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  1. Kastyana stood quietly as Ellisha went over the rules and expectations of the Tower. She watched her “helper” intently during the introduction. She obviously had spite for the Accepted who had just left the quarters. She found herself analyzing the mannerisms of the women instructing her. She seems very irritated and she projects her irritation as if expecting response, or pity. Instead of reacting, Kasty merely adopted her most attentive pose. “There are a lot of things you will need to know if you ever hope to survive in this place.” Kastyana barely managed to keep a grin off of her face at that remark. Touching the scar on her hand light she was reminded of the trials that stupidity had brought her when she was younger. Women of Far Madding seem iron-hard and composed compared to many of the initiates her. She wasn’t so arrogant as to forget that in the eyes of her assigned mentor, and in the eyes of anyone who had spent even a moment more in the Tower than she, she was but a girl. “So yes, rules…” Ellisha stopped pacing the tiny little room. The majority of the rules seemed a bit excessive but some had a kernel of common sense imbedded deeply at their cores. It took Kastyana a bit but she soon realized a change in Ellisha’s stance, her projected emotions, or lack of such. She wasn’t clear as to what the seemingly volatile young woman was thinking but she knew that it didn’t involve the words coming from her mouth. “Right. Any questions? And oh, also, I don’t want any questions unless I say there are to be questions. Got it?” Kastyana smiled as Ellisha finished speaking. She smiled with inner delight as her mentor finished with enough haste to scare an Ogier. “Thank you for sparing your time, Ellisha, unwilling as it may be. Any woman unkind enough to insult someone in passing is not worthy to teach anyone. I have a feeling Penelia would have been a boring old cow if she had been chosen to tutor me.” Kastyana began to set out a few of her things on a clearly old and weathered table opposite the bed. “I really only have one question, how long until real training begins?” She allowed impatience to cloud her face. “Valeri Sedai told me ten years as a novice, ten years!” With a grunt she sat down on a nearby stool. “Forgive me… Ellisha, but I didn’t exactly plan to stay at the Tower for so long." Kastyana let out a sigh. "And on another topic, how in the Light did you refrain from punching that rude girl?” OOC: I thought you were retro’ing your character as a novice? I feel like she is represented more as an accepted than a novice. But so far I really feel I am going to enjoy RPing with her.
  2. As Kastyana followed the newly met Accepted Penelia, she couldn’t help but feel intimidated by the young woman. She didn’t appear to be much older than her but the air of composure she exhibited was a bit overwhelming. She chose not to speak. What would I talk about? She only followed, quiet but observant as she was led down one winding corridor to the next. You could fit one of my mother’s wagons down these halls. It feels more like a covered city street than a hallway. She continued to follow as Penelia broke the silence every now and then to comment on a specific feature. “This hall will lead you to the kitchens. Most novices spend quite a bit of time in there. From eating to washing the pots, know it well. It would do you good to never get lost when you are sent in that direction.” Kastyana merely nodded and continued down the lead path. After several more turns she began to notice the air cool slightly, for what reason she could not decipher. Stepping out into a large circular section of the tower Penelia stopped and stood aside as if presenting a great wonder. “This is the Novice Court. Every door you see is an individual apartment.” Kastyana took in the architecture, the multiple tiers visible from the center chamber that rose high into the air. “Forgive me but there are dozens of doors! How many novices live here?” “We have many vacant rooms these days. Our capacity for new novices is great but at the moment we have fewer than you might think.” The Accepted stepped over to a door not but a few paces from where she was standing. “This is to be your room,” opening the door revealed a small but cozy chamber. ”And it would appear that you already have a guest.” Stepping around the Accepted, Kastyana saw a rather disgruntled woman in a white dress sitting on her bed. “This is to be your mentor for your first few months in the Tower. Ellisha, this is Kastyana. I’m sure you’re more than capable of guiding our newest initiate.” Penelia then turned and exited the room but not without a trailing comment. “Whatever you do, don’t take her advice on how to act like a lady.” And with that, Kastyana found herself alone with her new mentor. “Hello, my name is Kastyana but you can call me Kasty!”
