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    The wheel of time(obviously), music, writing, Philosophy, drinking(hehe)
    Anything that puts me in another world(books, games, ect.)
  1. Books 1-6 are awesome! other than a few complaints, I feel like the last three were amazing. I wish Jordan wrote them, but Sanderson really did a fantastic job.
  2. Thank you cairos. Is it possilble to be in multiple groups or factions? For example, could I be active in the band and also in the black tower or the aiel? Or can you only be in one group at a time?
  3. I always thought that winters heart was really underrated. That was my favorite book until I read the gathering storm. It is a lot of Rand and Mat and all things going on in this book make it awesome! Plus, the ending. Gotta love that.
  4. Hello everyone on DM, I am a long time fan of the series but have not gotten involved in this community until now. I finished the last book a couple months ago ( I was reading off and on for a few years and had to play catch up to fully be prepared for a memory of light) and was very pleased with the ending. But, seeing as there is nowhere else to go in the series, nothing new to read or experience, I have decided I might as well join DM. I HOPE ITS NOT TOO LATE. -Nandar of House Riatin
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