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  1. First, I hope things are returning to normal. The fact that I've been able to explore the site for the last 10 minutes or so is a good sign. Next, just to add to your information about what has been going on: I'd been trying to access the site since Sunday, December 2nd to buy the next e-book for my WoT reread. Each attempt was stalled at either the page where it was checking my browser or the one saying the site was offline. Generally, no amount of clicking the view live site button would take me to the site. Occasionally, I would get through to the site, only to have go down again when I click to go to another page. This was the way of it from Sunday through Tuesday, December 2nd to the 4th. Today, Wednesday, December 5th I'm finally able to use the site without problem. I was using Safari on my Mac, though a few times I tried Chrome on Windows. (Sadly, in my push to re-read the series, I had to make a purchase from Apple rather than Dragonmount. Next book I plan to buy a bit in advance to avoid any problems.)
  2. Bela -- I'm in almost every scene, but nobody seems to notice.
  3. The Memory of Earth from Orson Scott Card's Homecoming Saga series. I only made it about a third of the way through. The whole "Book of Mormon in Space" idea was too overpowering. If you've never read that book those two nice young men dropped off at your house that day you were trying to catch up on some sleep then it probably wasn't a factor. Having read the original (which was probably pretty good religious fantasy for its day), the sci-fi retelling was unbearable.
  4. I had to force myself to finish Eragon. The "been there, done that" factor was too high. Well told though -- so kudos to a new, young author. But I could never bring myself to read further into the series.
  5. The Da Vinci Code Mr. Brown failed to convince me that the secret the society was keeping was that big of a big deal. A few years later, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Ian McKellen managed to convince me that his character thought it was worth killing for. The book never conveyed that level of emotion to me.
  6. Just a heads up for Mac iPad users. I purchased New Spring from the store. I got a file named "9781429961530.epub.xhtml". In order to install it, I had to remove the ".xhtml" from the end of the file name. Only then was I able to drag the file into the Books pane of iTunes to install the book on my iPad.
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