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  1. Hey gang! It's been basically forever since I was on DM, but I wanted to check in with the Band and see how everyone's doing! Last I was here I was in the Infantry (after being the last person to try and join the... engineers I think?), and I was definitely a rank - which rank I have no idea!


    It's strange that it's still so quiet with all the excitement around the trailer, but given how hard it was to find the Band even though I knew it was here I'm not surprised people don't stumble onto it!

  2. Well ummm...as a Veterinary Technician (Veterinary Nurse everywhere else I believe) even if you know the origin, raw meat of any kind can harbor parasites.  *nods*  But as adults, most of us can fight them off as we are not their host of choice, but there are some that want to stick around even if we aren't their first choice.  So while I do love me some raw beef...carpaccio, and my steaks cooked rare, we take the chance for those little wormies to get inside us. (and yes, this certainly includes raw sushi)


    Now that I've grossed you all out...carry on!


    Oh and Chae...that looks like tartar!

    Don't eat brains. Seriously, remember mad cow disease? All caused from forcing cows to eat the brains of deceased cows. No brains people.

  3. *breaks down the door to the abandoned tavern, and surveys the desolation and dust that has settled over the pink loincloth.*

    Look what happens, I leave for six months and the Band's main tavern builds up a layer of dust enough to hide a hobbit in. Well, this just won't do.

    *Gets out an industrial fan to start blowing the dust out the door and all over the rest of the band. Lights up some candles, and lights, and rolls a couple of kegs out to set it up for some drinking.*

    Alright then you lazy mongrels, the infant has reopened the Pink Loincloth. Come and get some quality Guinny, and perhaps even some of the lesser drinks if you ask nicely.

    *puts on a pink loincloth and stands behind the bar, music blaring out of some speakers.*

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