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  1. Correct me if i spin off the path of logic here The wheel is cyclic in other words the ages keep repeating just slightly differently each time This age is somewhere in this infinite loop It is almost certain that about half of infinity ages went before this particular story. For all intents and purposes half of infinity is infinity (1/0)=(0.5/0) So if it was possible for either side to win and so stop the repeating it would have happened already. So it is logical to conclude that neither side can win
  2. That a instresting idea. I cant remember where, but i am sure i read somewhere that the pattern needed the DO. I doubt RJ or BS had that in mind ( you never no ), but its cool none the less. Much more origanal than pages of debate about what constitutes as dead. Seconded
  3. Best is just so hard to define but if we split it up into some smaller components 1) Physical ability (strength speed reactions) personly I think perin or Rhuarc 2)Skill (technical form) personly I think Damandred 3) Instict (they just know what to do when) personly I think Lan or Mat (memorys) 4) Mindset (determination and hesitation) personly I think Lan 5) luck (Luck) I think it is safe to say Mat
  4. In relply to jack of shadows and Suttree I my opinon. The reason Rand canot win (kill the dark one for good) is not due to the fact that he does not have enough power (physicly canot do it) but because he will not do it. the dragon will always realsies the need for balence before he kills the dark one and so will trap him instead. In a similar situation rand canot destoy the world with balfire as he will always realise that he should give it another go so to speek before he releases the destruction once again in a similar situation the only way the dark one can win is if the race
  5. Firstly I did not read the whole thread its huge but this is my view on the whole why rand didnt kill the dark one and all that. Firstly I think the overal idea and one that rand realises right at the end is that the dark one can not win, (it is imposible for the world to be destroyed. rand states this and we see it with the whole devine intervention from LTT on dragon mount) Secondly it is imposible for the dark one to be destroyed. (the dragon will ALWAYS make the desision to seal away and not kill the dark one) what rand realsises is that this cycle is essentialy a staging groun
  6. personaly I hate the Idea if Re-writing his books and am not to happy about writing about his charictors as that can lead to a breaking down of his story. its kind of like if somboy released a lord of the rings four it would damage the first three. However there is a lot of potential to write in his world without including his charictors or his story line. for instance talles from the trolloc wars or from the breaking of the world. Im talking about story that do not afect his plot or charictors just using his world. simple non world changing tales.
  7. while he does take a long time to get things done it I realy enjoyed his chapters exepcialy in the world of dreams. unlike rand and mat who are just powerful perin is only powerful in some situations such as in the world of dreams, this made for a nice mix of cool action scenes (in my opinoin some of the best in the books) but also some good moral choices. IN a way his charictor development is very very similar to rands. they boths start as farmers, get burdend with duety.s and powers they dont want (dragon reborn wolf brother) they reject and fight these leading to depression and anger then c
  8. Got to agree there there just somthing about her. So self asured and yet so badass the lists got to go 1)Moiraine 2)Graendal 3)Berlain 4)Elayne PS any two beats the lot :)
  9. either way Lan beats Demandred and neither seem to have a massive advantage so think it is safe to assume Lan is the better.
  10. when he was fulfilling prophecy and fighting was happening
  11. I am actual realy suprised that Rand lived he was set to die he had children people to greave the perfect opotunity and the professy. I am realy happy he survived though he deserves some peace and calm
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