:
  14. I think there will be wholesale changes to the basic current structure of the Aes Sedai, because the male Aes Sedai will be welcomed back into the flock, so to speak. I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if these dorky "ajah" systems went away altogether.
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