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  1. Perrin as President. Galad vice president Tom chief of Staff Lan defence ministary Sumaco General Surgeon. (with Nyn as deputy incharge of medical experimenting) party -> a social democratic party, HIGH on civil right , with good dose of defence/military. scandals: Barlein Levinsky :))) the vice president decedant contqact with the nobles (how can the common man trust a noble ??) Chief of Staff alcoholisem (getting HIGH "west wing" deja vu)
  2. on Abu Dar and on the Crystal Thorn. hit the centers in both continents.
  3. Wondering: there several quote from the forsaken talks/PoV that 3rd age healing is a crude first aid in comparing to AoL. not that i disagrea with u on the level of miracles 3rd age healewr produce, but those miracles are not the standard level of 3rd age healing. btw i posted an analysys on nyn/semi/Sum on the opening thread ,i didnt realy counted Flinn at the running at that time , but the case in his favour made him a valid contender :)
  4. as far as i remember it was mentioned that Semi WAS the best healer in AOL and that ppl travel from all over the world to be healed by her. i also think there a quote by graendal about Semi claiming severing can be healed but it was not clear if she did bother to find such an heal or not. and yup i DID ment in the ENTIRE WoT books (feel free to add any char dead or alive (or between :) ) if u think she/he/it have a chance for the title :)
  5. Aial and WT have learning pact Aial and Sea falk have a learning pact there no current pact with BT but i dont c why there wont be 1 as the senchean is a threat to EVERY CHANNELER. i agrea it easy to be armchair quarterback (altough as basketball fan i prefare playmaker [go levron go :)) ] ) but so far in the book the Aial been portrait as very adaptable, quick to learn and apply ppl/society. so i would expected them to percieve and use their (atleast to me) OBVIOUS advantages.
  6. all 4 get credit (altougfh i admit Flinn didnt in the begining by me :) ). and yup i KNOW its HARD call :)))) (cant decide myself :) ) if it was an easy call the thread wouldnt be interesting :)
  7. good points Barid but my main point is this: u can tie weave so thet they keep working on auto mode. a weave woven by a circle cant be undone by a solo channeler. every weave u mention i believe can be counter by a defensive pre casted weave who can be counter by a wave that can be counter and so on and so on.... but in the end the Sanchean weave can be undone, while a cycle weave cant be. and i precieve that not only as a VERY major advantage, but as DECISIVE advantage which if use properly cant garentee a win.
  8. u picked on my spelling ?? (hadnt noticed :) ) a point was raised -> what is a healer (valid question) and i answer it :) and TU :)
  9. the Senchean is VERY centerise society -> kill the royal family and it will turn into a bloody civil war. few well placed assasination can destroy a generation of senchean. even if a cycle of 78 or 91 can hold only 1/10 of the power Rend and Nyn hold in the cleansing -> imagine the sheer destruction it can do, it literally the equivalent of a clean nuke. let senchean gathwer their army -> level it and then start exterminating their forces. create a wave that open Adams , tie it and sent it on auto into the senchean continent. create storms that preventt flying and tie it. 78 or even 7800 singular channeler cant unwave/counter a 78 strong cycle wave.(couse they cant matched it streangth and their individual streangth dont add up). think battlefielfd enchantment, global enchantment. think Tsunamy cause by a 78+ cycle washing over Senchean. (a bit evil no argue but it can work)
  10. think about 2 circle of 39. 1 create a shield like in Domei Well or the shield Cad created in the cleansing. and the other rein destruction. now imagine multiiple combo like that. (and 39 is just arbitrary numbert it can be 13 or 26 or 78). add to it cucle like that xan create BOT saidin and saider Damana cant c /react to saidin.... if i recall correcvtly u can create dustruction wave and tie them so that go work in automatic mode -> imagine such weave created by a cycle.