  3. Req completed One OP Related RP - URL - [ 1 / 4 ] [Incomplete] * Class 1: - Introduction To Saidar Lesson One - [ - 1,111 words/ 1 post ] [Complete]
  4. I cannot be late! Not for my first lesson! Leaving the Novice Quarters in a flurry, Kastyana moved at a near run down the corridor her new roommate had suggested she follow. She barely noticed the snickers from an older group of white-clothed girls as she hurriedly fixed her hair. Coming about a corner at the end of the long corridor Kastyana found herself face to face with an elderly woman. Surprisingly, at least to the young novice, the old lady merely laughed. “Had I been an Aes Sedai, you may have found yourself with the Mistress of Novice after your classes.” Kastyana quickly apologized and began to continue her journey in earnest but was hindered as the older woman grasped her by the sleeve of her new white uniform. “By your looks, and the lack of callus on these pretty hands, you’re new to the Tower.” Kastyana merely stared at the floor. “Well speak up, aren’t you girl?” “Yes ma’am”, attempting to shrug off the assailants hand she took on an exasperated tone. “But I really must be going, I am to learn all about the One Power and I really must not be late.” The elderly hand did not slacken its grasp. “Late? My dear, the morning meal is not yet finished and I have only just come from overseeing the cleaning of the classroom to which you are headed. Surely you have some time.” She released her hold on the novice’s sleeve and gave her a warm smile. “I have some time to spare and you seem overly nervous, even for your first day. Do you mind if I escort you, at a moderate pace, to your first class? Blushing, Kastyana took a deep breath and nodded in agreement. After navigating the corridors for brief time the duo stopped at an open door that led into a large beautiful classroom. I am early! There was not a person in site. “Well, here you are my girl. Early and probably lacking in a good meal, but here you are. Your teacher ought to be around in a bit. You might even surprise her with your early arrival.” Smiling at the novice she waved farewell and disappeared down the long white hallway. Sure enough, not but a few minutes passed before a short woman, wearing the dress of an Accepted, entered the classroom. Noticing the Accepted’s missing arm Kastyana was quick to avert her eyes. Wouldn’t want to appear rude. What if she made me scrub floors? It wasn’t long before other novices began crowding around the classroom door, her roommate Ellisha amongst them. “Good morning girls, please take a seat” came a voice from the open doorway. Kastyana ventured inside and took a seat as instructed. Looking up from her seat she affixed her eyes on her teacher. Is that smile on her face genuine? She must notice the other girls looking at her deformity. The Accepted stood up and began to address the class. "It's good to see everyone here on time. I am Accepted Aureli, and I will be teaching you this course on the basics of Saidar. This is your first step to mastering Saidar and becoming Aes Sedai. I will teach you about the nature of Saidar, how to embrace it, and just a sample of what you can do with it. Now, I'd like everyone to introduce themselves, and say a bit about themselves before we move on. This will be helpful for all of us." After listening to the other introduce themselves, Kastyana stood up and began her introductions. “Hello, my name is Kastyana Amharadar. I hail from Far Madding and my mother is an accomplished merchant of the gold trade.” After the introductions were complete the Accepted began to lecture the class on the basics of Saidar. Who knew that something unseen could be so dangerous? Kastyana began to understand why so many of her kinsmen enjoyed the protection her hometown had afforded. But soon I will be able to use this unseen power. Will I ever be welcome home again? "So. Repeat after me. 'I will never channel unsupervised.'” In a daze, Kastyana consented, “I will never channel unsupervised.” Taking out a pen and a piece of parchment, Kastyana began to take notes. The One Power is a circle, oh light, don’t draw a circle. As the teacher began to speak about the Dragon’s Fang and male channelers Kastyana struggled to hide a smirk as several of the other girls gasped. We never feared men who could channel in Far Madding. They might as well be househusbands when they walk through our gates, and we take away their swords. Hah! Several pages of parchments later, the Accepted, Aureli, instructed them to put away all pens and notes. Are we done already? Did I not pay close attention? Did I miss something? Looking up from her paper she noticed the Accepted had moved forward yet again to approach the students. Some appeared to be readying themselves to leave. One student in particular, a wilder, sat back in her chair as if mentally prepared for some strenuous exercise. “Close your