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  1. I know that this is a thread that has been long since abandoned...but as I listen to the audiobooks for the 15th time or so, something occurred to me about Rand's sickness. First let me make some observations: Rand only starts feeling the nauseousness AFTER he crosses balefire with Moridin. He feels the taint from almost the first touching, so that isn't new He also feels the taint "seeping into his bones" when he draws close to his maximum. The True Power is exponentially more "addictive" Here's what I think...I think that when the True Power balefire touches Rand's One Power balefire, it opens Rand up to be able to touch and use the True Power. With that assumption in mind, and Rand having to go THROUGH the taint every time he want to use the One Power, the DO is using the taint to make it EXTREMELY less palatable to use the One Power and is steering Rand toward using the True Power...which is precisely what ends up happening (to LTT's shock and horror). The DO is TRYING to MAKE Rand use the True Power by making it very uncomfortable to use the One Power...negative re-enforcement.
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