  11. i also intentually didnt clarify what healer meen. each have is own priority /definition and I'M INTERESTED in how each define healer :))) ithink it add alot to the discussion :)
  12. army of night i think didnt took Sanchean seriously till it was to late. the Adam collaring was new thing then. and we dobt know the mentality of the army of night (startreck 1st meeting with borg jump to my mind -> let do confrance in mid fight :)) ). as far as we know the army of night could been peace loving follower of the leaf :))) and u forget the Ashaman. not just their leaving wepon training, but the uber linking they provide. imagine the destruction a 39 ppl cycle (who can be leaded by Ashaman) can couse on a battlefield
  13. i intentually included Semi . i feel that Nyn and Sum are better then run of the mill healer of AoL and are strong candidate for best . (my inital post include the analysis i did on each of them) and the debate brought some very good points in Felinn case that (in my opinion) make him strong candiate as well :) so feel free to include Semi in the comparison (she is intended to be in it ) :) . and feel free to give your own score/priority for the research part and for the skill part :)) i started this thread couse i cant decide it and its interest me to c what other think about this :))
  14. Damer i read WoT translated, so name sp is back engeneering by hearing for me :)), if u want just post the correct spelling and i will edit the correction :) (or if any non lazy mod want to , i wont disagrea :))) ). Selig TU for finding te quote i had in mind and was to lazy to search for regarding Sumeko :))
  15. personally i cant c a way the Aial could lose . they have 2 superweapon on their disposel which should be more then enough to crush the senchean. 1. Dream world. dream walking give u unparalel spying capabilities and that without going the practical way of entering it for travel, or pulling someone into it fro compeling/assasination ,untrained Agy use minor compelling on Nyn (the lieing thing) imagine what an experience dream walker can do 2. Linking the Senchean nature of controlling Channeler prevent linking. grab 3 male channeler create a circle of 39 and start NUKING. create 2 such circle -> 1 creating a shield the other NUKE i cant c x number of channeler withstanding a circle of x member. also u can create waves that desined to open Adam and release them in the battlefield... and circle powered wave like that will be very hard if not impossible to stop and even if the released Damana wont turn on the Senchean they will simply frease till recollared. it seem to me that the Aial must have a really bad military leadership to loose to the senchean.
  16. good points about Flin. i disagrea the AoL healing was on subpar the feeling i get is that many things got lost (like medival Europe in compare to Rome) so now i'm torn 4 way instead of 3 ways :) (hadnt voted yet) and in best i mean all aspect both "just plain ole who's the best at healing people that are hurt" (nicely said btw :)) ) and innovativly finding cure for unhealable condition /thinking out of the box... and any other aspect i had omitted. count all the healing aspects give them your priority and who u hink got the best healer score ? :)
  17. i believe he will make his home in TR. i dont think he will fully retire (no need to with travelling) or that he will live in seclusion in the wood. i can c him leave in a city house or helping Brann in the inn. TR is where he grow , where his family and friends are (he was a popular kid with friends) and it about the only place in Randland where he NOT the main attrection :) in TR Perrin is the main hero/attraction/ crowd magnet :))) yes rand is the dragon a man who can chaneel -> which currently make him not so diffrent then many other TR boys :). the immigrent will probably be much more appreciative but the native (the ones i think he really care about) wont make such a big deal out of him.
  18. i kind of seeing Myr as an opposite Nyn :) both have simiral personality ,altough Myr have much better control over her temper than Nyn (some could say a 5 year old have better control then Nyn :))) , but she is improving at that:)) ). both raise fast in position ,Myr was choosen to be Salidar Head of green and a council member despite beeing a YOUNG AS (yup it probably due to the Ajah heads sceaming but still they probably saw something in her). and mainly i seen them as the opposite of each other in way of channeling. Nyn i percieve as Yellow with high Green tendecies, need to protect , eager to fight Myr i precieve as Green with high Yellow tendecies -> the way it hurt her when warder dies, how she go to extreme to save warders who lost their AS what do u think ?