eyes.” The teacher’s voice took on an odd quality and Kastyana began to feel strangely relaxed. "Imagine a rosebud. Think of nothing else but this rosebud." Kastyana imagined a rosebud. A beautiful rosebud, dusty pink with light blue streaks at the tips of the individual petals. "In fact, I want you to become this rosebud. You are the rosebud. Don't think of anything but this rosebud, its petals gently embracing you. You can feel the sun just outside of these petals, but not quite. As the rosebud's petals open, you begin to feel the warmth and light of the sun. Draw that warmth in." It started slowly, like the warmth of a furnace from a far distance away. Draw it in Kasty, draw it in. Saidar flooded her, the feeling of it catching her breath. She could see every hair on the head of the novice in front of her. The drawn breaths of the other girls were clear in her ear. The look of happiness on her teacher’s face was glorious. The sound of her heartbeat was clear to her, the smells, the ability to concentrate. A plethora of sensations threatened to pull her under but at the same time she felt peace. Why was I so worried? This isn’t so hard… and abruptly the Power left her. She felt muted, as if her eyes, ears and nostril were covered by a wet cloth. Grinning from ear to ear Kastyana was glad she had come; she was glad she had decided to make the White Tower her home.
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  6. She watched carefully as Valeri Sedai put her locket away. She had a knowing look as she closed the drawer that would be the keepsakes new home. The Mistress of Novice smiled with quill poised to document Kastyana's entrance to the Tower. Blushing slightly, Kastyana stood and curtsied. "I am so rude." She sat back in her seat. "My name is Kastyana Amharadar." She reached into her scrip and removed a graphite stick and a torn fragment of parchment. Writing her name on the parchment she leaned forward to give Valeri Sedai the correct spelling. "I hope this makes spelling my name a bit easier." She placed the scrap of parchment on the edge of the desk and sat back. "I am 14 years of age and I hail from city of Far Madding." As the Mistress began to inscribe her information, Kastyana began to rummage through her scrip. She pulled out beaded bracelet and a few pieces of gold and silver. She reached in and salvaged the remains of a sheet of parchment and proceeded to fold it neatly in a bundle. Looking back into her scrip she made a quick tally of its remaining contents; bits of lace and a sewing kit, some scented wash-sands and a kerchief. She carefully placed everything back into the scrip and moved to lay it upon the desk. "That is all that remains of the possessions upon me. I did not bring much else here except for a few dresses and a book or two." This day is going to last forever. If they even plan to do a tour of this floor I will be up till midnight! She looked down at her feet and waited. OOC: Feel free to RP my characters movements such as when she follows you, just the more basic movements.
  7. Book are like art. One man's favorite author is the next's object of grammatical ridicule. I love the books and I only had trouble reading the first one. It seemed to slow the first book did, but now I don't care if AMoL is written in graphitti, I will read it and won't care one bit.
  8. Dang it, you're right. THIS IS CONFIRMED IN AMOL GUYS!!!!!!! Once upon a time, in a thread long, long ago... What if tWOT is real and we are just another world reachable by the portal stones? Demandred is Justin Bieber, just sayin.
  9. I would appreciate it, and mean no disrespect, but if members would leave spoilers out of their signatures I would be most grateful. I would turn signatures off but they help me in the RP section.
  10. She watched the Mistress of Novices closely while she spoke. Every word she analyzed and absorbed. When she heard about the chores and tasks she began smiling faintly. Working in a goldsmith might have been harder. She put her hand up to the green ribbon in her hair. I need to hide this before they take all my stuff away. Removing her hand from her ribbon she looked back to floor. She was getting antsy. Her legs would not stay still. The room wasn't the warmest and her mind was exhausted. They all look at me as if they are trying to understand my very creation. How long will I be novice before they finally gain such understanding! "There are things that I would like to keep specifically in your office for safe keeping if you will." She removed a gold locket from around her neck and placed it on the nearby desk. "This locket is a piece of my family history and if I cannot keep it, at least knowing it is with someone who has a direct hand in my training will keep me more assured." I hope she did not see me remove my ribbon when I removed my locket. "I guess this means I am willing and ready to be put in your book."
