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  1. There were so many quality characters which I grew to admire in this series. However, I was always partial to both Tam and Lan so I was relieved to discover that they had survived the series. I found myself fascinated by the moral code that they lived by and how both seemed oblivious or somehow undeserving of the esteem others held for them. I could not help wondering if they had unknowingly crossed paths in battle before A New Spring. I think the combination of their mentoring and the overall personality of Two Rivers folk combined to turn Rand into a unifying force rather than a divisive
  2. Hello to all, I just finished A Memory of Light last night. I tried going from A New Spring forward but stopped after book 7 as I could not wait any longer. I am a teacher in Arizona and have started to introduce the WoT series in my classroom. I teach 5th grade so I have only had a couple of takers so far. I love the site and thank you for letting me in. :)
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