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  1. What about the time in The Stone of Tear when he had her cut off from the source and was holding calendor, he could have off with her head right then and there, instead he let her mess around for ages, because he couldn't bring himself to do it. I understand for story purposes it was best she lived, but if we talk reality I would have done it. Jordan should of made them battle briefly until they discover that she couldn't beat him while he held calendor, and he couldn't beat her till he knew more about the source. See! Problem solved no more BS about not hurting a women even to save his own life.
  2. ^^ I agree To the white knights, I don't think anyone should hurt anyone, but hurting a woman doesn't make you a scum bag peice of dirt filth or whatever you said, hurting Anyone who is considerably less physically strong as you should be looked on with equal disdain male or female.
  3. Why is it not ok to express hate? It is a real emotion that we all feel from time to time, if you can sincerely love a character why not hate also? I don't mean to say you should use over the top abusive language to detail your feelings but there have been paragraphs here devoted to reasons why people love characters. I don't think you can separate reality from fiction completely, this is what I mean; when reading fiction your opinions on what makes a person likeable does not change, therefore the feeling you have towards a particularly unsavoury character should be exactly the same as it would be to the person in real life, the exception being they can't hurt you and as soon as you put down the book they are gone. But while reading a book that stars someone you hate it is impossible not to feel strong emotions and disappointment towards characters that ruin the book for you. That is why the "haters" are here, because we feel wronged by a particular personality and to a certain degree are pissed about it.
  4. EDITED to add spoiler tags Thank you! This is exactly the behaviour I was referencing and the main problem I have with the series. some people had said nyneave grows out of this in book 8 but I see that is BS now. Just confirms my resolution to put down the books... Forever!
  5. Here is the exact quote "As the last of the Aiel went through, Sulin hissed, and he glanced at her, but she was looking at his hand. At the back of his hand, where his fingernails had sliced a gash that oozed blood. Wrapped in the Void as he was, the pain might have belonged to someone else. The physical mark did not matter; it would heal. He had made deeper inside, where no one could see. One for each Maiden who died, and he never let them heal." And the website where I found it: http://www.e-reading.mobi/chapter.php/80198/22/Jordan_06_Lord_of_Chaos.html If you read carefully through chapter 21 in Lord of Chaos you will find it. Physical and emotional self-harm. The poor lad needs some help.
  6. There is also a scene in book seven I think it is just after they go to shadar logath with the Ogir, (sorry can't find page numbers as I listen to audio books) where upon stepping back through the gateway it is noticed by one of the maidens that Rand has scratches a line into the top of his hand. It then explains the pain is nothing compared to the emotional loss, and something about him having done it many times before... I think. Well I just got the impression it wasn't a one time thing, i will try to find the exact quote.
  7. Also when rand inspected that institute in Cairhein it was obvious scientific development was going full steam ahead, even though Rand single handedly chose which ones had merits and which ones didn't deserve funding. Due of course to his extensive knowledge if stuff and things.
  8. Lol it was a joke, the point is they seemed to have to tech for developing muskets or whatever, at the very least bombs that don't need an aye sedai around to enchant them first, or cannon. It was less than a thousand years since gun powder reached Europe till the first nuke was dropped, just pointing out the inevitable direction they were headed. Glad we agree on something
  9. I do suppose I went over board with that statement, it is more like you said, the characters are at fault. There are a couple of things I would change and some ideas, like guns for instance, if that crew that makes fireworks have access to some form of gun powder, guns shouldn't be far off from that world, then inevitably tanks and nukes and who needs the one power then right? Haha I thought The Chosen were way better characters than the good guys, more believable and enjoyable to read, Rand and the others on the other hand are exactly how Demandred describes him, pretty incompetent besides all the powers they got without all of the hard work the immortals have out in.
  10. And really a dozen times more mature? Mat wouldn't be funny if he went all mature, besides he got his knowledge majiked in his head, great development there. Egwene promising to have Gawain whether he wanted to or not, sounds like an angry toddler. Perrin still denying the title of lord even after months in effective command of the Two Rivers, the whole "I'm just a blacksmith" routine fails to work after book three, if not earlier. Even the travellers, wtf is wrong with someone that won't fight even to defend themselves, from certain death, ffs Buddhist monks do! Sounds like religious fundamentalists after a tornado that kills hundreds, "it is gods will there is a meaning and it must be for the better". You are right, I just dislike the series and I could keep articulating why for ages. Such a shame because like I've said before the basic story is pretty cool, most everything else is shit.
  11. In my conclusion I didn't say the characters hadn't changed at all, because they have, but that is just knowledge of how to do stuff and how the world works as you said. The core is the same and the core is the problem. Rand simultaneously tries to reconcile with having to use people to save the world, and letting women die for the cause. but men can die in droves for all he cares. Same with Mat and Perrin. Egwene becomes one of the most powerful single people on the planet yet has petty flights of fancy and jealousy over Gawain. When Rand is linked to that eye sedai without his permission, he should have ripped her head off or made her reverse it, instead he pretends it never happened, and walks away, whether it ends up being good or bad for him, it's messed up. The character can "develop" to the ends of the earth, for all it matters, if I find them horrible to read. This is my opinion and I didn't want to try and persuade, just see if anyone else thought similarly because it was doing my head in that this could be considered one of the best, as told by many resources and acquaintances of mine. I think I made my main point pretty clear: men are treated like shit throughout, by each other but more importantly by the women. So you say this is because of the breaking of the world where the male half is tainted, so the world is suspicious of men or whatever? Cool. I say that plot is crap.
  12. Thank you all for input, but I have quit the series. I struggled for days trying to keep going because I Hate to leave something half done, but as it was I was skipping most female chapters besides Mins, also I was beggining to hate Rand as a character, Mr Theron Lord of the Morning would have been a much better read and should have taken over Rands mind haha. I simply was not enjoying the reading and would often find myself laughing bemused and disgusted at new developments, not taking it at all seriously. For instance Rands self harm at the loss of maidens, the secrets that women who participate in the dreaming conceal, Certain maidens doing what they want without regard to Rand, jeez even the women Ogir rule over their men like master and dog. Obviously the best option is to go full Arthur Hawkwing on the countries. Good move finding the false dragon to train up warriors, but why does Rand have to be a complete douche to him? I would think he would want a close friend, that knows what it is like to channel with great power, to talk to, I know I would, love earns greater loyalty than does fear. Once again, a great and epic plot and story line, but the characters so utterly fail in every respect that I can't bring myself to finish, instead I have dreamed up an ending for myself that I am currently enjoying.
  13. Perrins first experience was with Elias who was decidedly not mad, wouldn't you agree? That is part of the point I made: he had a chance to learn his new abilities but gave it up and tried to ignore them. The fact that nyneave knows she is behaving badly does not excuse it? Lol it makes it worse, probably a lot to do with jealousy. Anyhow I'm finished reading, I gave up reading nyneaves chapters after her departure from tear with Elaine, shortly after skipping over egwenes chapters too, now in the middle of book seven, when Rands obsession with keeping women safe and commiting to memory the face and name of unknown women killed during an attempt on his life, I have quit the series. He even self harms everytime a maiden dies, pathetic. a real man would have wiped lan fear off the face of the earth as soon as he knew who she was, not this BS about he couldn't even kill her if his life depended on it, news flash buddy the whole world depends on you staying alive so drop the chivalry!
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