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  1. Books 1-6 are awesome! other than a few complaints, I feel like the last three were amazing. I wish Jordan wrote them, but Sanderson really did a fantastic job.
  2. Thank you Thank you. I was reading through some of the rules on the black tower's separate web page and now I cant decide whether to be with the dark or the light! What would you guys recomend? I dont want to choose one and then switch later. Thanks for them brownies, they're tasting oh so tainted!
  3. Thank you cairos. Is it possilble to be in multiple groups or factions? For example, could I be active in the band and also in the black tower or the aiel? Or can you only be in one group at a time?
  4. I always thought that winters heart was really underrated. That was my favorite book until I read the gathering storm. It is a lot of Rand and Mat and all things going on in this book make it awesome! Plus, the ending. Gotta love that.
  5. Hello everyone on DM, I am a long time fan of the series but have not gotten involved in this community until now. I finished the last book a couple months ago ( I was reading off and on for a few years and had to play catch up to fully be prepared for a memory of light) and was very pleased with the ending. But, seeing as there is nowhere else to go in the series, nothing new to read or experience, I have decided I might as well join DM. I HOPE ITS NOT TOO LATE. -Nandar of House Riatin
  6. Hailing from house Riatin in Cairhien, I already have a hand in the game of houses. I would like to learn compulsion to in order to rise to the throne. My motives in the path of the shadow are purly selfish ones.( Let me join M'Hael......please...) My ultimate goal... The Sun Throne
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