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  1. Rand is now able to control reality the way other people control Tel'aran'rhiod. Learned in all that pattern-weaving practice he got with the Dark One. At least the take on it I had. And, honestly; if he can treat the real world the way Perrin can treat Tel'aran'rhiod, who needs channeling?
  2. Oh, and a major typsetting screwup: in Egwene's death scene, there's a break from her POV to Rand's, and the first line of Rand's POV is "Egwene was dead." This was printed right at the bottom of the right-hand page. So when you're reading the book two pages earlier, with your eyes at the bottom right, and you turn the page, the first thing your attention is immediately drawn to is the set-off words "Egwene was dead"... before you actually get a chance to read the two pages of Egwene POV explaining how that happened.
  3. I actually have to say that the whole "last goodbyes" series of scenes they did in the early goings kind of had my rolling my eyes. Yes, I understand the need for it, but having a few pages of Rand talk to Cadsuane; Egwene talk to the Aiel dreamwalkers; Rand talk to Elayne; Mat talk to Rand; etc. etc. seemed a bit... hokey. Good for narrative convenience purposes and fans not to scream, but blatantly obvious in what they were.
  4. No, I read it as Rand has a real ability that Moridin refuses to accept the truth of -- Moridin thinks it's smoke and mirrors because he's unwilling to accept the idea that Rand has actually leveled up.
  5. Unless Cadsuane gets herself released from the Oath Rod real soon now, she's not going to have time to question Rand on anything. In New Spring (set about 22 years before the last battle), she says "I could live another 30 years, or another 3." She's really in danger of dying at any moment. She's got a ton of information and a ton of skill; it would only make sense that they'd remove her from the oath rod so she can live longer, Then, of course, she could no longer be Amyrlin.
  6. No idea on how the thing actually occurred, but they all knew through the bond. They could feel him getting stronger and stronger through the bond.
  7. That's a very limited universe of trusted people. I think Elayne can have a quiet chat with Nynaeve and Flinn and let that not be a problem. The only people who'd recognize Moridin and aren't either a) dead, or b) people who can be chilled out by Elayne / Min / Aviendha, are Graendal and Moghedien. Not too concerned with either of them. Yes, a foresaken escaped. Nobody knows what he looks like, however.
  8. I think the easiest response to that one is the one Rand gave to Taim in LoC: The first prophecy was being born on the slopes of Dragonmount. Logain really, really wasn't.
  9. That's right, though very implausible. Given Egwene's death march up the side of the hill to face Taim (in which many more Aes Sedai die), it actually appears rather unlikely many Aes Sedai survived the battle at all. Which is odd given that no-one really seems worried about it later on. Well, comparatively few of any of the forces survived the battle -- I'd imagine that the vast majority of surviving Aes Sedai are Yellow Ajah, from Mayene. But even if there are only 100 or so total surviving Aes Sedai after the battle, there are still all those thousands of novices and accepted to re-flush the ranks.
  10. 1: Other than Moiraine (who comes back) and Ingtar (arguably), neither Rand nor Nynaeve ever have mentors / close confidants die on them in the series before the end. 2. Neither Rand (for basically the entire period between TDR and ToM) nor Nynaeve (for the entire series before ToM) are particularly sympathetic or especially likable characters. 3. Neither Rand nor Nynaeve are 8 year olds. But in fairness, I should probably bow out of this conversation; it's a bit beyond my ken. Outside of the Wheel of Time and the first book-and-change of ASoIaF, I've never read any fantasy, so I can't really make comparisons.
  11. Many of them. Romanda gets killed in an heartbeat -- it's literally a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Siuan at least gets a paragraph or so when she dies.
  12. What did she do that was so moving? I always figured she was BA! She found Galad dying on the battlefield, and Travelled back to Mayene to see that he could be healed and brought to Berelain, burning herself out in the process.
  13. Talmanes, as far as I recall, did survive; he was leading most of Elayne's troops before Mat took general command last I remember. Tenobia died, Alsalam died, don't think we get any specifics on any of the other rulers (could be wrong on that). Rand's visions strongly imply that Eamond's Field is going to become a major city (on a level with Caemlyn). Flinn gets an arm ripped off but otherwise survives; IIRC, he's the only Asha'man we see in the epilogue. Narishma only gets mentioned once, briefly, if I can remember correctly, as being with Lan's people at Tarwin's Gap, and then doesn't get mentioned again, although, again, I could be wrong.
  14. Actually, I took the specific moment of glory being him overcoming his own doubts to shatter the Seals. If he hadn't, Rand would not have been able to hold off the Dark One indefinitely and would have been destroyed. So Logain is one of the several characters who can be said to have saved the world (along with Rand, Moiraine, Nynaeve, Olver, Perrin, Mat, Faile and - most convincingly in my view - Bela). I also don't see how Logain leading the Asha'man after the Last Battle is a storyline that could have been fitted into a narrative that ends immediately after the Last Battle. We see how it's going to happen and don't really need a lengthy sequence expanding on it. The part about breaking the seals could certainly work as well. And I absolutely didn't want to see any more about the Asha'man after the last battle; it wouldn't have fit. My only point was that, assuming that the "glory" prophecy was about the new Black Tower and not the seals, I just find it amusing that such a major prophecy would be about something that happens outside the series proper, in that that would be really unexpected (kind of how it was amusing the way the Sheriam / "golden halo" viewing was fulfilled). And, yes, totally agree about Bela.
  15. Oh, I know what happens to her. After I gave up on reading the books, I read the entire ASoIaF wiki page so I would know what ended up happening to all the characters. I just couldn't put myself through developing an emotional attachment to characters if I knew they were going to be treated so poorly; don't really have that problem if I'm just reading events on a wiki page rather than reading through the entire book to really get to know the characters.
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