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  1. Checking the White Tower Timeline, it brings me joy to see I am still listed as an event there, though wow, 2006. http://www.thistledubhewe.com/TheWhiteTowerRP/about-the-wt-division/white-tower-timeline/ – One Last Stand RP. Caladesh, a Dreadlord/M’aeshadar, wreaks havoc in the White Tower; Lyanna (Keeper) is killed, among others, and Lanfir (Amyrlin) was burnt out and disappeared. (Caladesh was murdered by Lanfir in his cell; public knowledge is only that he was executed by the White Tower). Thank you for the link, I will have to read up on making a new character.
  2. Greetings all. It's been more than 10 years since I actively roleplayed on here, thought I might pop back in and see how it's all going. A looooong time ago I was the Chosen Osan'gar and Mae'shadar Caladesh, up until I decided to kill off Caladesh in a spectacular fashion in the White Tower. Are the RP forums still around? I can't see them currently. How is everyone? What's been happening?
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