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  1. Congrats, Tabo! You don't have to worry about Bob, then. =D Happy graduation! *confetti!*
  2. It's always the animal books that are the most upsetting. I vaguely remember Island of the Blue Dolphins, but that was sooo long ago I can't remember how it affected me. I know we read it in 4th grade and that's about it. The Outsiders was definitely emotional, and a good book.
  3. I think Sooh added me. Does Mother have to approve of someone joining? I think I remember that rule.
  4. O: I didn't know this existed! Is this chat still active? My Skype is cherrypuff42, still have the same one from when I was 14. I'm Katie!! with two !'s.
  5. Oooh, did anyone read Julie of the Wolves? I think that was the very first book I ever cried over. The ending made me cry for almost an hour and I was so confused cause it was only a book! Aaauuugh!
  6. My jaw was literally on the floor just now. *scrubs faster*
  7. 1) How far (if at all) had you read into the books by the time you joined DM, and then the White Tower / Warders? I had JUST finished aMoL when I joined. Like, three days prior, and I was so upset that the series had ended I needed to continue it somehow (a symptom of obsession, probably). 2) What drew you to joining Dragonmount? A lot of my friends are obsessed with the normal young adult things, yammering on about Doctor Who and Supernatural which are fantastic, but not something I could devote my existence to. I wanted a "fandom" to be a part of. I had never spent so many months thinking about one story. No TV show or book could compare! I lurked for a few days, reading the rules and some posts and being like THEY ARE IN ORGANIZED WOT GROUPS! I needed it in my life. I also very much needed more of a social life. Of course, now that I have joined, I see it's about more than just the books, it's a big family! Now that I think back, my reason for joining was a little silly as I got more than I bargained for. I mean, who gets online and thinks, "I'm gonna to go fetch me a place to belong." 3) What drew you to joining the White Tower & Warders? In the end of the books, the Aes Sedai and Warders were the best parts. Their part in the ending was inspiring and beautiful to me.
  8. Oh, it looks like fun! =D Have double amounts of fun for all the people who can't be there~
  9. I would be a housewife, too. *snuffle* Spring is rainy and full of tornadoes. Luckily, we have a basement now and that's nice. =D So, I haven't been as jumpy when I hear rain. So, this year I am enjoying the smell of grass and flowers. Are you afraid of natural disasters or are you one of those people who don't even care?
  10. I met a guy last night who had a rat tattooed on his shoulder. Rats aren't monsters. ;__;
  11. Maybe I am making a cookie crumb machine that will blow cookie crumbs over a wide range area . Said machine would NOT be good for other mischievous deeds such as feeding some random monster who may or may not like chocolate.
  12. *literally just laughed to tears* What if I don't do it for science though? What if I have a totally selfish reason for this experiment?
  13. *grins* There is always more research to be doing, isn't there?
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