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  2. Hello Aidanna I knew that there are some other books related to the SoT but i just recently got them and are waiting to be read from my E-book reader. Right now i am kindof reading Connfesor. But after the grand finale of the SoT books the Confesor book is kind of borring. Maybe i need to come to it back latter on. Instead i am reading some side literature on Druids and Wicca and having another run at the WoT books.
  3. Ryrin, you will love the SoT books, i dont wana spoil it for you so i will just say that he is as good as Jordan. There is also a Television series on the SoT mainly on the first book its about 20 episodes you should look into those to, but i suggest you read the books first.
  4. Hello Kathleen, Thanks for clearing the difference between Rp and Social Groups for me, now the spine of the website is a bit more clear to me. I have already joined the Black Tower and i am in the civilian section of it. It is good to know that i can join as many Social Groups as i like and have multiple characters in each. Although i plan to have maybe one character in each group except the Traveling people although their songs and nomadic life is interesting and diverse. I think the next step that will bring me into Rp life is writing bios for my characters and submiting them. From what i read in the replies my next stop would have to be the Welcome in where i can get a hold of the next triger that will slingshot me into action. I already get the bios and that from there there are certain requirements that i have to do to obtain levels on my characters and get some status in the world of Jordan. I am surprised how neat everything here is and that everything is thought up and actualy working. Chaelca, Sherper and Ryrin Thank you for clearing few things for me.. does not matter how small they were. It helped. Thanks again for the warm welcomes. NeverTame Thanks for the welcome. As far as my reading of the books i likes the books so much that i did the following... After each new book would come out i would go back and read the series from the start and then would read the new book. I am a fast read. But i did that only for Robert Jordan Books. My other favourite writers are Eddings, Goodkind and Brooks. As far as the Books go my favourite has to be Lord of Chaos and the The Dragon Reborn, my favourite characters are Mat Cauthon, Moiraine Demodred, Aviendha, Lan Mandragoran and Rand Al'Thor, MIn Farshaw, Tuon and Elayne Trakand. I lke also a bit how Jordan developed all the secondary characters and how he implemented them into the story. The Forsaken had a good impact on the story to.
  5. Hello Green Sitter ,Ryrin, i noticed the social groups and i am torn between a Warder or the Black Tower, i will work on a character bio first, unless i can have multiple characters on the board???
  6. Hello, My name is Martin and naturaly i have read the WoT books over 5 times. I knew that there are online RP forums related to the series so i decided to join a community that is active in RP. I am still lost, but i will get there. Again, nice to meet you all and happy meetings along the way!
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