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  1. I thought some of the nonfights were the best ones. Mat when he takes on Galad and Gawyn. At the beginning of TGH when Rand and Lan are practicing on the rooftop. When Rand pays the 5 guys to spar against him. I also like the part right after this when Bashere asks Rand why he practices with the sword when he has the OP.
  2. I didn't really include any of my views on things of the world so here are a few additions. I am a Christian but I don't think that makes me any more or less than anyone else. If someone wants to ask me about my beliefs I'll be more than happy to tell them but I don't go around trying to shove them down peoples throats. At the time of invasion, I thought, like a lot of people, that the Iraqi war was justified. Given the information that has since come to light, I do think it is (not was) wrong but I also think that we cannot just pull out without making sure that the whole region will not
  3. This is cool hearing about others. I really enjoy reading the opinions of others on here, especially when your backgrounds and upbringings are so different. I'm 43, will have been married 13 years come June to someone who has never read fantasy. I have a son who will be 11 next week and is just starting to read fantasy. I have gone to college 3 times. They kicked me out the first time and I have degrees in accounting and business from the other two. I spent five years in the Navy. I currently live near South Bend, IN and work as a cost analyst for a very large corporation. I have been
  4. I had always thought that the taint was a side effect of the DO lashing out trying to protect himself. Since we know that the TP can only be accessed by the chosen when the DO allows it. I had assumed that the DO had used the TP to try and protect himself and that the taint was actually a coating of the TP on top of the OP. While it doesn't cause the saa and the desire to draw too much, it does cause madness.
  5. I'm kind of dragging up an old thread here but I had a thought relating to this today and wanted to get others opinion. What if gholams are made up entirely of the OP and the reason weaves have no effect is because it absorbs any weaves and incorporates it into it's own being? Since Mat's medal negates the OP that would explain it hurting it. Taking that a step further, would it be possible for someone to open themselves to it (the gholam) like a well and draw all of the power out of them to destroy them?
  6. Will any of the original Two Rivers cast, other than Perrin, ever return to live in the Two Rivers? What will happen to Olver? What main characters will die in TG? I always figured Birgette and Lan would get it before it's over, but who else? I liked the Soap reference. Do you remember the old Batman TV series from the 70's? They always ended with a bunch of questions too.
  7. I've got the matches, quick pile the dwarves and mice. And grab the wooden boy, we'll use him for kindling. :o Kind of getting back on subject. I agree that ta'veren was a good catch all to make odd things more believable, but I think a lot of authors, RJ included, also use prophesies in the same way. Most of the time you only get bits and pieces of the prophesy as you go along so there's always the chance for them to change it to fit. That way something improbable can be written off as "it happened in accordance with prophesy."
  8. Have you ever been to Disney World? ;D
  9. If a Ta'veren is used to make adjustments/corrections in the wheel, isn't it possible that there would be times where too much 'good' exists and a df ta'veren would be needed to correct against it in order to maintain a balance?
  10. I always took this as an analogy in that men are generally stronger in the power than women just like men are generally stronger physically than women. I think you're making quite a leap to say that strength in the power is in any way related to physical strength based just on this quote.
  11. Who gets to kill Padan Fain/Moredeth? Does anyone? Is Manetheren revived or will the two rivers stay part of Andor? Does Rand marry anyone or just shack up with the three? Will we see Giadal Cain or is he out of the picture? Can I get a date with Lanfear, or at least a one nighter?
  12. Now, to break it down; Just a few thoughts Daughter of the Night, she walks again. Lanfear The ancient war, she yet fights. Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still. interesting. 'new' perhaps refers to Rand, in place of LTT. but he shall serve her? die? serve still? How could this happen i wonder? I wonder if she somehow turns around her cour'souvra situation with Moridin, around the time of the body-swap (if you hold with that theory) Since it says 'yet serve still' and not server HER still, could it mean that when he comes back from being apparentl
  13. This is a good question Luckers. I hadn't really thought about it before. Is it possible that Ishy was just trying to push Rand into becoming the Dragon too soon? It seems to me that Morainne didn't want to go to the eye yet but did after hearing about the warnings. I always thought that her original intention was to "train" Rand or whoever so that he would be better prepared to become the Dragon. Maybe Ishy knew or feared this as a possibility and was pushing the situation because he wanted force Rand to take on the job before he was ready, thus making him an easier target for him.
  14. No. The black strands are just on male forsaken to protect them from the taint of saidin. Sadar doesn't have a taint so the females don't need protection.
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