  11. The Tinkers combating the Blight would be nice. Is Someshta dead? Or possibly another existant Nym, possibly located in Seanchan territory or even Shara? Someshta should still know the Song the Tinkers seek. The Ogier from both the Seachan and Randland, some still have the ability to sing to the trees. Might it be possible to revive Someshta? I do see them growing new saplings from the Tree of Life. All three societies could serve a greater purpose in MoL.
  12. Looking away for a moment, Kastyana grimaced. Her story of her journey this far was not emotionally void, quite the opposite. She began to tell of her journey, starting with her somewhat unique origin in Far Madding and how it had bolstered her curiousity of things involving the Power. "My first glimpse into the world that is the White Tower started when I was blessed with viewing a healing. I didn't know what really had occured but my mother did. When she told me such things were impossible where we came from it was like a blow." To her, with her first experience of the Power, the ability was pure. To be used to cure a man just hit by a wagon, the thought of possible evil from that very power never came to mind. "Channeling and the lack of it in Far Madding is seen as a good thing. My people are satisfied with the way things are. I was and am not." In fact, her mother had refused to share more of her knowledge of the Aes Sedai when it became clear that Kastyana was dazzled and drawn to such discussion. "My mother began avoid any and all speak of the Power. Even after my cousin lost his life last season. I could only wish you or another had been there." She clenched her eyes for a moment and attempted to right herself. She felt rather lightheaded from her recounting. "When my 14th nameday was celebrated I made up my mind to run away... I came here. Before I was returned home, Kathleen Sedai tested me. It was she who returned to my home and spoke to my mother, convinced her that I had another path." She is Aes Sedai! How can she sit there and watch me agonize and flood the room with my emotion! "We returned here, with my mother's blessing. I have no misconceptions about the Tower, I know too little to even guess. But I do want to be in that book and I do want to become Aes Sedai!" I almost shouted. They are going to beat me before the day is done... Looking down she was disturbed to see that she was standing. Letting out a grumble, she once again seated herself.
  13. As the words of the lady in the room flooded her mind, Kastyana could not help but laugh. They shall beat me before the day is done! "Forgive me, my lady? I half-expect an army to spring forth from behind each door." Looking around uneasily, Kastyana found the chair and carefully sat down. "Penelia, she did no wrong by me, my lady. I suppose I am quite unnerved from my long journey." She hoped the lady in the room would not punish her guide for her childish ways she was showing in this great place. Looking around the room she noticed personal touches, the smallest little fixture here and perhaps the slight angling of a certain furniture. The vibe that this was a place a comfort struck her oddly. This is a Tower of training, yet... this lady is quite taken to it. Her eyes bulged suddenly as the thought that this was the Aes Sedai she was seeking, just paces from her, came to her rational mind. Rising quickly from the chair she made an attempt at a curtsy. "Valeri Sedai? I have come to train if the Light wills." Of course, the way she spoke to Penelia she is quite clearly her mother or an Aes Sedai of the Tower. She began patting down her dress as if it were close to catching fire. Sitting back down, she waited, though oddly her eyes made no attempt to leave the face of the one before her.
