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    my two sons and partner, closely followed by reading and crochet. i adore nights out with my friends and i am very close to my family
  1. nymphadora - initiate this months topic...when are you on Dm- on and off through the day, but not everyday. at a push to pick, mid day
  2. hi Kevin, welcome to DM, the friendliest forum ever known! i guess you already know that though *wonders how many are lurking in the shadows?* i am a newbie, and only lurked for a couple of weeks before saying hi and i am thoroughly glad i did. now you have taken the leap, you should think about joining a social group, i have just been given the warmest welcome which really makes you feel good :) anyways, i hope you continue to enjoy DM as much as i have and get to know lots of great people nymphy x
  3. welcome, from a fellow newbie to DM, i have found it great fun so far and i'm sure you will too! i am in the process of joining a social group and had help and advice from a friendly member in the chat room, which i have found fun at times too. enjoy!
  4. hi ellen, i am new to DM too, enjoying it so far. if you get round to making the costume it would be great to see! i crochet and am currently trying to think of a pattern for something WoT related. can't quite decide yet though. enjoy x
  5. thank you for all the help, most informative and nice to know i am not the only one
  6. i am relieved to have found this thread :) i am having touble with the terminolgy/abreviations used by all you hardened WoT'ers ;). i can work most of them out and i have a feeling i am being really very blind to not get this one but, what does "PoV" translate to? its driving me mad!!
  7. loving the idea of moiraine and cadsuane! i can't wait to see moirane again, rand isn't the only one who misses her (i am on ToM) i love perrin but find him frustrating, he just opened up to faile. i want to see him do this more and i agree a good start would be with Egwene and the wise ones.
  8. oooh i am so pleased, i am of the green ajah :D
  9. i am yet to investigate the site, i'm sure i will join them though :) as for using trollocs to scare my kids....i don't think it would work but if it would, i might when they are really testing me ;) ps, i agree about not liking preein so much during faile's kidnap, i have just today read the part were faile creates a picnic to celebrate their anniversary which turns into a confessional heart to heart and faith is restored, i do believe it made me slightly emotional haha! (and i cheared as people realised rand is "back")
  10. hey chuckles ;) i am indeed a harry potter fan! wow you are a speady reader, though in my defence i have two young son's that sow me down :) as for favourite character, oh so many that i just love and feel are brilliant. i think if i met rand, i would fall in love with him...that goes for perrin too! min and aviendha are hard to choose between, i love how their minds work and how they handle rand. loial, oh loial, what i wouldn't give to meet this gentle giant. i can find something to like in almost every character...though the white cloaks may struggle, gah! intolerable men! ha! ...ooh moiraine too! what about you, can you pin it down to a firn favourite?
  11. hello to everyone! i am so pleased i have found a site with fellow wheel of time fans. i don't know anyone who has read more than the first couple :( i have been reeding TWoT for about 2 years now and am about halfway through Towers of Midnight and finding it most exciting! I wish i had learned of these books 10 years ago!
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