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  1. Kastyana stood quietly as Ellisha went over the rules and expectations of the Tower. She watched her “helper” intently during the introduction. She obviously had spite for the Accepted who had just left the quarters. She found herself analyzing the mannerisms of the women instructing her. She seems very irritated and she projects her irritation as if expecting response, or pity. Instead of reacting, Kasty merely adopted her most attentive pose. “There are a lot of things you will need to know if you ever hope to survive in this place.” Kastyana barely managed to keep a grin off of her
  2. As Kastyana followed the newly met Accepted Penelia, she couldn’t help but feel intimidated by the young woman. She didn’t appear to be much older than her but the air of composure she exhibited was a bit overwhelming. She chose not to speak. What would I talk about? She only followed, quiet but observant as she was led down one winding corridor to the next. You could fit one of my mother’s wagons down these halls. It feels more like a covered city street than a hallway. She continued to follow as Penelia broke the silence every now and then to comment on a specific feature. “This
  3. Req completed One OP Related RP - URL - [ 1 / 4 ] [Incomplete] * Class 1: - Introduction To Saidar Lesson One - [ - 1,111 words/ 1 post ] [Complete]
  4. I cannot be late! Not for my first lesson! Leaving the Novice Quarters in a flurry, Kastyana moved at a near run down the corridor her new roommate had suggested she follow. She barely noticed the snickers from an older group of white-clothed girls as she hurriedly fixed her hair. Coming about a corner at the end of the long corridor Kastyana found herself face to face with an elderly woman. Surprisingly, at least to the young novice, the old lady merely laughed. “Had I been an Aes Sedai, you may have found yourself with the Mistress of Novice after your classes.” Kastyana quickly
  5. Novice Quiz - [Complete] Arrival: Meet MoN - One Small Step, One Giant Leap - [ 1,722 Words / 5 Posts ] [Complete] One OP Related RP - URL - [ 1 / 4 ] [Incomplete]* Class 1: - Introduction To Saidar Lesson One - [ 1,111 words/ 1 post ] [Complete] * Class 2: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 3: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 4: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] 2 Choice RPs:* [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Incomplete] * [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Incomplete] Three Arches - URL - Word Count - [Incomplete]
  6. She watched carefully as Valeri Sedai put her locket away. She had a knowing look as she closed the drawer that would be the keepsakes new home. The Mistress of Novice smiled with quill poised to document Kastyana's entrance to the Tower. Blushing slightly, Kastyana stood and curtsied. "I am so rude." She sat back in her seat. "My name is Kastyana Amharadar." She reached into her scrip and removed a graphite stick and a torn fragment of parchment. Writing her name on the parchment she leaned forward to give Valeri Sedai the correct spelling. "I hope this makes spelling my name
  7. Book are like art. One man's favorite author is the next's object of grammatical ridicule. I love the books and I only had trouble reading the first one. It seemed to slow the first book did, but now I don't care if AMoL is written in graphitti, I will read it and won't care one bit.
  8. Dang it, you're right. THIS IS CONFIRMED IN AMOL GUYS!!!!!!! Once upon a time, in a thread long, long ago... What if tWOT is real and we are just another world reachable by the portal stones? Demandred is Justin Bieber, just sayin.
  9. I would appreciate it, and mean no disrespect, but if members would leave spoilers out of their signatures I would be most grateful. I would turn signatures off but they help me in the RP section.
  10. She watched the Mistress of Novices closely while she spoke. Every word she analyzed and absorbed. When she heard about the chores and tasks she began smiling faintly. Working in a goldsmith might have been harder. She put her hand up to the green ribbon in her hair. I need to hide this before they take all my stuff away. Removing her hand from her ribbon she looked back to floor. She was getting antsy. Her legs would not stay still. The room wasn't the warmest and her mind was exhausted. They all look at me as if they are trying to understand my very creation. How long
  11. The Tinkers combating the Blight would be nice. Is Someshta dead? Or possibly another existant Nym, possibly located in Seanchan territory or even Shara? Someshta should still know the Song the Tinkers seek. The Ogier from both the Seachan and Randland, some still have the ability to sing to the trees. Might it be possible to revive Someshta? I do see them growing new saplings from the Tree of Life. All three societies could serve a greater purpose in MoL.
  12. Looking away for a moment, Kastyana grimaced. Her story of her journey this far was not emotionally void, quite the opposite. She began to tell of her journey, starting with her somewhat unique origin in Far Madding and how it had bolstered her curiousity of things involving the Power. "My first glimpse into the world that is the White Tower started when I was blessed with viewing a healing. I didn't know what really had occured but my mother did. When she told me such things were impossible where we came from it was like a blow." To her, with her first experience of the Power, the
  13. As the words of the lady in the room flooded her mind, Kastyana could not help but laugh. They shall beat me before the day is done! "Forgive me, my lady? I half-expect an army to spring forth from behind each door." Looking around uneasily, Kastyana found the chair and carefully sat down. "Penelia, she did no wrong by me, my lady. I suppose I am quite unnerved from my long journey." She hoped the lady in the room would not punish her guide for her childish ways she was showing in this great place. Looking around the room she noticed personal touches, the smallest little fixture here a
  14. She entered the Tower and halted. The feel of the room was something unlike anything Kastyana had been exposed to before. The Great Hall was full of life, young women in white scurried around the room from visitor to visitor. Every so often one of the women would curtsy and flinch as women of undeterminate age swept in through the room while elsewhere in thought. She herself flinched when a dark haired woman of a serious air seemingly looked directly at her. Looking behind her she allowed herself to sigh with relief as she took notice of Kathleen Sedai. I should flinch, if it was possible
  15. Kastyana followed Kathleen Aes Sedai into the city. Upon entrance to the city her smile turned into that of awe. To her left was a beautifully wooded park, one could relax in such a place. Looking up at the sun she determined that they would approach the Tower from the southeast. The pair moved at a moderate pace down the avenue with Kastyana attempting to peer at everything around her all at once. This place is even more beautiful than Caemlyn. As they continued to glide by, Kastyana continued staring until she became aware of the White Tower growing in size as they moved closer. The sun
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