  14. She entered the Tower and halted. The feel of the room was something unlike anything Kastyana had been exposed to before. The Great Hall was full of life, young women in white scurried around the room from visitor to visitor. Every so often one of the women would curtsy and flinch as women of undeterminate age swept in through the room while elsewhere in thought. She herself flinched when a dark haired woman of a serious air seemingly looked directly at her. Looking behind her she allowed herself to sigh with relief as she took notice of Kathleen Sedai. I should flinch, if it was possible to earn a stern look not even a moment after entering the Tower... She took note of her traveler's approving nod and moved forward to a young woman also wearing white but with the colors of nature draped around her dress. She opened her mouth to address the woman... "I would... I mean..." The woman in white raised an eyebrow questioningly at her. "I must speak with the one named Valeri Sedai. I have come to learn." Seriously! Did I have to look like a fool in front of all these people! The white-clad woman looked to Kathleen Sedai before turning back to Kastyana. She looked the girl up and down, first at her torn dress hem and lastly at the green ribbon stuck in her hair. Nodding to the Aes Sedai, the Accepted smiled and turned for an instant to pick something up from a nearby bench. "It just so happens that I was heading in that direction myself." The Accepted made a exaggerrated flourish knocking over a carelessly deposited wood carving causing a curious woman looking into the Hall to frown and pull out a quill. "My name is Penelia, I am Accepted." She made a gesture to Kastyana. "I am Kastyana Amharadar of..." Penelia interrupted her speech and locked eyes with Kathleen Sedai. "I was to inform you, Aes Sedai, that your belongings were mishandled on the way inside. Some foolish stableboy not more than one month into his first whisker thought gossiping was preferably to watching ones path. One of the novices has him cornered at the far end of the Hall awaiting your instruction." The Aes Sedai made a small noise and spoke. "I wish you well Kastyana Amharadar of Far Madding." Kastyana looked up at the Accepted to catch her blush in embarressment. The two watched as the regal woman walked off. "I did not mean to disrespect you. It is a bad habit one tends to pick up living here in the White Tower." A bad habit, I thought this place was supposed to remove such things. "Now if you will come with me, I will take you to the Mistress of Novices. Take care not to walk to slowly, you will have plenty of time to study the wall paneling later." Kasty jumped as if touched by hot poker. I was staring rather dumbly at the walls! After what seemed but an instant, and only because things were already moving too fast for the girl, the two came to a halt in front of a rather non-descript door. "I will knock, and once the door is opened, I shall announce you. Whatever happens, good luck Kastyana, you will need it." The Accepted issued a smart rap on the door and Kastyana became as stiff as a statue. Loosen up you fool! Open your eyes. Kastyana began to shudder but was able to pry open her eyes. "Oh, Light."
  15. Kastyana followed Kathleen Aes Sedai into the city. Upon entrance to the city her smile turned into that of awe. To her left was a beautifully wooded park, one could relax in such a place. Looking up at the sun she determined that they would approach the Tower from the southeast. The pair moved at a moderate pace down the avenue with Kastyana attempting to peer at everything around her all at once. This place is even more beautiful than Caemlyn. As they continued to glide by, Kastyana continued staring until she became aware of the White Tower growing in size as they moved closer. The sun reflecting off the Tower surface caused the very stones to faintly glow. As they entered the grounds Kastyana reigned her horse in and dismounted. I wonder if all the others know that I am already here? There was ample time to send word ahead. She looked back to the Tower and saw two figures heading in her direction, who they were and what they looked like was shrouded in the sunlight. Turning around she measured the courtyard and placed the paths and exits firmly in her mind. Bending over to secure her left shoe she gasped as a burst of wind knocked her down to the ground. "Aes Sedai, I will be given new clothes, shan't I? I am as ready as I will ever be to enter the Tower but this dress will never do long in this state." Smiling she got on her feet and laughed. What happened to my fear? Could I be so distant from my old life already?
