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  1. Welcome Caleb I'm still new here but I loved your story of how you got to where you are now. I think this is the right place for people who love the series. I'm new but I felt right at home when I signed up :) Lex we've already met on chat but welcome again
  2. They're great I read Mistborn series before I read Elantris but i loved all of them. I just got The Way of Kings on kindle so cant wait to finish what I'm reading to start reading it
  3. Mistress Hallia you always spoil us with treats! thank you :D Rasheta thank you :)
  4. you would have gotten 2 but I was swayed by all the cookies and milk and cakes available in the Hall sorry i got a sweet tooth :)
  5. i second that!!! also special thanks to Basel for putting up with me
  6. I would like to choose the Aes Sedai path pleaseeeeee
  7. I went to a used book store recently and found a hardback, first edition of New Spring! Oh the envy!!! :P That's great Ry! I love used book shops they just have this atmosphere of mystery around them. I don't know how they are in the US but in London there's a whole street dedicated to used book shops, I love going there i can spend hours in one without even realising it!
  8. Luciena - Initiate I voted for the first 2, i like the structure but i also hang around everywhere really
  9. hello *waves* How's Mistborn, going Basel? Just finished New Spring feel a bit lost... :(
  10. I like Min the best so far. She provides Rand with the love and care he needs. Doesn't even blame him for trying to kill her (albeit under duress) she provides him with a sensation of peace and relaxation when he actually needs it. Also I love Lan, whom I see as a second (Aragorn),Mat, Moiraine, Thom and Nyanaeve. I like some of the others Loyal being my best for his dogged pursuit of the characters for his book. Egwene became too whiny Elayne too upity, Avi too sacrificial, Perrin is nice but since BS took over he lost his appeal as did Mat for that reason (yes we get it you're both married but the Mat and Perrin I got to know would never run away from a friend in need) I didn't choose Rand he is the heart and soul but he lost his appeal to me when BS took over he became a bit too much. By the end of the book I liked him still but it left me a bit desensitised didn't feel any of the passion or loss I would have felt for many of the characters had RJ been writing it. Sorry if it offends anyone
  11. I just finished AMOL on Friday.... I did not like it... I was disappointed in Brandon Sanderson I actually liked the Mistborn series and Elantris I really got into them. But he left a lot to be desired, the characters were very dry,I did not feel for any of them in the end. I adored the whole original Two Rivers crew Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Thom Egwene, Nynaeve: by the end of the book they were acting as strangers with each other. Maybe it was just me but I'd have thought you'd show more emotion seeing as you just escaped the end of the world and most of your loved ones are around you. They just sort of disperse. "ANYWAY" I still feel like I need closure there is no feeling in this book of (The End,)
  12. Hi everyone I am aiming to read at least a book a year so at least 52 books. Books read so far. 1. Elantris Brandon Sanderson. 2. Snuff Terry Pratchett 3.Thud Terry Pratchett Robert Jordan 4. The Eye of the World 5. The Great Hunt 6. The Dragon Reborn 7. The Shadow Rising 8. The Fires of Heaven 9. Lord of Chaos 10. A Crown of Swords 11. The Path of Daggers 12. Winter's Heart 13. Crossroads of Twilight 14. Knife of Dreams 15. The Gathering Storm 16. Towers of Midnight 17. A Memory of Light 18.New Spring 19. Domes of Fire David Eddings 20. Magician's End Raymond E Feist Currently reading The Shining Ones David Eddings
  13. I for one am glad i found my way here! Might still be a bit socially awkward even in my typing sorry
  14. It wont let me upload a pic from my pc it says it needs to be hosted
  15. I know exactly what you mean! I like spoilers I want to know what's going on even if not in detail. That's how I stumbled to DM I kept looking for information on each book I was reading as I couldn't stand the anticipation of not knowing. I know me naughty
  16. hi everyone I'm Luciena or Luci, *waves at blank* congratulations blank Sedai * curtseys* I love reading and can spend hours in a library without even noticing time passing. Currently I'm on book 11 of the series. Huge fan of Tolkien my favourite books ever Lord of the Rings also the first book i read in the fantasy genre so i was hooked. I love Pratchett, Jim Butcher Dresden Files and Codex Alera. Also a new favourite of mine is Jennifer Fallon's Wolfblade and Harshini series. I have already been acquainted with Brandon Sanderson and read a couple of his books Mistborn trilogy and Elantris and love his writing style. Very interesting to see research done on genealogy in the Brown Ajah. Do you think you might expand on genetic engineering?
  17. I have to agree with Hazeel on the descriptions it goes on too much it has usually taken me 3-4 days to read the other books but this one took me a week and a half, in the end I went and googled a summary for the book before I finished it. I know not fair spoiling the anticipation but it helped me reading it as I knew what to expect.
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