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  1. I took a 7 year break from first reading The Eye of the World I started the series again last month, now I've finally reached Crossroads of Twilight but I'm proving a bit impatient trying to get to the action too soon lol
  2. Luciena

    Love vs. love

    It seems you're comparing love to an operating system, which makes sense in a round about way sort of explaining human nature, and even though you are not Christian anymore most of the qualities that you are describing about your beliefs are fundamentally Christian in origin. It is not a criticism in anyway just an observation. I am Christian even though not overly religious e.g going to church etc... Love the post :)
  3. Hello I just started the series a couple of months ago and have become an avid fan. I thought I'd join the dragonmount community as I kept finding all the useful info for every book in the series. :)
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