  19. i dont think Nyn reached her full potential , rem how she keep growing in the books (the dwelling improvment for example). and beeing an healer dont mean u not a fighter :). personally i view Nyn as yellow with HIGH !!! green tendecies :), kind of battlefield comando medic :))) rem her eagerness to engage in battles,her need to PROTECT, her insane courage (as the AIAL Avi said) and Egy tought that holding Nyn away from a battle is the impossible task yes healing IS Nyn greatest passion , but it not her only one.
  20. who u think is the best healer ? Semiherg is reputed as the best healer in AoL Nyn mamaged to do healing feats that even AoL healer cxouldnt do. Sumaco heal with such skill and inituativity that even Nyn is amazed (and sumaco regard nyn as decent and rank her below her :) ) Flin -> can do Saidin healing that heal thing saider cant (his unhealable weound scene) added Smitsu due to Cads talk to her personaly i'm torn between Semy/Sum/Nyn i think Sum is overall a better healer then Nyn but that Nyn can do feats of healing sumaco cant like a graph -> Sumaco is constant 8/9+ , Nyn is 6/7+ with peaks of 100K (healing madness!!!!) , Semy i think is the most knowladgable healer but with the worst attidute (she want to hurt more then heal) and i think Nyn can out peak her (again -> HEALING MADNESS!!!! ). i do believe Nyn will be the best healer in the future given 100+ years to practice and learn, but at curent state i'm not sure.
  21. the reason i claim Sancheen culture is evil is not only becouse of how they treat Channeler but becouse of how they treat the entire populace: let c what we know about Sanchean: *Damana -> treated as pet not human , its not just slavery but total dehumanisation from early age. *Slavery -> Dacovaql is a slavery system, a culture that impose slavery as basic punishment (as far as we seen its very basic punishment given to even minor offence) is evil in my book, and again that slavery include dehumanisation of the target. *The Blood -> the way the blood act and expect other to treat them is a main reason to why i view this as evil culture , if a blood want something he entitle to take it from the rightfull owner !, u have to debase yourself when ever a blood walk by u !, looking directly at Blood without permission a capital offence !, talking to blood without permission capital offence !.... took Tuon she aint evil by herself but look at her demenore -> she wanted Mat so she tried to BUY him (and mat was a FREE person who comitted NO CRIME beside catching Tuon eye) / she sure know peasent in her empire ever dared to look at her face (and would probably kill enslave any who would) / she percieve the respectfull comrady that Mat have with his officer as grave insult toward Mat (the map scene)... * truth seeker -> an entire class of secret polioce/turturer with free hand to do what they like without that pesky issue of evidance !, rem the scene when Rad is in senchean , rem the snachean captain (blackout on her name :)) ) react to the blond truth-seeker... i dont claim the senchean are evil ,we seen several example of very decent senchean, but a society who brainwash is populace into slavish obidience and debasement before it rulling caste (rem the elephent trainer reaction toward eilean the 1st time) is evil by my standart
  22. where it is said that Womaon are more deft /skilled ??? the diffrence that is said is very simple: Man stronger but cant link Woman -> weaker but can link and and given enough ppl can outmatch several solo channeler. yes they are equals but male are more suited to 1 on 1 and female are more suited for group fight think of it like that: Male-> PvP specialisation / Female-> Raid specialisation :)) ant btw: rem that Nyn is a VERY young channeler :), give her 100+ years and i think she will outgrow Alivia :))
  23. when Rand fought in Tar he saw LTT as a diffrent person. and untill the later books LTT concious was diffrent then rand , they literally fought over controll of the body. i always so it as 2 diffrent personality sharin g the same body. now after the storm in Tar rand appear to be fully merged but i get the feel that its not the end of it and that in the end LTT personality still have a role to fill
  24. where life there hope :) (hope u dont mind that i summerise your post into a clish'e Sult :) ) Hag i think we reach the troll phase of our argument :) , we fully understand each other position (atleast i think i do yours and hope u do mine :) ), i fear we now will only repeat the same argument so i stepping out of this speicific aspect of the thread in agreaing to disagrea attidute btw this issue aside: i think we all in agreament that sencheen culture== EVIL incranate ? :)
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