  16. Composing her self once more, Kastyana drew her lungs to capacity and sighed. She thinks I am weak, I must not let my emotions show. Looking back at the city she gasped as the light of the day hit the Tower. It was more beautiful than she had remembered. She shook herself as a shiver went up her spine. How could I fear something so pristine? Her body relaxed visibly as some of her fear subsided. She put her hand on her back and grimaced. Stupid back, all this fear has put it in knots. Glancing at the Aes Sedai she took in the the face of the woman. Her eyes betray her air of controlled emotions, she is happy, no, joyful to be returning home. Looking back at the city she was surprised to see they were not but a pace from the gates. "Aes Sedai, what is your name? You are the first I have met and I will remember you while training. I will be Aes Sedai and you are my model" For the first time in a long while, Kastyana smiled. ~ Silver Neccho Kastyana of Far Madding
  17. Yes on to Suttree. First off you seem to have a fundamentally flawed understanding of how balefire works. It is not the eternal death of the soul so I have no idea why you would state the above? As for Asmodean I thank you to not make things up. RJ never said anything of the sort(I know Desp well and he was wrong in that blog post), in fact RJ was quite clear that it was all about self preservation and Asmodean viewed Rand as his only chance. You are going to need to do much better than just saying "well anything is possible" in relation to Lanfear! Virtually all of the evidence points against it. --- Once again, please address this issue: No reason to state this in the books if it is not true. Notice also the wording. "that he cannot find the Light again." At this point I honestly believe you will ignore this or point out that it refers to a 'he.' Finding the Light, it is an implied journey, a discovery. Self-preservation is not a 'journey' but a flip flop. As a matter of opinion I do not think that joining the Light out of selfishness is indeed walking in the Light. Whoa pal, you thank me for not making things up? What a load of bull if you think I knew that the blog post was not credible. And I would like to know how the writer got the information he posted. Either it was a quote of RJ or he made it up. I would like to think that your friend did not create such a statement out of his imagination. I am inclined to to believe he did not intentionally create a quote out of mid-air. "Anything is possible?" You took my statement out of context, much like you accused me of doing in regards to RJ's posts. I am not saying "anything is possible." I am pointing out the arrogance of declaring "divine knowledge" of the final book. As far as I can see, Mierin allowed hatred to control her, much like going down the road of becoming Sith. Anger is what led a few to the Shadow. Anger can be overcome. As far as selfishness, we see that around us everyday in large abundance. Selfishness is a human trait, but it does not mean that someone is evil. Her actions were fueled by anger, the feeling of slight. Mixing a common trait of selfishness, you have a nice pot of nastiness cooking. The author will not reveal everything, doing so would defeat the purpose of talking theory. What we are doing here is exactly what a good author would wish his readers to do. Until the series is complete we only have theories, and that is all anyone on this board and in this discussion have. Theories, not facts, and it a final book will hopefully reveal the answers.
  18. Just going to touch on a couple of these. First off she did not love Rand, she loved the power of the association not the man himself according to the BWB. Also Rand says flat out.... TSR Notice she doesn't even try and deny it, she is just surprised he remembered. We also have from RJ... RJ You have taken this totally out of context and are ignoring a crucial piece. It's very obvious he was referring to her personality and he specifically rules out what you claim. RJ The only chance she comnes back to the light is for self preservation or power. Her character flaws have been well established and RJ makes clear what her true motivations are. It would be utterly unrealistic for her to all of a sudden want to do good. Very well said Sutree. I had a thread on here a couple days ago of things we are all tired of hearing and this very thing was on that list. I'll give the shorter version of my post. The Forsaken WILL NOT come back to the light. They have openly served the Dark One. They have done his bidding. They have tortured entire cities, committed outright murder. Their crimes and reputation are so famous that 3000 years later people still invoke their names to frighten children to behave. The Dark One is Randland's SATAN. There is nobody, not one person, on the side of the Light who would say to any of the Forsaken: "Sure, we can use your help. Glad you came back to the Light". I don't mean to beat a dead horse to death but Forsaken turning back to the Light, Demandred is Taim, Taim is Moridin, and Olver is Gaidal Cain are all things that no matter how many times it's told or how many different ways it's spun out are all things that are not true and will not happen. Sorry, I do like that you clearly put time and thought into your post. There's never anything wrong with wishful thinking either, but everytime I see somebody put up a new way or reasoning that the Forsaken will turn to the Light just makes me say "C'mon, man!" "The Forsaken WILL NOT come back to the light." I really only need show that quote of yours. It is laughable coming from a community that has yet to read the final book. I am speaking possibility, you are speaking as if you have supernatural sight into the future. If the Forsaken WILL NOT come back to the light, how can you explain "the Great Lord's oaths are not