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  1. Reading something and seeing it acted out are two different things. By that logic an X Rated adaptation would be okay. There's no need to dwell on it, to use it for shock value, or as an excuse to stick it in wherever possible. I don't think most WOT fans want an explicit television series. It's true these things happen in the books, but not frequently, nor did Jordan dwell on sadistic or titillating details. The series will lose many faithful fans who see the books as being overwhelmingly wholesome. Of course there's crossover, but there's also a big divide between WOT and GOT fans, stemming from the drastic differences in tone. I have no desire to watch a bloody, sexually charged WOT series and will wait until fans have weighed in before watching it.
  2. Hey, I don't post much and this will probably get a very negative response, but I want to voice my concerns about the TV series and why I'm not going to watch it unless it gets a hearty endorsement from hardcore WOT fans, the kind of people whose passion and knowledge put me to shame, the kind of readers I can trust. 1) The lead writer's Twitter account makes it pretty clear that he's a woke male feminist. Even though WOT is replete with complex, diverse, strong, intelligent, endearing female characters, this will not be enough. They will drive the woke factor through the roof. I have no confidence in today's screenwriters, they are mostly without talent, integrity or imagination. Everything, regardless of what it is, becomes a vehicle for their current-year political messages. I'm not even conservative (!) and this has now driven me away from most media entertainment. It's just so obvious, shallow and repetitive, I can't sit through it anymore. 2) They won't let WOT be WOT. Everything on earth must now be GOT. Even though the books are very PG and sometimes soft PG-13, and millions of people would love to share this series as a family, expect them to take every opportunity to amp up the sex & violence. 3) They cannot possibly have the budget to do this convincingly. 4) As with most other franchises going, expect them to corrupt and destroy everything you love about the characters, alter the world building for no apparent reason, and change things for the sake of changing them. 5) As the show nears release, Amazon will hire a host of content writers to infest every corner of the internet. We call these people "shills" because they are just that: paid shills. These shilling trolls will swarm over every WOT forum in existence and defend every aspect of the show and attack anyone who dares criticize it in any way. They will overwhelm and drive away people who have been online for WOT since the dawn of the internet. Afterwards, the forums will be dead, since the shills just move on to the next job. 6) If all this doesn't work and the show crashes, they will blame the fans for not supporting it. The same fans they ignored in an attempt to build a new fanbase that never happened. This has happened so many times now, it is what I expect. I might be wrong! I'll be checking out the reviews here from longstanding members before I drop coin and devote time. But I'm not going to blindly support it (as I did Shannara, Star Trek Discovery, Disney Star Wars etc.) just because I'm a "fan". I hope that wasn't too negative. I'm sure most people are excited and hoping for the best. But before you pooh-pooh this post, copy-paste it into a document and re-read it after Season 1 and see if I was wrong or right, before you judge me.
  3. I have 2 copies of the first it appears at used book sales all the time. That doesn't mean it isn't valuable, I found a 1st Printing, 1st Edition, signed/dated mint condition HC of EotW at a library book sale for $1.00 -- it's worth between $500.00-$700.00. Best way is look on ebay and Abebooks and see what they're selling for :)
  4. I just re-read the first 3 Dune books and there's definitely a huge influence on WOT -- especially in the writing style, it requires patience and is often so dense you have to go back over a passage to get its full sense.
  5. I have to agree -- when I started on WOT I admit to not being very interested in the climax. It's epic fantasy of the good vs. evil variety, the ending is a foregone conclusion. In fact, I still haven't read the ending! What I enjoyed was the completeness of the world, the time spent with the characters not confronting world-changing events (heck, even presidents pause to play golf and watch movies!) and the quality of the prose. WOT is definitely torture for readers who crave steady plot development and a narrative that drives relentlessly to a conclusion ;)
  6. As with all authors RJ had some "isms" that bother me. In fact, I'd say that these small flaws are all that keep me from declaring WOT a genuinely great work of literature. + Ending sentences with the word "though". + Obsession with describing "bosoms" (I get what he's doing here, reinforcing that some characters come from extremely conservative backgrounds, but it does get ridiculous/distracting after a while). + "Said" is all that needs to be said when a character says something! As a novelist I know this gets tedious but I believe in never, ever, ever using anything but "said". RJ sometimes lapsed and had characters "husk" or "lisp" or "huff" or whatever. It really does mar the overall incredible quality of the prose. + Corporal punishment -- again I get where he's coming from, this has an historical precedent and wasn't really heard of before in fantasy unless it had a BDSM element (like the Gor books) but it gets old fast and does come across the wrong way to a lot of readers. + I get that the characters are young and inexperienced with romantic relationships, but many of the flirtation scenes were too cutesy-pie for me. Apart from that I don't have many criticisms of the content in the books. I wasn't bothered by braid-tugging (a character trait) skirt smoothing (people do this to their clothes in real life all the time when they sit down), I enjoyed all the Aes Sedai intrigue and I didn't mind when major characters took a back seat for extended lengths of story (hey, this is an epic!), I also didn't mind when it "slowed down" -- personally, I thought the prose jumped up significantly in quality starting with Book 7 and got stronger with each succeeding volume, so the "slow down" wasn't painful, there was much pleasure in the simple act of reading his prose. I have not read the BS volumes yet so I can't comment on them (I know, I know...). I'm hoping to get to them this year. I read EotW in 1990, never followed up, then (starting in 2013, I think) read New Spring through Knife of Dreams, listened to the audio-books, re-read them with the Companion, and I guess I'm ready to rip myself away from the creator . . . . sigh.
  7. Not to be forgotten -- https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Time-Companion-History-Bestselling/dp/0765314622/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1516056768&sr=1-1&keywords=wheel+of+time+companion
  8. I knew someone who worked at Newline when they were doing the Lord of the Rings movies -- a lot of what he told me was covered up by PR but came out later in on the DVD's, making of books etc. about various setbacks and problems. I knew the cast before it was announced and that Stuart Townsend had left and a lot of details, he saw the "sizzle reel" before it played at Cannes and described it to me etc. At the time I thought, "Well, he's kind of a peripheral acquaintance, I don't know if any of this is accurate." Turns out it was all factual! So, keep that connection :) You never know!
  9. http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/A_beginning http://13depository.blogspot.com/ https://www.tor.com/series/wot-reread/
  10. Cannot wait! Trying to wrap up the series by then. If I can get to Book 11 by September I can listen to the last 3 as audiobooks by that time :) Almost finished book 5!!
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