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  1. Hey guys I don't take anything personally, I was just happy to have about a 40% more or less confirmation that I was thinking along more or less correct lines. So if it makes anyone happy to cheer my 60% wrong rate I am good with that. Thanks the grump
  2. Questions: How are they getting through Rands defenses to send him dreams? Alanna I think. In spite of everything he still has a soft spot for women and for Lanfear Are the seanchan committed to fighting in rands current army of light. Will Lan get toasted at the gap. If it happens, how and by who will Camylyn be saved? Who else will be in the circle with Rand Will it be another of his sweeties or the girl that will help him die. What part will Fain play in the last battle? Rand has 2 black wounds in his side, fuzzy sight, and a lost hand, Isn'r he suppo
  3. 1. The true Power works in Far Madding I e The tall scarred blond Rand met there was Moridin in discuise. 2.The Finns were responsibile for Lanfears loss of power. 3. Who mesaana turned out to be 4. All of morgauses kids know she is alive. 5. Perrins group has discovered circles and power wrought weapons as well as a leader. 6. Noal was Jain Farstrider confirmed 7. It looks like red and black will meld at the black tower. 8.While we know Grendal did not personally destroy (kill?)two of the chosen, she is being held responsibile by The DO for three. 9.
  4. yoniy0 Sorry, I would have said so sooner, but had trouble getting on. I had just popped over from a spoiler board. Thanks the grump
  5. [Removed Spoilers] Thanks the grump Mod Note: Alluding to spoilers is just as bad as the spoiler it's self.
  6. Hey you may be right, I just saw on another thread that he killed asmo. I am highly disappointed as I had slayer pegged for that. O well I will hold on to my dreams for a while anyway. Until some one shows me a stronger case against someone else. Thanks the grump
  7. I didn't expect much in the way of agreement, but just like I think Nesune is Meassana,now that I have said it and why I think so, I will wait and see how close or far away I am. Oh yeah, I think Slayer Killed Asmo, Cyndane traded power for freedom and then was doublecrossed and killed by the finns before being brought back by the DO. That Noal lost his memory and gained his broken bones in another deal crafted by the Finns Even if none of the above turns out to be right I had lots of fun turning it up and possibly even a blind grump may find an acorn of truth somewhere in the Wheel of Tim
  8. I think it is WEIRAMON. NO I AM NOT JOKING! He is constantly an idiot but can you think of a better disguise. he is in a position of power, but no one will let him use it because he is such a loose cannon. Remember that he and Dashiva are tasked with keeping an eye on Rand. Remember how many times he is sent away then returns without permission. He is always pristine when everybody else is covered with mud and blood. POD He reacts out of charactor only one time that I can find. Path of Daggers Pages 537-539 speaking to Gedwyn showing that he is not only not an idiot but a darkfriend of
  9. Hey guys (and ladies) everybody goes round and round about this subject. Maybe a reboot would help. so: WHAT CHARACTER (MALE)DO YOU THINK IS LEAST LIKELY TO BE DEMANDRED. The grump
  10. Min got all 5 a pass, including black elza at the swearing, by telling rand they would all serve in their own fashion. and this sister was the only one sharp enough to detect eguene hidden in the corner The POV proves she is as passionate a researcher as Grendal says she was weaves can be inverted and tied off, so what does appearance have to do with anything. All of the Chosen can disguise and control their power levels cant they? keep pecking the grump
  11. Okay One theory coming up Mesaana is a teacher and researcher. in the Prologue of TGS Grendal says that freedom of research may have been a factor inj her pledging to the DO. that would make her a brown, The sister I'm thinking of was publicly ordered to be in the 6 person official envoy to Rand by her Ajah head. (although she states she would have been happy to come anyway))In her POV she laments that with all the time that has passed, she still has been able to catalog 50 new plants and animals. She also mentions that however things turn out she plans to write a paper on rand,
  12. Jake From the beginning YOU are the one who has introduced and re introduced this mythical website. Not me, What's your problem bud ? I got chewed out and have moved on. Don't you have any ideas about mesaana to present? i would like to look them over. the grump
  13. Blade It almost sounds as though you might have read that free article on the not to be named website. In it I explain that the research I did on Verin was very helpful when she was eliminated as Mesaana. The misdirection is she is not anywhere where that people are currently looking for her. Then if you list all the reasons why she might not have showed up and pick the right one, there are about 8 clues scattered in books 6-10 that show this same sister acting like Mesaana. Even in the article i didn't use her name, because everyone will have to track her for themselves until they are as
  14. Mamagement: I'm sorry, but if you will look, nowhere in my last 3 messages did I ever bring up the website in question. Please talk to jake about that, he was responsibile for both labeling and making the judgement to reveal it. I WAS at fault for confirming it however. I'm sorry . As pennance I will reveal the clue that put me on the road to finding Mesaana. I figured out why she didn't come, and that narrowed the search enough to pick up the other clues that were left. I will be more careful in future. thanks grump
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