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  1. I would say read them and not worry. Sanderson definitely has a different writing style. However, he balances detail with action. Read the books with an open mind. They are nowhere as bad many of the people on the forum claim.
  2. Honestly, I do not believe immortality is the best option. Considering when your Aes Sedai, you have awesome abilities, yet you outlive everyone you love. Really, Aes Sedai are burdened and blessed to have the one true power. Burdened because they must watch everyone they love die, and blessed because they can heal and help protect people. Yes, Aes Sedai live with other Aes Sedai, so they are shelted from it. I view immortality more as a novelty. Immortality is cool to ponder, but if achieved. It would grow old really fast.
  3. I just find it amazing how different listening to the book is to reading it. It provided pace in the dialogue. It felt natural to me. I have never really listened to an audiobook before scoffing at the premise. Why do it when I could just read them? I definately have respect for the medium now.
  4. That would compliment the pact between the wise ones and the tower and Egwene's WT I suggested a while back that the oft repeated 'taking our place of old' 'prophecy' may be that the Aiel form permenant residence in the lands around Tar Valon, thereby forming a shield between Tar Valon and the rest of the world (especially the Seanchan) Thus, without going back to the Way of the Leaf (which I consider unlikely, and undesirable), or taking on a position of literal subservience, they will still come to provide a service for the Aes Sedai and perhaps regain a working relationship with the Tower (one hopefully based on mutual respect).
  5. I've started reading "The Way of Kings" by Brian Sanderson

  6. I've just finished my first read of the books. I decided to try out audible and listen to ToM. I have to say. The audiobooks are amazing. The narrating is superb, and I feel dialogue comes out really well in audio book. Was wondering how many other people are using audio books to complement reading the books?
  7. Seems, logical. I would be pleased if this would happen. The question is, Was Avie's viewing the future or one of many futures like the rings?
  8. I'm not so sure, considering Mat treats him like an adopted son.
  9. I definitely like avie the best of Rand's girlfriends. I find it honorable that she wants to speak with Rand as equals, even though it caused less interaction in the ToM.
  10. If you found someone who did a group discount, I would be interested.
  11. Interesting point theodril. It is amazing the shear amount of information that can be overlooked +1
  12. We are discussing context and rationalizing egwene's character. While it is simple to deem her actions as compulsion from Halima, I feel it does her character a disservice to simply write it off as such. In this thread, we are speaking in shades of grey. It is difficult to determine what was going on with Egwene. We had never gotten a bead on Aran'gar's schemes, so it is dificult to determine her actions. This would have been an excellent question to ask robert jordan. God bless his soul. I know many people have different feelings about her character, but I don't want to slight her character. A person could read this thread and take it completely out of context, diminishing her character. Which is why, I feel it is beneficial to be discussed.
  13. Well, the fact is that if Halima was compelling Egwene she wouldn't have been doing it to the degree that Rahvin did with Morgase because that sort of compulsion causes changes in behaviour that are noticeable, and identifiable if you know the signs--both through simple observation and through delving, given the stronger the compulsion the longer the trace lasts. Given that Aes Sedai are better equiped to notice either, any strong, or even medium strength compulsion, therefore ran the risk of being detected. The most she could have done was give nudges. The evidence of these nudges would have to be in Egwene's actions. What did Egwene do during the "Halima" timeframe that directly served the Shadow? Most of her initiatives seemed to go against the interests of the Shadow: - Gaining power and authority and ending the notion she is a "child" had Aran'gar admitting that she is a "child" no more. - Breaking the facade of activity and purpose in stationary Salidar and setting in motion the process of unifying the Tower - Building an army and marching to unify the WT - Sending the Ebou Dar mission that secured the ter'angreal cache and broke the DO's hold on the weather (temporarily) - Opening the novice book to allow hundreds of new initiates to enter training - Milking Moghedien of several discoveries, most notably Traveling, which the DO punished Moghe for. Post Halima, Egwene: - With Verin's help, decapitated the BA and ended their 2K year infiltration of the WT - Unified the WT - Unraveled the Shadow's plan to destroy the WT, and managed to take Mesaana out. - Continued to build up the WT army's strength under Gareth Bryne to fight in TG. The question is: "If Egwene was under any degree of compulsion, what actions did she carry out that can be labeled as helping the Shadow?" - Gaining power and authority and ending the notion she is a "child" had Aran'gar admitting that she is a "child" no more. - Breaking the facade of activity and purpose in stationary Salidar and setting in motion the process of unifying the Tower - Building an army and marching to unify the WT All of those work towards creating not just a rift but a real civil war with the Tower. The rebels just sitting there isn't nearly as productive as all out war between Aes Sedai in Tar Valon. Halima's work likely consisted of continuing to lead the rebel Aes Sedai into conflict and preventing a resolution by peaceful means. The same goes for Mesaana but on the WT's end. I am under the impression that Halima was surprised by Egwene's actions. She tried to manipulate these actions that were out of her control. We have to remember that Salidar with 2 BA sitters preferred to stay put in Salidar and keep the WT split and weakened. To me that was the original plan by the Shadow .... "Divide and Conquer!!!!" Thank you theodril, you have helped with this discussion greatly. I agree with you. I do not believe she was under heavy compulsion. I looked through the later parts in the novel about Morgase. When she discussed rahvin's compulsion with Tallanvor, she admitted her lack of control if she was to meet gaebril again. Now, she now possesses the knowledge she was compulsed. Unless Egwene was only getting compulsed in solitary events, the effects did not fade in morgase. I think it is unlikely they would fade in Egwene. Like you said, she has done a lot of things that have stifled the plans of the shadow. I agree it was most advantageous for the shadow for the tower to stay split. Aran'gar must be really bad at compulsion,ya?
  14. Man, This thread is really giving me the tattoo itch. I had gotten my first one about a year and a half ago. It was a picture of the keywork, representing the universe of coheed and cambria. Once you get your first tattoo, you get over the stigma over them. It really does not hurt and a well placed tattoo is a work of art. :)
  15. Lol I see it more in this way, with them layin bets This reminds me of the series lost :) Good times
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