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  1. Not sure if she was mentioned - but annah - that random happy messenger that Mat sent off who got squashed by a raken falling from the sky? Had a wee chuckle to that. Don't think she was ever mentioned in any books prior to that. Just a little cameo. I can't find it in the book at the moment though, just spent 20 minutes flicking through UGH!
  2. Yeah I did get the feeling as more and more of the main characters shacked up together that it was being forced. None of them were allowed to get through the busiest 2 years of their life without falling madly in love. Which I find not an overly long time for love. Thom and Moiraine seemed forced I felt. They were pretty much the two remaining single people who had been around since the start. It was over a decade ago, but when reading those first books I never got the feeling they had any king of romantic spark between them. Egwene and Gawyn also not that great.
  3. Which is so annoying because even though most of those named Aes Sedai throughout the book played small roles, many of them still got POVs e.g. Seaine, and Samitsu etc etc. I always like the little group of White Tower sitters who were hunting down the Black Ajah inside the tower. We know that Saerin, Yukiri and Pevara live, and Doesine dies. But what THE HELL happened to Seaine!?!? GAAAAAAH!
  4. Sarene and those in a circle with Aviendha who were left defenceless to Graendal and compelled. Her warder died, Vitalien, and it was sad because he was dead at her feet and she didn't even care because she was too in love with Graendal. She used to write poetry about him - he was potentially the one Min viewed her having a 'torrid love affair' with. Sad sad sad :( and I imagine Sarene, the only compelled Aes Sedai who Graendal didn't drain, is now just a vegetable. But I'm going to live in hope that Nynaeve can Heal her - eventually. I've read some of these and agree with many such as: 1) Olver blowing the horn as an act of desperation. 2) Perrin finding his little falcon at Merrilor (during the epilogue lol)
  5. Bela, the horse. :( I was certain her and Pips were gonna get together and have a huge family... Since Mandarb was way outta her league.
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