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  1. *Runs around in circle* I don't think there was much of a decision for me although it was harder than I thought it would be when I first started. I choose Aes Sedai although I still fully appreciate all that the Warders do.
  2. Dear Reds Why can't it already be holidays? School is annoying me and I need some rest.
  3. Our family's from south India what about yours Panchi? I would have liked Falie and Perrin more if there hadn't been that 'Falie captured by Shaido' plot that bored me sooo much.
  4. You swallow on average eight spiders a year in your sleep..... I'm never going to sleep again
  5. Water is such a good radiation blocker that you would be safer in a cooler pool in a nuclear power plant than where you are now.....
  6. My family is from India and the Meera your talking us probably the same one as I'm named after :)
  7. Meera is actully my middle name I always love long book series because I get more plot and character development. My favourite character always changes and I the ones I hated at the beggining of the series are now some of my favourites. If I can only choose a few it would probably be Egwene, Aviendha, Min, Moraine and Mat.
  8. Sorry I ment apart from AMoL. I need to remember to proof-read.
  9. Hello Reds I'm an Iniciate doing the fields trips. I started reading the WoT about three years ago and got addicted and now I've read everything AMoL which I'm putting off because I don't want the series to end I have two older brothers, a lizard, and a dog.
  10. Here is my lizard. I always cry when one of my pets have to be put down :(
  11. The Maths exam wasn't too bad. I have two older brothers which are a lot of help. I had my last two exams today which means I'm free for another whole year! Because I'm a year nine (1st year in high school) we still have to stay in school for another couple of weeks but apparently its just fun stuff. When I want a book and am too lazy to go to a libray or bookstore I steal books off family members bookshelves, my brother had a copy of the EoTW and I started reading that and got hooked. I've read everything apart from AMoL because I don't want to series to end. Other than the WoT I like Fantasy and Non-fiction kind of recounts. What do you guys like?
  12. Hello I'm an iniciate from house Ospenya. I hate maths in school its just so boring. My maths teacher is good but we take lots of time on the stuff thats easy and not much time on the hard stuff. My favourite subject is science mainly because I have a good teacher. She's not what you call nice but she is helpful. I have exams at the moment I've already had science which was ok. I've got maths tomorrow and I should be studing.... I'm a terrible procrastinator....
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