so easily broken as the bonds of the Light that you forsook "? Not to mention the statements in the book about there being none so taken in to the Shadow so far that they cannot return to the light. Why mention this at all if it was not possible as you say? As to not one of the Forsaken being accepted by anyone in Randland, I believe Rand would in the case of a few. He is changed since destroying the Choden Kal. The reasons many of the Forsaken turned are altogether petty. One turned because he was tired of being second to Rand. One turned because he wanted retribution against those who did not like his music. Graendal changed because after a long life of suffrage and the believe that everyone else was inferior to her ascetic life, she craved the opposite secretly. The list goes on. So loose was their reason that it cannot possibly hold for all in the future. Asmodean, if he were still alive would be my best guess as fully turning to the light. I quote the following from http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/theoryblog/it-works-in-theory-no-man-can-stand-in-th-r190 I find it funny that he did not kill Lews Therin after temporarily curing him of madness. He needed only to strike Lews with balefire and end all possibility of return. It also would have allowed his dream of "ending it all" to come to pass. No Dragon, no Wheel of Time. And on to Suttree... RJ did not say what you are accepting as fact. He was describing her character as she was in the previous books and beyond. Until the word "impossible" comes out of the mouth of Brandon, the possibility exists. True, authors will reveal things to the readers. But an author will NOT reveal all, especially if the audience is particularily invested. Yes, Mierin does have a lot going against her, but the story is yet unfinished. We are also talking as if a person can not change drastically. Many of the Forsaken made a drastic change by turning to the Shadow. One can as easily revert or improve on what they once were. Ishamael for one, Asmodean as well. For Asmodean it took capture and months of mercy at the hands of Rand. Even RJ said that he was "walking in the light". He was no longer walking in the shadow. He was free of the DO, both in spirit and the severing of his connection. It is likely because of this, and based on what I read from the books, that the Shadow chose not to bring him back from death.
  19. You didn't address points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. In regards to RJ addressing Mierin before the Bore, he does not ACTUALLY DENY my claim. She may have been a weak-minded person at the time, easily swayed by glory and power. He also says she was ripe for the picking way before the Bore. How long had the project been going before they made the Bore is the question. "Way before the Bore" does not neccessarily mean before the project began. The taint of the Dark One may have inadvertently swayed a possibly weak-minded individual therefore making her "ripe for the taking." Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  20. I have a few reason for why I believe Lanfear/Mierin will turn back to the Light. This is not to say she will turn to the Light for the purpose of self-preservation. I believe she will embrace the Light fully and I plan to explain why. 1. Her actions during the War of the Shadow. Specifically her protection of the Da'shain Aiel. I this interesting; when you realize that they very man that served her personally was the ancestor of Rand al'Thor you have to wonder if this is a connection RJ purposefully put into the series. It means more to me now then when I originally read this passage. 2. This statement to Lanfear by Ishamael: 3. Reincarnated as Cyndane, she was placed in a mindtrap. She had not openly defied the DO as Lanfear so why the need for the mindtrap? Not to mention, why defy the DO? She is really not dedicated to the Shadow as I see it. Yes, she may be morally corrupt but it takes true allegiance to the DO to truly be of the Shadow, look at Fain. I believe she is in the mindtrap because Moridin does not trust her to keep her oaths to the DO. 4. At the end of ToM she calls out to Rand, pleading. Since when has anyone in the series ever been able to telepathically communicate with out aid? She is pleading to him because she understands mercy and is willing to accept it. Anyone who accepts mercy must accept that such exists as well as value the action itself. 5. Her love for Rand. Obsession or not, even obsession has roots that are honest and loving. Narcissistic people are capable of love, sociopaths are not. Since she is obviously not the latter I can only believe that at least at one time Mierin did in fact love Rand. 6. RJ did state that Mierin had been ripe for the Shadow's picking well before the Bore. But then I realized something about the Bore itself. There were those who could sense the True Power even before the DO was allowed to touch the world. Mierin must have spent years or months at the least in it's presence. I believe that yes, Mierin would have been easily swayed to the Shadow. But I believe that this was only because of her long proximity to the evil of the True Power. She was literally basking in it's evil. Just like the taint, the longer you are exposed the more it takes you in. 7. Not sure how it ties into this but Mierin was the only Forsaken to pick their new name. She was already standing out from all the other Forsaken. I believe this is an act of defiance in of itself. She would control her own, not allowing others. This is all for now. I have thought long and hard about Mierin switching sides. As to others trusting her, the White Tower has a perfect method to ensure her honesty, the Oath Rod. Please give me your thoughts. I know there have been other threads similar to this but most are old or too long for me to catch up with.
