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  1. of course Rand is the main character in this book, you cant not love him, however there were times when i disliked Rand, so what are you true opinions?
  2. I ain't never selling this book good on you :)
  3. i agrre, i always found when the book centered on matt it was interesting and funny, thom is also one of my favourites he has suprising capabilities and skils
  4. i agree with many of your opinions:) i find myself loving Flinn, and davram bashere, he is a man of loyalty and trust, he is howevere not blinded by his loyalties. Galad also does what is right and i find i respect him immensely.:) Logain also made an impression one me, especially when we see how much of a figurehead he is at the black tower.He doesnt fight for the Dragon Reborn he just fights for the men loyal to him, i really started to admire him in the last book when he gives up his own inhibitions to help others:)
  5. i am currently re-reading the series as i absolutely love it. This time im focusing hard on the characters individually, in such a big series with a lot going on you can miss some things. i would like everyones opinions on the characters
  6. i cant believe this?!? congrats man thats so good:) its sad however that people dont realise how good these books are and there worth
  7. the wheel of time is the best book series i will ever read,<3

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