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  1. There were so many quality characters which I grew to admire in this series. However, I was always partial to both Tam and Lan so I was relieved to discover that they had survived the series. I found myself fascinated by the moral code that they lived by and how both seemed oblivious or somehow undeserving of the esteem others held for them. I could not help wondering if they had unknowingly crossed paths in battle before A New Spring. I think the combination of their mentoring and the overall personality of Two Rivers folk combined to turn Rand into a unifying force rather than a divisive force. He resisted Aes Sedai influence no matter how many times they questioned him. He never stopped asking "Why?" and he ended up finding a way to battle the DO in his own way. Of course he shows tons of character development over the life of the series but I could still see a glimmer of the young, somewhat naive lad from the Two Rivers. His character arc and the control he kept over his power had a lot to do with the older mentors in his life. The word mentor is first seen in the Iliad when Odysseus asks the goat herder (I think it is Athena in disguise) to mentor his son. By mentor he meant "make him fit to be a king". In my opinion both Lan and Tam accomplished this goal. "Tai'shar Malkier!" Tai'shar Manetheran!"
  2. Hello to all, I just finished A Memory of Light last night. I tried going from A New Spring forward but stopped after book 7 as I could not wait any longer. I am a teacher in Arizona and have started to introduce the WoT series in my classroom. I teach 5th grade so I have only had a couple of takers so far. I love the site and thank you for letting me in. :)
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