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  1. Meridian - Novice Still here, but I'm in the process of starting a new job and moving...so I can't be around as much as I'd like. Hopefully within a month things will settle down. :)
  2. Meridian - Novice I think I'm a professional Novice by now. Been super busy irl. :(
  3. Ani, I've got no idea what you would do with rose petals. But since Valentine's is coming *cringe* we've been set to hand pulling rose petals apart at work. >.<
  4. Ah. Thank you. I shall now "lol"...behold! XD I guess I should put a picture here for Mother's benefit, but I'll do that later. >.<
  5. O.o Is that a subtle hint? *grin* The Keeper's Stole is just in the colour of the Ajah she was raised from, correct? In your case...Blue. :P
  6. Ooooh, congratulations! Would you like some rose petals? >.< Just nod and take them....
  7. "Who's taking care of Auri now? Like. that bothers me. She's sweet, and innocent, and needs him. Something happened that was bad enough that he left her." I keep wondering if Auri is actually dead, as in something terrible happened and Kvothe couldn't save her. From the Harry Potter movies, the heartbreaking thing was when Harry finally found out that Snape had spent the rest of his life in love with Lily. From the books, the most heartbreaking moment for me was when Fawkes left Hogwarts and there was no more phoenix song---it just seemed like so much of an ending that by the time Fred died I wasn't really aware that that had even happened. How about A Tale of Two Cities when Sidney Carton gives his life for Charles Darnay because of his promise to Lucie? Or the elves leaving Middle-earth at the end of The Lord of the Rings, along with the moment I realized that Galadriel was from the West instead of being raised in Middle-earth.
  8. That's hilarious. I thought of sending you something....but I haven't.... I may, or may not have created the Stole of the Amyrlin Seat when I was bored a few days ago...*shifty eyes*
  9. Meridian - Initiate Well... Hedwig was awesome, but my first choice would probably be a sehlat or vornskr. Or a dragon.... a lovely green Pernese fighting dragon. XD
  10. Wow. >.< I wish there was some way it was easy to tell about reviewers on amazon. I feel like most of them are simply trolls. :\
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