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  1. It is good to finally be home! Thank you so much for offering me your welcome, your friendship and your support. There were times when I thought I would never reach this stage, but I am finally here! Thank you so much Nyn :D Kitteh!! *scratches kitteh* Thank you :D *snuggles my Lee* Thank you for having me <3 Nyaaaaaaaaa *hugs and smooches* Thank you :D Thank you Sunrise :D Lovie <3 Thank you for everything. Your support has meant more than I can say. <3 *hugs tight my Tal* Thank you so much! <3 Mashiiiii! *pounce snuggles* Best Mentor ever <3 Thank you so very much :) Thank you Good sir! :) Thank you Tressie :) *squishy hugs*
  2. Birdieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *pounces, snuggles, huggles* Thank you!!! :D
  3. Thank you Panchi! Whooo thanks Time!! :D Nyaaaaaaaaa thank you :D
  4. Aww thank you everyone, for your wonderful wishes! *hugs all of you*
  5. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/87512-aspirants-needed/
  6. You have got to be joking. The Lord of The Rings and any related literature to Middle Earth are timeless classics! The language, the literature, every thing in the whole world of Tolkien is absolutely perfect. Best story teller ever. No one has even come close to achieving Tolkien's level of literature. (note the fact that I call it literature, not Fantasy, there is an actual difference) I give you, Emily Bronte, not Austen though, talk about dreary. Harry Potter, meh, loved the books hated the films, I still have them on DVD though. ( I do love the scene in the CHamber of Secrets when they fly off from King's Cross, My uni was just down there lol) I am currently in love with Sir Terry Pratchett, no one comes close to his sense of humour except maybe Neil Gaiman. Brandon Sanderson has good writing skills, Mistborn is wonderful, very intense and fast paced, I finished it in a week. Frankly, WOT for me was okay, it started out interestingly and I hate leaving a story unfinished, so I finished the books, mostly out of duty. I just expected something more, I don't know what but something. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is not fantasy, per se. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, after you read it. If you need more books added to your list let me know, I got my own personal library at home.
  7. Blankie have you read The Five People You Meet in Heaven? I loved that book
  8. Heh I used to come on here for spoilers about the WOT books, then I got hooked and signed up. No biggie, you'll live Davi
  9. I don't want to go to work tomorrow :(

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