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  1. Thanks for the invite. I'm finishing up a couple other games and working two jobs this summer. But I can sub if need be as the other games should be done shortly.
  2. Nice to be at a point in life where I can do this again. Always liked this community too. Except for DPR.
  3. I can be a sub now that the forum is working for me. And considering that I am the title character.
  4. I was gonna sign up for this game as my comeback, but the site just started working for me again.
  5. Eh, you've been kind of a prick so I don't really care about trying to prove my innocence. I'd rather watch football than deal with you right now, so that's what I'll do.
  6. I'm sorry, what was emo? I think you just completely missed the silly tone I tried to convey with that post. And even then I have no clue how you consider that emo. I don't do emo. I'm happy-go-lucky 99% of the time I'm in these games. I'll tell someone to f off, not go emo.
  7. Well, you should probably make time since you are likely to be lynched tomorrow. I think you can find it in your WIM... Yeah. Well... I'm the one that caught Hallia, verified BFKey - whom you lynched ANYWAY, and verified Des. I was also against lynches on Thane, Sili 1.0, and Verb. Seems like a pretty decent track record to me. So... smd? Way to overstate or lie about the majority of what you've done.
  8. A Townie noob who's dug herself some pretty silly holes would (and should) be fighting hard at this point too... jus saying... That comment was specifically directed at why I don't think Rags is mafia, ya know. The fact that you decided to apply it to you doesn't help my suspicion level, but I'm sure it'll work in your favor for someone else. Tresssssss I don't wanna die. Vote dice. He is a poopy head and I'm adorable. What more reason do you need?
  9. Ugh, too many dumb rules about voting. ##unvote vote dice
  10. So voting dice is my best bet to stay alive? Ok. ##unvote vote Dice
  11. I'm sorry. What were you right about? Can you quote it tonight? Also, who are the remaining scum, iyo? As I said to Sili, I don't have time to go back and find every example of when I was right. And I really don't care enough to, especially if you're gonna be a condescending little prick when you've played no better than anyone this game. I would say Alanna is one. Not sure about who else.
  12. Oh, and I just saw that I'm up to be lynched. And with only 4 votes? Holy shit have you people done anything while I've been AWOL? I'm going to flip town, so if you go through with this, I expect that due to the tiny number of voters on me, scum are staying off to make themselves look good. Or a scum slid on at the end of the vote with crappy reasoning like 'he hasn't been here a lot' just to make sure the mislynch goes through.
  13. Sorry I've been so AWOL. RL has been crazy the past couple days and I haven't been able to catch up. I'm gonna work on getting fully caught up tomorrow.
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