  21. Finally. Kastyana let out the remaining air in her lungs. To become Aes Sedai. The thought alone unnerved her. She had been shocked when her mother had given her leave. It helped that an Aes Sedai had been on hand to explain the situation. But to really be here, almost at the city gates, her world never had felt so vast. Her horse, Vashti, had long since ceased protesting the long journey. It was her mother's favorite horse. It must really break her heart to know that we may never meet again. From the little that she did know, it wasn't hard to deduce that training at the Tower may take years. I might be a wrinkly old woman by the time I am finished. She looked at the Aes Sedai riding next to her; the woman appeared a paradox, her age seemed quite indeterminable. Gazing ahead she gave a start. The city gates had seemingly raced forward to greet her. Turning back to the woman beside her it occurred to her that she did not know the woman's name. Maybe I have forgotten? The city doesn't quite look the way it did when I was here last. Something about the city seemed off. Is it because I really belong here? Or that I did not run away this time and it all seems out of my control? Grunting she stared quietly at the Aes Sedai, almost willing her to speak. Doesn't she know that I have questions? This woman could be a rock for all the words she has spoken on this trip. "Uh, Aes Sedai, I am frightened. What will happen to me here"? Trembling, Kastyana couldn't help but shed a tear for her home. Mother, I will miss you and wish you the best in life. The tears began to increase before she grimaced and wiped them away. I cannot allow them, not now.
  22. Hello and let me say that I am very happy an RP community dedicated to WoT exists. I have RPed in the past as well as roleplay intensively while playing D&D. I love to write even if I do not think I am that great with writing in general. I do have a successful blog that is dedicated to satire like Onion.com. I can't wait to have the opportunity to start my story and integrate it with the community here. Not very good at introducing myself in Welcome forums but I will answer any questions you may have. I also need help with finding a biochecker. I found a help topic that gave a link to a current list of people who review such bios but the link was dead. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. My characters history is a bit lengthy as well, about 1000 words, so if someone could help me revise it a bit unless my bio length with be acceptable. Also my avatar is how I envision my character to be, dressed as she is in her pre-tower clothing. Does anyone care to give feedback on my character's name? The name I chose is Kastyana Amharadar from Far Madding. The name being a twist off the name of the Amhara Market found in the city, named after one of Far Madding's most beloved women. The family is related to that of the Amahar name but distantly. Oh and since I am already posting, if the charact Nynave was 25 in the first book, how did she come to be accepted into the White Tower? Oh and thanks for reading my long tangent. Silver Neccho
  23. RJ sure does make it seem otherwise though, despite what he said. Min's ability does in fact allow her to read the Pattern, and it is stronger when it comes to those who channel. Somewhere in the series, (need a quote) it does imply that the Eelfin and Aelfin's abilities are magnified by those with the power. Hmmm... maybe she has nothing to do with them, but maybe just maybe, they are connected, but not in the way I theorized. Not contradicting RJ but just wondering if there is a story to be revealed about Min and her ability. May she is a descendant of those in ancient times who setup the agreement with the Finns. EDIT: And I say this because of the game 'Snakes and Foxes'. The instructions to destroy the Finns was passed down until it became a childrens games. Obviously the ancient people of the world new much more about the Finns than the current generation.
  24. Seems a bit random, if you ask me. That would be like a human being born with the power of a fade. EDIT: I am rereading the series. I will see if she has any reactions to music, iron, or fire. EDIT: I do remember that when she became bonded with Rand that some aspects of the bond were overwhelming, too much contact.
  25. But how? The portal to the Eelfin was protected in Rhuidean.
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